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Code Lyoko Chronicles - The Butterfly at the Bottom of the Sea

“Hey, Aelita, still here with us?” Odd suddenly asked the girl, having noticed that throughout their conversation she had not moved a single muscle. The croissant was still frozen in front of her nose.

“Aelita, if this is intended as a joke it isn’t amusing,” Jeremy said with a worried air.

The girl stared fixedly at him, batting her eyelids uncertainly.

“Jeremy – is that your name, honestly?”

He stared incredulously, and then she laughed in embarrassment. Odd pretended to play along with her game: “Yes, he’s Jeremy and I’m Odd. We’re your best friends. Don’t you remember?”

He’d intended it as a witty remark, but Aelita did not laugh.

“No,” she replied.


Code Lyoko Chronicles: Returning to Lyoko Freak this week.

Tonight it will be ten years since I first met her,
And I’ve decided the time has come to tell our story.
To reveal the incredible facts that we witnessed together;
Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia,
And myself, Jeremy Belpois. And Aelita, naturally
Not one day has passed when I’ve not thought of you Aelita.
This history is for all of my friends
But it is above all else for you
Goodness knows if you’re still listening…

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While talking to someone on Skype, I remembered about this excellent documentary by our very own TB3. Ladies and gentlemen, Lyoko Decoded.