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When I Was A Young Boy

Pairing: none

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @burymeinblvck. “Hey could you do one where the reader is Gerard’s son and he’s going through dysphoria as being trans?”

You sat in the living room of your California home, flipping channels on your TV. Nothing good was on, and you were starting to feel kind of bored. Then, you paused when you recognized your father’s face on some talk show.

I forgot Dad was doing an interview today, you thought, setting down the remote.

“We’re here with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way,” the interviewer announced. “Gerard, how are you doing today?”

“I’m great, it’s great to be here,” your dad smiled. He looked a bit awkward. You chuckled as you considered that perhaps you got your dorkiness form him.

“Now, I feel like we have to address the elephant in the room,” the interviewer said seriously, and you frowned, knowing what was coming.

“All the tabloids – and the tweeters! – have been talking about it since the story broke,” the interviewer informed the live studio audience. “The reports that your daughter is going to transition and become a man – are they true??”

“My son has always been a man,” Gerard corrected with an annoyed expression. “It just took him a while to tell me so.”

“And how did you feel when she….” the talk show host began.

“He,” Gerard interrupted.

“….When he came out to you?” the reporter finished.

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