Anthony Trollope (24 April 1815 – 6 December 1882)

English novelist of the Victorian era. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Dust jacket illustrated by Lynton Lamb from He Knew He Was Right by Anthony Trollope. The World’s Classics 507. London: Oxford University Press, 1963. 

Joan Crawford, star of Rain at the State and Orpheum Theatres, has been known as a style leader for the younger generation. She wore one dress in Letty Lynton which has become a favorite all over the country, and young girls everywhere demand at the department stores, “I want a Letty Lynton dress.”

But in Rain she will set no styles. Her entire wardrobe will cost $17.50 as compared with the thousands of dollars usually spent for her costumes.

It took some time to assemble the gaudy skirt and jacket, the small, feathered hat, the near-silk stockings, the imitation fur and the high-heeled, cheap shoes, but they were bought at Los Angeles department stores and came to $17.50 in all. And she wears the same outfit throughout the picture, save for the scene in which she wears an elaborate negligee of the cheapest material.

Stories of the Stage (November 27, 1932)