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I'm really good about remembering my dreams, even when there are several in the course of one night, but it usually plays like a movie scene. Last night for the first time I became AWARE that I was dreaming (something about mentioning what day it was) and then felt this surge of energy in my head that nearly woke me up. Do you know what that was? And how would I work on continuing lucid dreaming? I've had my first taste and I'm very intrigued!!

Oh yes! You’re similar to me! My dreams are also like movies.. I would focus on what made you become aware in the first place; something about mentioning what day it was.. How many times has that happened? Do you do reality checks? If not, I would do them whenever anyone asks the date or whenever you look at a calender etc..

But this is only if it seems to happen in your dreams a lot.. Reality checks are to be done daily or just practicing mindfulness.. If you really want to dive right in then I’d also suggest the WBTB and WILD methods/techniques.. I personally use the Wake back to bed method.. very simple and easy and since you already have outstanding dream recall it should be a breeze for you..

One thing that lucid dreamers never seem to mention is becoming adjusted (for lack of a better word) to your dreams.. The feel of them.. Once you have a lot of them you’ll know what I mean.. After a while you’ll start to become aware more and more easily..

That energy in your head.. I know exactly what you’re talking about and I do not have a name for that nor do I know wtf that is! lol It feels like your brain is being super charged and sometimes it feels like a strong vibration.. I’m glad you’re intrigued.. Read stephen Laberge’s books, Robert Waggonner.. They’re pretty cool.. Umm reality checks, dream journal, and practice practice practice! Take naps and remind yourself that you’ll be dreaming soon!

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