20 Questions Tag !

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name: marissa

nickname: rissa

zodiac sign: libra ♎

height: 5′1′

orientation: cis

nationality: american

favourite fruit: pineapples  🍍🍍

fav season: summer 

fav scent: probably like peppermint lotion ?

fav animal: hmm.. a meerkat

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: cinnamon tea 🍵

avg hours of sleep: ranges from 6 to 9 currently 

fav fictional character: hmm.. clarke griffin atm

no. of blankets you sleep with: 2 

blog created: july 26

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Burning Man Sunrise- Lynnsey Stardust

THIS IS A NETWORK FOR ALL THE TWENTY ONE PILOTS FANS WHO LIVE IN TEXAS we (lynnsey and maya) thought itd be cool to meet people in the state that like top soo we decided to make a network for it. we tried sooo hard to come up with a fair way to decide who gets in but we really want dedicated people to be a part of it so were gonna do it the normal way (also if you reblog this even if you dont live in texas but you wantt ot spread the word well love you forever)


mbf petewemtz and joshguns
reblog this post (likes wont count against you)
fill out this form
do this by may 17th (as long as i get at least 10 people by then)
MUST LIVE IN TEXAS (dont say you do when you dont thats lame)

what you get

more friends in the same state (im gonna pick about 10 people as fair as i can meaning when i decide im gonna black out urls)
a new group of top fans (like seriously its great) 
we’ll do activities like tinychats and cah and stuff
itll be fun

yooo, lynnsey and i are doing this lame promo!!

  • must be following gee and lynnsey!
  • reblog to enter (reblogging multiple times will not increase ur chances)
  • you can like this post to bookmark, but liking it won’t affect anything
  • not required, but check out the antibandomburnblog and send a nice message about someone you love!!
  • also not required, but check out gee’s rad botm earlysunsetsovermikeyway
  • must get 40 notes or this didn’t happen
  • ends friday, march 28th!

categories will be chosen based on the amount of notes this post gets

have fun, cuties!!