It was my first time going to Cue’s & I am glad I got to spend it with my Big & Trip! <3 Oh, & not gonna lie I have the BEST & CUTEST Big Sis & Trip EVER! :D <3 Okay, thought I should share! Lol. :)

So I met all these girls 11 weeks ago at Rush Events! At the beginning each & one of us had our differences with each other. There was one person where no one like or just got on everyone nerves. LOL! But now, throughout our pledgeship we have created this bond & now we are indescribable. Pledging with these girl has been an AMAZING experience for me. Each & one of them has thought me something new and showed me that I am never ever alone & that they will be there NO MATTER what, where, when, & why?! Hahaha! Sally Wu - She’s so drama free! She taught me how to be in my own little bubble & not give a fuck about anything and everything that’s going on around me. The only drama she has going on is with me & it’s not even serious drama. It’s more like silly stuff! Hehehe! She knows what I am talking about! ;D She has helped me from the beginning, when no one else was there. Even when I wanna give up, she there to push me & encourage me to keep going. Even tho she gets scared & mad when I talk to her about certain things, she’s still patient with me. To find someone to be patient with my actions are hard, but somehow Sally manage to be really patient with me. I don’t know how she does it, but she does! I never met anyone that would put up with my stuff! Thank you for always being there for me. I love you Wu Wu! <3 :) Helke Criado - She’s the oldest in our group, but then she acts like she’s the youngest in our group. Hahaha! She’s the BOSS! =P No, she keeps everyone in line. She’s the most dedicated person I ever met. When she wants something she’ll go after what she wants with no hesitation. She taught me do what you gotta do with no hesitation & never sugarcoat things. She’s is such a hard working person. She has no car or anything & manage to get everything done. She’s like superwoman I swear. I got to bond with her on our trip up to Korean BBQ & let me tell you, I connected with her on a different level that I never taught I would. By connecting with her, we made us stronger & made me realized I am not alone anymore. Even with no car or anything I know she’ll find a way to be here for me, no matter what time & day. I know I can count on her! Thank you for being a BOSS Gully! <3 :D Jackii Truong - Hmmm, I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. -____- She’s soo weird! =P but I love it! <3 She has taught me that it’s okay to be who you are, no matter where you are! She’s the cutest, most caring thing ever & no matter where she goes, she herself. Don’t have to put on a fake face or anything, she’s just Jackii 24/7. :) That’s one thing I love about her. But don’t let the cute little face fool you. She’s always a straight forward person, she’ll say it to your face even tho she know it will hurt you a little bit. But she doesn’t hold back. That’s one thing I love about her because she’s 100% real all the time. When I gave up on myself, she was there & NEVER gave up on me. It’s hard to find someone like her, REALLY hard! I am really lucky to have met her & now she’s my best friend! Thank you. I love you my Precious! <3 :D hahaha! Liz Torres - Oh, Liz Liz Liz! I never thought anyone can be so lost! =P Liz, she’s the most hard working person since day 1. & I don’t know she does it, but she manage her time really well. She works & after work she would run wherever everyone is & be there. If I need any help or anything done, I know I can count on Liz to be there to help. She taught me that no matter how busy you are, you can always make time for things to be done. Let’s just say I am really slow & I really suck at managing my time. REALLY suck! -___- but when I see Liz do the stuff that she does, I know I can learn to manage my time a lot better. She also so soft spoken, I don’t think I ever heard Liz raised her voice at all & she also the one person I can always pick on. Well, technically we pick on each other. But that’s out of love! :D hahaha! Oh, another thing I learn is that never put me & Liz in a car together by ourselves. She sucks at direction & so do I. Plus our maps on our phone doesn’t help us much. We both have such horrible sense of directions. X) but I love having our little adventures & talk in her 1999 Hyundai w/ the roll down windows! ;D Thank you for being my adventure buddy! <3 :D hehehe! Linda Lam - This girl right here, she has strict parents & has a curfew. But then she has her lip & belly button pierced. -____- I don’t know how that works. LOL. We have a special connection. She the person that understand me & listen to what I have to say. We did had our differences from the beginning, but as time went by we worked things out. She taught me not to hold onto things even tho how bad it is, never hold onto it. The one thing she loves to do everything she sees me is give me her creepy look! -___- Idk, it’s so weird but every time I see her that’s the look she gives me. She’s weird & also very LOUD, but I love her! <3 Sarah Nicole Abando - Oh, Sarah. This girl is unbelievable! She’s the first person I went to when I needed to vent. She has been there for me since the first day. Even tho I didn’t know her, a part of me knew I could trust her from day 1. she has taught me in life things get really difficult and no matter how tough things get your weakness is what makes you stronger. She has pushed me & encouraged me to keep going, even when my situation was tough she knew I could do. She has always believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself. I know in any situation I am in & I need somewhere to go she’ll down the street (literally) to help me with anything. We are literally meant to be! I didn’t realized how similar we are until we start having serious conversation. On a personal level, she understands me a lot. I am finally glad to find someone that could understand me for once, without judging. Thank you for always being there for me & pushing me & always cheering me up! <3 :) Last but not least, Carlina Prude - She’s the peacemaker in our group! When there’s time where we all got on each other nerves, she was there to calm everyone down & make peace. She never hold back on what she said and will be straight forward with you too, but she isn’t mean about it. She’ll be honest with you, but put it in a way where it doesn’t hurt your feelings & make you really understand. What she taught me was yelling & fighting will never solve anything. It will only make the situation worst than it already is. When thing get rough, she’ll be there to make sure things don’t get out of hand. She’s also the most caring person ever. She was always there for me to make sure I was okay & when things wasn’t okay, she’ll tell me to go deal with more important & she’ll take care of it. & if I am feeling down, sad, upset, or all three I know I can turn to her to make me laugh! She’s just know how to make smile, even at the toughest time she’ll be there to make sure you have a smile on your face. She never fails at making someone laugh. Thank you for keeping us at peace with each other & on check! <3 :) All 7 of these girls has been there for me. They have seen me at my worst, at my best, & at my weird moments! We have created so many memories & had many adventures with each other. But it’s sad for me to say but my journey with you guys are coming to an end. It hurts to sit here & not know if I will be able to go on. Whatever happens in the end I want you guys to know that I love each & every one of you guys & I am really thankful to have you guys as a part of my life now. Remember I am ALWAYS here for you through thick & thin! I love you my Delta Diamonds (S2k11)! <333


So this girl right here has been apart of my life for 10 years, A DECADE! That’s the longest relationship I ever had with someone, other than my parents & siblings. Lol! We have been through so much together. We had our bad times, but the rest of the time it was awesome! We have so much memories together it’s ridiculous. She’s is my big sister! I just recently went back to Indiana this past weekend to visit her. A year apart from each other was the longest time we have ever been apart. Once I landed we partied that day which was Friday night til Sunday night! I was so exhausted but I had a lot of fun. :) no matter how far apart or where we are in the world she is still there for me! Cindy Khongle you’re the best friend I could ever ask for. I love you! <3 :)