Tumblr Tag!

So I got tagged for a tumblr challenge in which you do this:

  • Always post the rules.
  • Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.
  • Then write 11 new ones.
  • Tag 11 people.
  • Let them know you tagged them

The questions I was given were:

1. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The last time I did something for the first time was on Christmas Eve when my cousin showed me how to make chocoflan, which is a Mexican dessert where you bake chocolate cake alongside flan. It was really fun, and it tasted really good! I was actually really surprised with myself

2. Favourite song this year?

Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers. Even though it came out in 2012, I listened to this song so much. I really really like the video, which is how I first listened to it, and I was hooked after that. I always see it as a love betrayal, which I can really relate to (even though it hasn’t happened to me yet) And also, the story that I always create in my head of the song is amazing!

3. How have you been creative in the last year?

Hmm, I actually am sad I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked to. But I did take an acting for film class the spring semester of 2013, so I was able to really explore acting in a more realistic way. Also, that let me see how much I enjoy directing movies and scenes. So in my video class in the fall, I made a lot of videos which was really fun and rewarding! 

4. What is your favourite outfit?

I, like, really don’t know. Maybe this one orange dress I have, but almost never wear because it requires time since I have to wear it with make up and stuff, but I’m not sure. Maybe the fancier dress I have. I don’t know. I really do want to dress up more often though.

5. Where are you sitting right now?

On my brother’s bed. I’m home for Winter Break, so I’m crashing with my siblings. :)

6. What do you want for 2014?

akjnsfdjkabgdlfkjsngdfsagfb. There is just so much to this that I can’t even begin to explain!! 

Okay, well, I want to have the best relationship with my mom. I want to find someone I can call my sweetie. I want to really and truly keep loving my closest friend despite me not being her closest friend (which I would like to be). I want to really keep in touch with my siblings despite the age difference. I want to finally pick a major I can pursue. I want to be less lazy at times.

But I think above all, I want 2014 to be a year of personal growth and a year where I can get closer to God, my family, and my friends. Things are great right now, but they could be better. But the only thing that can make things better sometimes is just time and patience, so I will definitely focus on that. Focus on being patient to be able to fully focus on the love that is in my life and the love that will come.

7. Where can you get the best coffee?

I think I could get the best coffee here at home. My parent’s have a really good coffee, either cafe legal or nescafe, but they never make it strong enough. But even though it is somewhat weak, it is still really good, so with just a bit more added, it would be amazing!

8. Who has inspired you this year?

One of the seniors who graduated from my college in 2013 was an amazing individual. He really knows how to love from the heart and really make himself a friend to all with absolutely no expectations. Fortunately he stayed around school this past semester, but he hasn’t been as present. But I definitely tried to love others like he did. Just random acts of kindness for everyone.

9. What are three things you like about your body?

Omg, this is difficult. But I actually do like my teeth. They were never horribly crooked so I never really needed braces, even though I probably wouldn’t have gotten them anyway. I also never needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled out since they just grew in normally.

I like my brain for making it easier to memorize things, so school has always been easier for me. Of course, this doesn’t increase my analytical skills, but it’s been there. My brain also has good language processing, so I can read really fast and learn languages really fast.

I like my skin. It really doesn’t get too oily or dry. I also don’t have a lot of blemishes and a lot of scars don’t stick. And I do like having a lot of birthmarks!

10. Which fictional character would you want to have dinner with?

Marceline from Adventure Time. She has been through a lot of stuff and knows what happened to Ooo. She’s had to live through all that and is still able to be cheery and have a good time. That is an incredible amount of personal strength. There’s no way I could not admire that. 

11. And why?

Plus, she can be seriously when she needs to, but fun at the same time, so I think that would work really well!

My questions are:

  1. What was a 2013 resolution you actually completed?
  2. What was your favorite movie of 2013?
  3. What was the most radical change in 2013?
  4. What was your favorite memory of 2013?
  5. What do you really want for 2014?
  6. What’s your favorite thing to do?
  7. What is the most important thing to you?
  8. Where is your dream place to live?
  9. What is your favorite food?
  10. Describe your best/closest friend.
  11. Describe three positive things about yourself! :)

I’m tagging: