lynne m. thomas

Market Monday Bonus!

Chicks Dig Comics Celebration of Comic Books By Women

In Chicks Dig Comics, editors Lynne M. Thomas and Sigrid Ellis bring together essays by award-winning writers and artists who celebrate the comics medium and its creators, and who examine the characters and series that they love. Gail Simone and Carla Speed McNeil describe how they entered the comics industry. Colleen Doran reveals her superhero crush, while Jill Thompson confesses to being a comics junkie. Other contributors include Marjorie Liu, Rachel Edidin, Jill Pantozzi, Kelly Thompson, and SF/F authors Sara Ryan, Delia Sherman, Sarah Monette, and Elizabeth Bear. Also featured: an introduction by Mark Waid and exclusive interviews with Amanda Conner, Louise Simonson, Greg Rucka, and Terry Moore.

I also adore this one: @sfsqueecast’s @lynnemthomas, @catvalente, me, @Paul_Cornell, and @seananmcguire all laughing our asses off in Chicago while doing lude things to our new Hugos. (There is no right way to hold a Hugo, and if you’re not wearing gloves, the mirror finish fingerprints endlessly, so you have to polish them… you get the idea…)

(Found a cache of photos on my hard drive while looking for the race photo, and wanted to share these two because they made me grin. I love my friends. I know I posted this one last year, but what is tumblr for if not reposting stuff that makes you happy?)