lynne have some shit for you guys

anonymous asked:

can u recommend some of the youtube creators you watch? i'm lacking of content recently

LivingRosa (lesbian family vloggers with a two year old and baby twins) 
bigcatderek (content from an animal rescue facility specializing in big cats. though they also have lemurs and llamas and some other stuff)
ActOutGames (twelve year old lesbian genius who does science/educational videos, queer videos, and some vloggy type stuff with her family) 
Gone to the Snow Dogs/Snow Dogs Vlogs (they’re like family vloggers except instead of kids they have three huskies)
Amy Lynn Thompson (beauty/lifestyle stuff)
Josef Lincoln (vegan hipster dude who really likes Star Trek and his cat)
Emily Hayward (personal trainer who makes videos about having cancer and vloggy stuff with her girlfriend)
bitsandclips (family vlogger whose personality and sense of humor I just really like)
Keira Rose (vegan but also does mental health videos, beauty stuff, sometimes thrift store art hauls… random shit, I just like her personality a lot)
jimmy0010 (idk you guys have probably never heard about him, I don’t talk about him much… cool guy though)