Rocketing back from the past

North Coast, August 25, 2013

Lynn Ischay, photographer and reporter; Emmet Smith, designer

Older Clevelanders fondly recall ‘flying’ in three slippery, silvery rockets as they spun around at long-shuttered Euclid Beach Park, but a new generation — as well as game oldsters — can enjoy zipping well beyond the boundaries of Northeast Ohio in Ron Heitman’s refurbished and re-imagined rocket cars. Lynn writes:

Clevelanders know that the sleek rockets once flew through the air, gliding in a large arc around the tower at Euclid Beach Park on the Lake Erie shore. Built in 1938 by the park’s welder, the stainless steel rocket ships celebrated the Flash Gordon era and offered bird’s eye views of the park, the waves, and fishermen on the pier.

Read and see Lynn’s photo story here.

Note: This is the third of our newly launched “Sense of Place” photo essays. Find them in print Sundays in the PD’s new North Coast section and online here.

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