lynn tan


In celebration of our fearless warrior woman, Kim Rhodes bday here’s our pilot episode of Squee! with Kim, Briana, Lauren, The Hillywood sisters, Amber Benson and Lynn Zubernis and more. 

Lynn siempre siendo tan atevida e impulsiva <3, que? tambien queria aportar mi grano de arena para este momento, de tan solo 3 segundos y me siento feliz del resultado, su digitalizacion sera un algo que disfrutare mucho.

Lynn always being so careless and impulsive <3, what? Also wanted to contribute my grain of sand for this moment, of only 3 seconds and I feel happy of the result, its digitization will be something that I will enjoy much.

That Was Awkward

Request:  Lynn and y/n have rough spontaneous sex at warped tour?

A/n: I honestly don’t get tired of writing Lynn smut. Also, instead of writing y/bn (your band name) a million times, I just made one up. And I have no idea if this counts as spontaneous, but hope you like it anyways xx

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