lynn tan

Lynn siempre siendo tan atevida e impulsiva <3, que? tambien queria aportar mi grano de arena para este momento, de tan solo 3 segundos y me siento feliz del resultado, su digitalizacion sera un algo que disfrutare mucho.

Lynn always being so careless and impulsive <3, what? Also wanted to contribute my grain of sand for this moment, of only 3 seconds and I feel happy of the result, its digitization will be something that I will enjoy much.

That Was Awkward

Request:  Lynn and y/n have rough spontaneous sex at warped tour?

A/n: I honestly don’t get tired of writing Lynn smut. Also, instead of writing y/bn (your band name) a million times, I just made one up. And I have no idea if this counts as spontaneous, but hope you like it anyways xx

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Para cerrar la noche con este minicomic, una idea recien pensada jeje luego traere esta en version digital asi como a Lynn sirvienta aparte. Disfruten mientras tanto el boceto con sus dialogos aqui:

-Luces tan Linda Lynn
-C-Cállate Lincoln, ¡No sé cómo me convenciste para hacer esto!
-Oh vamos Lynn, distes que harías cualquier cosa si perdías y en verdad luces preciosa así.
-I-Idiota! Solo lo dices para que acepte hacer esto, pero no lo…
-Bueno Leni estaría encantada o incluso Lola si le doy un poco de…

To close the night with this minicomic, an idea just thought hehe then bring this in digital version as well as Lynn maid aside. Enjoy in the meantime the sketch with your dialogues here:

-You look so cute Lynn
-Shut up, Lincoln, I do not know how you convinced me to do this!
-Oh come on Lynn, you would have done anything if you lost and you really look beautiful like that.
-I-Idiot! You only say so that you accept to do this, but not…
-Well Leni would be delighted or even Lola if I give him a little…