lynn royale


Lynn Hopps Loud

Hotline Miami Royal Woods

Lynn is the fastest and don’t mistake this bunny for weakness either; Lynn is the most durable of the Louds. Lynn take a few more hits from melee and has a dash attack. Though Lynn’s glaring weakness is her lack of understanding basic firearms, she doesn’t understand how to use anything past a pistol with rather lacking aim and can harm herself if she attempts use high power weapons like shotguns and smgs.


Prince Harry is tonight attending his first ever Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London’s Kensington.


Cats on the Oasis of the Seas (#1)

The Royal Caribbean production of Cats is the first one that presents the full replica show on a cruise ship. Such a shame I can’t see it.

The best thing is… they still have the original Tugger and Growltiger scenes so one has got to love this.