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What have I learned from watching many USMNT games, and this USMNT vs Costa Rica game in particular?

USWNT should be getting paid an equal amount as the men, IF NOT MORE.


like a river f l o w s

                           surely to the sea,

       darling, so it goes

                  some things are m e a n t  t o  b e.

You’re shallow and empty and filled with regret
I think that chest must be heavy from that cross on your neck
You only wear cause you’re wary if what come next after your death

Don’t think I didn’t notice

—  Holy//PVRIS
Playing With Fire

Author: A-Simple-Rainbow

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 200,256

Summary: Blaine’s father is running for President of the USA. Kurt is a newly transfered student at Dalton Academy. Kurt’s father is also running for President. Blaine’s choice of doing what he wants or what’s right for his father’s career has just gotten a tad more complicated. “It’s their race, not ours. This shouldn’t matter to us. I don’t want it to.”

Tropes/Genre: angst, highschool!Klaine, political!Klaine, romance, fluff, Dalton!Klaine, AU

Lynne’s review: I. LOVED. THIS. FIC. Like it is a rare occasion for me to stop reading in the middle and make a flailing Tumblr post about it because I’m loving it so much. It’s so well written, it’s so real, it’s logical and smart and sweet and smutty and LOVING. I cannot get over the intelligence. Not a dumb character in the bunch (some homophobes but yeah…). There’ll be some angst, but our boys are strong and get through it. You’ll cry. You’ll swoon. You’ll yell. And cry some more. It’s a long fic but I managed to read it in a week. Couldn’t stop reading. Did I say I loved it?  Yep. Loved it. READ IT.

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