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Sorry this is coming late but I was quite busy and got sick (I’m still feeling sick ;;) so.. that’s why ;; Anyway I wanted to do this as soon as possible! 

A list of things I enjoyed having in the fourth episode: 

- Action <3

- The animation looked super good in this episode <3 

- Nanaba, Gelgar, Henning and Lynne <3 

- Ymir’s comments and her laugh <3

- The -I’m gay and so are you- scene I’ve been waiting for <3

- That scene where a creepy titan is breaking the door behind Reiner :3 

- Reiner’s past 

- Reiner, Ymir, Bertolt, Christa and Connie vs titan

-Reibert, ReinerxBertolt moments 

- Reiner saving Connie from a titan 

- Reiner carrying that titan to the window (I always wanted to see this part animated) 

- Reiner’s “Gotta marry her” and Ymir being jealous of Christa XD 

- The death of Henning and Lynne. I didn’t enjoy the characters dying but it was satisfying to see how well they made the scene. For some reason I really liked the part when Nanaba and Gelgar had their bodies in their arms and were like “It’s no use. They both died instantly” and the kids looked so shocked. Idk the scene is just perfect and the music fits so well! o-o 

- Nanaba and Gelgar being heroes and fighting till the end. 

- Seriously all those 3DMG scenes look so good!

- The death of Nanaba and Gelgar. I loved them so it was sad to see them going once again (I read the manga so I’ve been through the same before ;;) but there are things I’d like to point out from the anime version:

They showed how Gelgar hit his head against the tower’s wall when the titan pulled him out from the room through a hole. Apparently he broke his neck at that point or at least fell unconscious so he was already “dead” before the titans started eating him. I don’t remember seeing this in the manga. 

I felt slightly shocked to hear Nanaba screaming “No! No! Father, stop! Father! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Father! No!” because that added so much more to the character. Only some lines that were added to her death in the anime. Anime really can change how we see things.. I am quite sure that Nanaba got abused by her father for whatever reason and it makes this just sadder. We got a touch of her past in her last moment ;; </3 I repeat, this wasn’t in the manga so that’s why I wasn’t waiting for this to happen and it shocked me. I love Nanaba <3 

- Lastly the scene I waited the most for.. Ymir turning into a titan! This has been one of my really super favorite scenes from the manga for a long time so being able to see it animated.. finally.. is something.. so.. *is speechless* <3 Also Ymir’s titan is my favorite one and I love Ymir too <3 

- Yumikuri <3 YmirxChrista <3 

To be honest this is my favorite episode from season 2 so far! Everything looked so damn good! Can’t wait for the next episode because it will be full of Yumikuri and the dancing titan <3 

I missed EMA and others though but we might see them in the next episode! <3 

“Well that’s my way of doing things. I won’t cut them bastards any slack.” 

Another ‘background’ character with lots of potential and incredible bravery reduced to a mountain sized body count for Erwin to weigh his conscience against. Gelgar spent the last hours of his life protecting the young recruits and died for it along with Nanaba, Lynne and Henning. RIP guys. 

So his hair isn’t quite as poofy as I’d like, but tbh after SAI crashed like twice when I’d forgotten to save it’s a miracle I got this far. Sorry boot that @fe7 ; I hope he at least resembles him.

More deceased Survey Corps on the way. 

gelgar Gelgar GELGAR

Or, “Let’s talk about why Gelgar is a really cool character.”

Edited: 3 April 2017

Featuring: “Why Gelyn is a viable ship.”

Okay, so like I said in my posts about Petruo and Mikenana:

1.) Even though it’s sad that both characters in this pairing are dead, the advantage is that the creators can’t mess with them much more. The anime may change some things (for example, hair/eye color, the way the manga interactions read to me), but generally speaking they probably won’t overturn our expectations in any way.

2.) In order to really appreciate a pairing you first have to appreciate the characters involved in said pairing. I’ll talk about Gelgar and Lynne to the best of my ability.

So yeah! Let’s get started!

(Under cut for length/images!)

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I sincerely hope that one day WIT studio will do an entire episode where there are ALL the soldiers to fight against the titans: Mike, Nanaba, Gelger, Lynne (Rene), Henning, Petra, Oruo, Erd, Gunther, Rico, Yan Ness, Sys , Nifa, Keiji, Goggles, Levi, Hanji, Moblit, Erwin, and all other outstanding soldiers who died without having a chance to prove they’re worth, Isabel and Farlan too.

I’ve never seen Erwin to fight against a single titan! (Erwin vs Bert not count) (I mean erwin vs titans in general)

Nifa, Keiji and Goggles could not do anything!

I saw Mike for 10 seconds.

The only thing that I could see was how they died!

Can you imagine how strong the army would be if they were all alive?

If one day they will, would be the most fantastic thing that I have ever seen in entire my life.

Only an OVA please!

Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4

before i even say something *SPOILER ALERT* for those of you who have not watched Attack on Titan. 

the episode is all about the survey corps members at the ruined castle JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE. the whole episode is pretty intense because you’re just sitting there like “omfg whats gonna happen whats gonna happen”. but for a manga reader i guess its more like “when is that gonna happen when is that gonna happen”. 

in this episode we got to see a little bit more on the beast titan, Reiner’s past, a jealous Ymir, the death of some more soldiers (RIP Gelgar, Nanaba, Henning and Lynne) and a VERY unexpected ending. 

Im just going to go over the most important parts of this episode

1) Connie’s Village
As we saw in the last episode the titan found on top of Connie’s house is rather unusual. its just lying there not doing anything. well it really can’t do much because its limbs are too small to be able to move. so how did that titan even get there? Connie seems to believe that the titan is actually his mother. it even spoke to him! what is weird is how Reiner was just brushing this off as if nothing happened and tries to convince Connie that is was nothing. and also how Ymir just BURST out laughing and calling it ridiculous. hmm more on Ymir later. 

2) The Beast Titan
We met the Beast Titan in the first episode and booooyyy that was some crazy shit. It seems like the Beast Titan has some sort of “titan controlling” power as we saw in the first episode. The beast titan climbed the wall and started throwing rocks at the castle. which i found kinda weird because if he wanted to kill those people he could EASILY just crush them given his size. instead he controls the other titans and makes THEM do it while he just watches and throws rocks from afar. 

and now the part that all of you have been waiting for

so. Ymir is a titan-shifter. WHAT. HUH. HOW. AND WHAT EVEN MORE BIZARRE IS THAT SHE WAS THE TITAN THAT ATE REINER’S FRIEND. wow that is just messed up. which might explain why she was able to read a language no one else can. maybe she comes from somewhere else? does being a titan give her super multilingual abilities? and this ALSO explains why she completely freaked out laughing when Connie speculated that maybe the titan was his mother. she knows more! but damn THE EPISODE ENDED RIGHT WHEN SHE TURNED INTO A TITAN WHYYYY. well i knew this was going to happen because i read the manga. it really shocked me in the manga since Ymir was one of my favourite characters. she wasn’t really given much attention but she always seemed really cool to me. what is really interesting though is why Ymir did hide her titan-shifting abilities? she could have also been able to help humanity like Eren and prevented so many deaths if she just revealed herself. or maybe she did not want to be used like that? (also i just love how protective Ymir is of Krista and how she got jealous when Krista was tending to Reiner’s arm). 

Well thats about it for this episode. for those of who you haven’t read the manga i highly highly recommend it. its amazing and oh god. i can’t even express how MIND BLOWING IT IS. and for those of you who would rather stick to the anime, you have no idea whats coming to you


Something occurred to me this morning. Something about Gelgar. Something fun.

Everyone in the fandom remembers Mike, even if they don’t talk about him much. I don’t think anyone was able to forget him after his untimely, frankly rather pointless death. (Maybe because it involved tears and a flashback to Nanaba + that inspirational speech he gave her, so for a second we kind of thought he’d pull some badass thing out of nowhere and live. Then our hopes were brutally crushed.)

What I find funny is that nobody has forgotten Mike (except, it seems, Isayama himself, lmao), and you know what else about Mike they haven’t forgotten?

That he’s humanity’s second strongest fighter, after Levi.

But you know what fandom doesn’t remember? The person who said it.

Obviously it’s Gelgar, whom Mike left in charge of the South Team.

I find it pretty interesting that most of fandom not only doesn’t remember Gelgar, but they don’t dispute this claim or question its legitimacy. I mean, this is a member of Mike’s squad saying this, so we have no real reason to believe it’s unbiased commentary. For all we really knew at this point anyway, Gelgar was only giving his personal opinion about Mike’s skill.

That said, the guidebook does tell us, about Mike: Was known as one of the Survey Corps’s top soldiers, ranked next to Levi (87), so now we know that Gelgar wasn’t just saying it, but at this point I’m still surprised that nobody really questioned it. I don’t remember this fact coming up before this point in the series, and I remember it coming up here because right after Gelgar says this, Mike dies. (If it came up earlier let me know, though!)

(This fandom has a habit of taking everything characters say as truth unless it’s convenient for a headcanon or something, though, it seems. People questioned the hell out of Levi when he was surprised by Kenny’s surname.)

I will straight up admit my personal bias. I think Gelgar’s a great character for the extremely short amount of time that he appears; he actually comes off as fairly complex (or at least interesting/a character with potential). He feels, more than Henning and Lynne and Nanaba*, I think, like he could be a real person mostly due to the wide range of ways he reacts to things.

That said, it’s still a little disappointing that most of the fandom remembers such an important piece of information, but has absolutely no idea who said it.

*Henning is a background character cardboard cutout. At least he has a name, I guess? But it’s only mentioned when he dies. Seriously once. He hardly says much of anything. // My feelings about Nanaba are complicated. For as early as she showed up in the series (Female Titan Arc), she should have been more thoroughly developed as a character, but she wasn’t. I like what we do have of her, but I’m disappointed that more wasn’t done. Her saving grace was really in her interaction with Gelgar and Mike. // Lynne was also under developed, but I guess the advantage she has is, like Nanaba, her interaction with Gelgar. It’s still pretty obvious that she wasn’t really a character Isayama cared about. Like Henning, her name was mentioned only once–when she died.

I’m a bit biased, but it’s sad that this squad is forgotten about in general, considering what they did. If we assume they die in late summer/early fall (Hange is later wearing a jacket/coat, Levi wears a blazer), sunset would happen ~9pm. After dark Nanaba and Gelgar’s teams (West & South) run into each other. It’s pitch black; Gelgar thinks about how they can’t see hardly at all. It’s probably 11pm or so at this time I’d imagine (it sounds like it’s been dark for a while).

When they run into each other, it’s a little after 11 hours have passed since spotting the titans (and Mike’s death). They go to Utgard Castle, the recruits get a little rest, but Nanaba and Gelgar don’t die until 20 hours after the titans were spotted.

I think this was sort of an oversight on Isayama’s part, because it wouldn’t stay dark for as long as he has it being. If we assume that Nanaba and Gelgar’s teams meet up and get into Utgard Castle even at 11pm, they don’t die until it’s 8am? It’s be broad daylight, basically, by then, but it’s still before sunrise.

So basically these people may have fought, since the moon came out and that’s when Lynne spotted the titans coming, for somewhere between one and four hours straight. Personally I think it’s probably 2-3 hours because Nanaba and Gelgar both ran out of gas before they died. That’s really hardcore.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Remember Squad Mike 2k15! 

Also I really like Gelgar haha help me someone please.