lynn belcher

Happy Father’s Day Everyone, and after a Long Morning of walking around on a Muggy day at the Englishtown Auction, and about to go to Work soon after a Grilled Cheese Lunch, Here is a Tribute like the ‘Mother’s Day’ one, to my Favorite Animated Dads, like Homer Simpson of 'the Simpsons’, Lynn Loud Sr. of 'the Loud House’, Bob Belcher of 'Bob’s Burgers’, Dracula in 'Hotel Transylvania’, Hunson Abedeer in 'Adventure Time’, & Mr. Tezuka in 'Bravest Warriors’.

Honorable Mentions:
  All the Good Dads in any Disney or Non-Disney Films
  Goku in 'Dragon Ball series’
  Richard Watterson in 'the Amazing World of Gumball’
  King Nod in 'the Thief and the Cobbler’
  And All the Good Dads from other series I didn’t have time to Mention