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“It’s the type of performance that drives one to incessantly wonder, ‘What is she thinking?’ But this is uncertainty shrouded in personal mystery, not vagueness. And like the headiest and most involving mysteries, Keough refuses to settle for any quick and tidy resolutions, luring us in without ever emerging too far from her own protective shell. In this instance, answers hardly matter. Her suspense is enthralling enough.”

Here’s why Riley Keough’s breakout performance on The Girlfriend Experience deserves Emmy consideration, by Matthew Eng

PVRIS Release Teaser For Next Album

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Weiner

PVRIS released a video teaser for their next album earlier this morning. The band has been hinting about the album for some time now. The video, titled ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” can be seen here, signifies the end of the White Noise era, with vocalist Lynn Gunn breaking the mirror that can be seen on the album cover. The video ends with Lynn sitting at a piano, ready to play new music. We’re ready to hear it, are you?

Differences of Opinion

Frank grunted as he placed Matt against the wall and went to unlock the door.

Matt swayed but managed to stay upright, softly poking his sides where his three broken ribs resided.

Frank winced at that, but honestly Claire pumped Matt with so much morphine he was probably as high as a kite right now.

With Matt patched up all he needed to do was get both their asses in bed and sleep for the next 24 hours.

He sighed in relief as their apartment door finally opened and he reached for Matt.

Matt reached back immediately and nearly fell over.

Frank cursed and tugged him up to meet him, “come on red, let’s get comfortable and get some sleep ok?”

Matt hummed under his breath and ghosted his nose across Frank’s throat, peppering kisses softly.

Frank cursed as he half dragged half carried his drugged vigilante boyfriend across the apartment, while fending off Max who just wanted to show his love by jumping all over them.

“Back Max, back,” Frank hissed as he managed to finally sit Matt down and began slipping off his armor and clothes.

Matt’s normally clever finger fumbled twice with his wrist gauntlets, so Frank reached and covered his hands and slowly lowered them to his sides.

Matt protested softly but Frank soothed him with a kiss and soft whispers of how Frank had him and would take care of it.

After dressing Matt in an over-sized shit and sweat pants he tucked his boyfriend in and dressed himself before joining him in their bed.

He had just curled around Matt taking the big spoon position when he felt a big weight join them on the bed.

“Frank,” Matt mumbled.

Frank tensed before answering , “yes Matt?”

“Is Max on the bed with us?”

Frank leaned forward to see that yes Max had indeed forsaken his dog mattress in the corner and was curled up by their feet in the bed.

“Because you know Max isn’t allowed on the bed.”

Frank was honestly a bit amused because the first coherent sentence Matt could say in hours and it was about how their dog wasn’t allowed on the bed?

Frank gestured towards Max’s dog bed and Max gave him a look of pure betrayal.

Frank snapped again and Max shuffled slowly like he was being sentenced to death.

Frank felt so bad he reached forward and made an it’s all right motion and Max made a happy sound and curled up by his feet.

“Frank I know I’m drugged to the gills, and my senses are all out of whack, but I’m pretty sure Max is still on the bed.”

Frank huffed and dragged Matt closer, “no no Max is totally on his bed.”

“Frank if your lying to me I’ll kick your ass, we don’t want to install bad habits.”

Frank just nodded dutifully and sighed as Matt’s body finally relaxed and his breathing become even.

As Frank finally relaxed with the warm presence of his boyfriend and his dog he muttered “worth it,” before finally falling asleep himself.


Divergent Series: All Houses Edition

There are many more characters that weren’t in the films so sorry for the absences of many gryffindor, ravenclaw and hufflepuff.


A song by Matt McGinn A Scottish singer/songwriter/poet of the West of Scotland radical movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Matt was politicised at an early age by Robert ‘Bobby’ Lynn, fellow Ross Street resident and stalwart of the anarchist movement in Glasgow from the 1940s through to his death in 1996.
‘The Depth of My Ego’ is a song inspired by the ideas of Max Stirner as introduced to Matt by Bobby Lynn.


deaf havana playing innuendo bingo on bbc radio 1