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“Aria, Darling One… what are you doing?”

Aria cracked one eye open and grinned up at them, “Shhh, I’m ‘defeated’.”

Both men just stared for a moment, Drack shaking his head and Jaal feeling distinctly wistful.

Aria lay on the ground in the middle of the office with three baby Krogan on top of her; one half on her chest, one over her right arm, and the last laying across her legs. All three were making happy rumbling noises, clearly not noticing that their ‘defeated prey’ was actually quite comfortable.

“Found yerself a clutch-sitter, Kesh?” Drack laughed, setting his load down and skirting the scene to approach his granddaughter.

“Hey, Ryder offered,” Kesh clearly had a grin on her face, even as she typed away at her console, “Natural caretaker, that one; kids went straight for her.”

Jaal couldn’t help it; he deposited his own armful on the ground and then carefully crouched beside the redhead, smirking as the Krogan nearest him made a curious sort of sound, “Having fun, Darling One?”

“I am.” Aria grinned.

Eheheheeee got a lovely little lineart commission from miss @lynngo-art to with Log#29 of The Misadventures of Aria Ryder. I honestly told her to pick her favourite part of the chapter and go for it, and I am very very happy with the result ♥ ♥

Kesh’s clutch is adorable and I need to name them crap. Oops. >>;

Thank you so much Lynn it’s so freaking cute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X3

Moments and Memories- Chapter Two

OMG! Guys! I’m so honored you guys have enjoyed this story so much! It means so much to me, you have no idea <3 I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.</b>

The weeks start to run together, work getting rougher and rougher as Chris starts appearing daily. He’s started to claim that little table, watching me over his books and phone and smiling whenever we make eye contact. I know he sees everything that happens- my boss always working me to death, the other employees always talking and slacking off while I do their tasks, the others pocketing most of the tips as I clean their messes. Unfortunately this is how my days usually run- work like a dog, go home exhausted, brace myself for the next day, and keep going.

“Hey,” Chris calls gently, catching my attention where I’m furiously scrubbing the table beside him, fighting my tears. I blink the sting away and glance over, seeing his head tilted as he watches with soft eyes. “Come here.”

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Last Lie - Ichthys

There’s only so much a god can do. 

The battle raged on, red and golden lights flashing throughout the room. Ichthys stayed behind the front lines like he always would. He was never an attacker. He was the support role, defending his friends’ backs as they wrestled with their opponents. You stood by your husband, drawing on the ancient magic in your soul, containing the war in a bubble that shielded the humans of the Earth from the destructive magic.

Ichthys spotted Teorus stumbling back from a duel, and raised him hand. A channel of energy pulsed from his palm into his friend’s body, a cool relief seeping into the wounds and damages, soothing them over, leaving a tingling sensation as the slashed sinew sealed themselves.
The blond prince gave him a nod of thanks, and launched himself forward to help Karno.
It was going well. They could win this. It’s been a long battle, and Ichthys could feel the fatigue slowly chew away at his insides. It wasn’t painful or particularly horrible, but it made every process of healing go a little slower, making him feel like the healing process was just pushing his capabilities a bit more than usual.
Above the yelling voices in the mansion, Ichthys suddenly heard Huedhaut. Horrified, and alerting.

Your six year old daughter had been tucked away in a safe room, guard against the violence with spells. Altair and Vega had been by her side.
How did they-?
How dare they.

Ichthys was running at the staircase without another thought, everything postponed as he tried to get upstairs to his child.
Huedhaut had been the first to notice the girl, being closest to the staircase. With fluffy straight bangs and braided loops of hair bouncing with her movement, she was just an innocent little spark out of place within the slaughterhouse. She always looked a bit like you, and he saw the terror etched into the stars in her eyes. Familiar stars that Huedhaut loved once and dedicated his entire life to protect still. He called out for her father, and started towards her before two creatures jumped on him and he went under. A fleeting vision burned in his sight like an afterimage. The idea froze him, a stark fear gripping him as he tried to call out to Ichthys again, his voice choking in his throat and being lost in the yelling in the room.
Vega pulled on the girl’s hand and they ducked under a fancy table before a fire strike smashed into the painting overhead. Altair waved his hand at the nearest bust statute, levitating it off the table and onto the head of an attacking demon. But they weren’t safe. A blur of black shadows followed them, having chased them out of the safe-keep and into the fray.

Ichthys lashed against those that tried to stop him, struggling to reach his daughter. There was a whirlwind of motion as someone barrelled him over, and by the time he scalded them to a puddle, she was gone.
His cry was drowned out in the thick of the battle a thin and desperate sound over the shouts and blasts of magic. He was scared.
He couldn’t let anything happen to her.
You were looking for her too, trying to move through the rooms, trying to find any trace of your daughter. A taiyaki plush toy sat on the floor by the staircase. A few drops of blood splattered on the tile like blossoms.
Nothing else.
There has been so much bloodshed here lately that it wasn’t even indicative of anything. You kept your hopes up, forcing yourself away from any likely conclusions that would break you completely. You had work to do.

The gods chased the demons out of heaven, winning the fight, clearing the mansion. It was this precise moment of celebration when it all came crashing down.
His head jerked up from where he was tending to Dui. The god was slumped over the floor, holding himself on his elbows as his leg was straightened. A wicked smile flickered and faded over his face, and he sighed with exhaustion.
“Ichthys, get over here! __________! ____________!”
Teorus was screaming, completely unlike his usual dignified and elegant self. There was a ripple of commotion, and Ichthys ran to them expecting the worst.

Huedhaut had found her.
He sought her out after escaping the demons that ensnared him after his vision.

Ichthys collapsed beside his friend, reaching with shaking hands as his daughter was passed into his arms.
Lynne twitched, the movement making her cough. A deep puncture in her chest was leaking out her blood, purple splotches tainted into her blue dress, spreading rapidly like Ichthys’ despair.
He latched onto her energy, tuning into the core force within her. Everything he had rushed through the connection, a healing pulse trying to keep her alive, trying to heal the would.
You came to the scene slower than him, letting out a cry that sucked the strength from your body. Karno caught you as you swayed, and held you both in support and restraint as you tried to get to your husband’s side.
“Sweetie, look at daddy.”
He touched her cheek with a gentle hand, fingertips brushing over the freckles and smeared blood. Her tears washed two clean lines along her face, and Lynne whimpered.
“Daddy… help… hurts…”
“Daddy will make it better, okay?” Ichthys kissed her forehead, trying to summon the strength in him. “Just try to stay awake. Don’t sleep. Daddy got you. It’ll be okay.”
He could sense her body try to heal, try to close the gaps that were opened, but there wasn’t enough. There wasn’t enough time, not enough power from him. His powers were drained, the supply exhausted from the work he had done earlier, his mind weak from watching his precious daughter suffer.
She wheezed, chest heaving for breath as her young face scrunched up in pain.
“Daddy will save you.” He tried to ignore the sight of her, trying to focus on moving his magic into her body. He could feel the organs repair, bit by bit, not nearly fast enough for a wound that has been inflicted for so long already. She was too weak.
She was dying.
“Ichthys…” You wept, pleading with him, begging him to save your daughter.
The head of sandy hair stayed bowed over the small body.
He couldn’t meet your eyes, couldn’t bear to admit to his shortcoming, couldn’t believe that yes, he will fail to save his own daughter.
He couldn’t hear anything else but the dying heartbeat that pounded on his chest with every weak pulse.
A hot drop slide along his cheek, catching on his jaw momentarily before falling on her chest. Lynne’s dress was completely soaked through, a hauntingly beautiful shade of wine rouge. Her face was pale, contrasting the scatter of pretty freckles that he always said were her stars.
She still moved, her heart still beat, her chest still rose and fell with breaths in agony. A tiny hiss of pain escaped through her teeth.
He was keeping his daughter alive.
But she wasn’t going to get better. Ichthys tried channeling all the energy he had, feeling the magic hit its limit. The puncture in her organs were half closed before they stopped. The heart couldn’t beat on its own.
Lynne was dead, and he was torturing her by prolonging her death.
“Please… Ichthys you can save her, right?”
Your voice wavered, scared of hearing any answer that didn’t correspond with your hopes.
He couldn’t answer.
The silence sent a chill through your, numbing you from the depth of your heart to your fingertips.
Lynne was your joy, the proof that your love for him was real and reciprocated, the adorable commotion between you and the man you loved so much. She was cheerful and playful like her father, sweet and kind. She was your daughter. She was real, lively, and called you mom.
And now she lay there, in her father’s arms, without all her usual bright spirit, hanging on thread that was her father’s denial.
Something felt like it clawed at your heart despite the empty feeling. It burned, sizzling in the hollow of your chest, making it impossible to breathe through the pain that intensified into the root of your being.
“I’m so sorry, _______.”
Ichthys’ voice came out as a helpless whisper.
He gazed at his daughter adoringly, her face swirling in and out of focus as the tears gathered in his eyes.
“Daddy’s sorry, Lynne.”
The tears splashed on her cheek, melting the bloody smears into a spin of red on the pale face.
“Daddy can’t help… This… This is the last time Daddy will lie to you… okay?”
He reached out and hooked her pinkie finger into his.
“It’s a promise… Daddy won’t lie ever again…”

He drew back.
The magic retracted from its hold around her heart, letting the slowing pumps fade away to silence. He could feel every part of her die. The movements slowed, the breathing stopped, her face unclenched from the painful twist to a peaceful blank. Ichthys broke into a sob.
It was always harsh on him to witness a death. It was always considered a failure when he couldn’t save someone.
But to choose to let her die like that.
Ichthys clutched her body to him.

Daddy’s sorry

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Jonathan Toews Imagine

“Alright, sweetie. Almost done.” The nurse says, rubbing some more gel over your stomach. 

It’s early on Saturday morning, and you’re at the doctor’s office, getting your ultrasound done. The gel was still on your stomach, cold and wet. 

The picture of your little baby girl was on the monitor, looking as if she was sleeping. Her arms and legs were wiggling around slightly. 

“So, have you decided on a name yet?” The nurse asks, watching the monitor. 

“Yeah. Rae-Lynn. Jonathan picked it out.” You say, looking out the door. He should have been here by now.

“Very nice. Creative.”

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” Jonathan walks through the door, panting. “Sorry.”

He walks over and kisses your forehead, holding your hand. “So that’s our little one?” He asks, pointing to the monitor.

“Yes. She’s perfectly healthy.” The nurse smiles, reaching for a towel. “We’ll have the images printed soon, and the you can go home.”

She wipes the gel off of your stomach, before letting you stand up.

Johnny holds your hand as you walk to the desk again. “We can show the pictures to the guys before the game, right?”

“Do we have to show them to the entire team?” You ask, looking at him.

He had told the entire team that you were pregnant almost as soon as you had found out. He was excited to be a dad. It was adorable to watch him paint Rae-Lynn’s room, putting so much detail into everything.

“Yes!” He says happily, jumping around a bit, a huge smile on his face. “The guys are really excited.”


“No! We have to do this! Please?” Jon pouts at you. 

Laughing, you agree. The nurse hands you the pictures from the ultrasound, congratulating you. 

“Alright, come on! I want to show them before the game!” Jonathan says, dragging you to the car.

“Alright, alright!” You smile, hopping into the passenger seat. 

As you drive to the arena, you pull out the pictures, looking at each one.

“I’m gonna be a dad.” Jonathan sings over and over, tapping the wheel. He pulls into the parking lot, still singing. 

He hops out and, after grabbing his bag, helps you out of the car. “Let’s go!” He drags you along again, almost skipping.

“Hey Tazer!” Brent waves as you walk into the locker room, pulling on his shirt. He smiles at you, showing off his bright white teeth. 

“What’s up Cap?” Duncan joins in, lacing his skates. 

“Is everyone here?” Jonathan asks, taking the envelope with the pictures from you. 

Corey looks around, then nods at Jon. 

“Alright. Well, I just wanted to show you guys something.” Jonathan says, waving the envelope a bit. 

“Is that what I think it is?” Patrick asks, looking up.

“The ultrasound pictures.” Jonathan says, taking them from the envelope, passing them around. 

“This is great." 


"Wow, this is cool.”

“What did you say her name was?”

“Rae-Lynn. Pay attention Seabs." 

"She’s adorable." 

"Congrats, guys.”

The guys smile at the pictures, passing them around so they could all see them. The smiles had Jon smiling, watching them go around.

“This is awesome.” Brent says, handing back the final picture. “How far along are you?”

“Seven months.” You smile as Jonathan put his hand on your stomach.

“I call babysitting!” Duncan yells, his hand shooting in the air. 

The guys laugh at him. “What if I want to? Jon likes me more!” Patrick pipes up, shoving Duncan playfully. 

“Too bad!” The two go at it, punching each other. 

“See what happens?” You whisper to Jonathan, leaning into him.

“They love her already.” Jon replies, watching the guys continue to mess around. 

Daughter of Gabriel (Part 1)

Title: Daughter of Gabriel

 Sub-Title: The Snake

 Prompt: Tangle.of.ivy: Daddy!Gabriel fic with a little girl.  OC is his wife/mate.  I know you’re probably swamped with requests, but I had a random thought today and I can’t get it out of my head. I desperately want to see Gabriel as a daddy with a little girl!!  I think daddy-Gabe would be the sweetest thing ever!  You could have an OC as his mate/wife. Just lots if fluff and cuteness!!!!  Pretty please?  :)  

 Summary: This is a drabble-like series for Daddy!Gabriel. Gabriel living a life with his mate, Lynn, and his daughter, Sarah.  What could possibly go wrong with having an archangel as a father or husband?!

***If you have an idea for the story, let me know!  It will probably jump around to show different times and tell different stories of Lynn, Sarah, and Gabriel! :D 

 Warnings: none?

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Masterlist of FanFiction

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Lynn heard her daughter crying from down the hall…right after she heard a loud sound.  “GABRIEL!  SARAH!” She screamed as she ran down the hall and up the stairs to her daughter’s room.  

When she got in, nothing seemed out of place, except for their golden haired daughter bawling her eyes out…and Gabriel kneeling before her trying to calm her down. “The hell happened?”  Lynn shouted as she stepped forward and dropped to her knees.  

Little Sarah immediately ran into her mother’s arms and sobbed into her shoulder.  “Shh, it’s okay sweetie.  You’re okay…”  

Gabriel looked to Lynn with half worry…half terror.  “I…Um…”  Gabriel looked down and away as he made a funny face.  Lynn knew that face.  That was a guilty face.  She knew her husband well enough to be able to recognize these things.  

Lynn sighed as she looked down to her beautiful daughter.  Damn, she looked just like Gabriel.  “What did Daddy do?”  

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No turning back.

Here we are again, the fourth chapter of this AU has arrived. Advice: this chapter is longer than the others.

Remember: This is a Star vs The Forces Of Evil AU in wich there is Tomco, Male/Male.

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Mini Chapter.


Chapter 4: Friends.

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There’s an amazing scene, actually. Mary Lynn, who plays Chloe, there was a really emotional scene where she first tells me that her husband and son were killed and, we’re in a car, and what no one will know is that there were literally, five feet in front of us, two-thousand people in a park watching us do the scene and she looked at me and said ‘I don’t know how to do this’ and I said 'Internalize it’ and so then she does the scene and she’s fantastic and she starts to cry and I said 'Wow! That came out of nowhere’ and she said 'No, I started crying because I couldn’t believe two-thousand people were sitting watching me in the car’. 

You can’t tell me he doesn’t ADORE Mary Lynn. Just watch him whenever he talks about her. #smitten.

anonymous asked:

Also to add to your last answer, I positively cringe at Poe's characterization as a hypersexualized man because of the whole ~Hot Latin lovers~ stereotype. It's another horrible problem that needs to be addressed. Flirtatious doesn't mean he's some kind of sex god, this fandom is a goddamn mess. Reading Poe in certain fics is like reading fetishized Alejandro in Rules of Attraction or Lynne Graham's Spanish Groom. As if Latin men aren't fetishized enough in flop romances already jfc.

just gon’ leave this here