Florence dealing with Freddie’s shit & accusations again. You gotta love Idina’s expressions :3

Also because I sincerely did not know which one fit best x) … (I must stop with the Frozen reference xD … But it’s so tempting !)

And no, I don’t only have gifs of Idina x) Others will be coming, someday ~ But at the moment she’s inspiring :D And these could be very useful one day.

I apologize for the quick blinking of the text, it appeared slower when in Photoshop. Guess it was lagging…

Chess in Concert


Florence dealing with Freddie’s talks at the Press Conference (part 2/?; part 1). Because we all felt like that about a specific situation :D

Chess In Concert

(I apologize for the Frozen reference, but I had to xD).

Now that I think about it, I’ve never put that one up on Tumblr. Considering I don’t go on DeviantART as much anymore … Why not post it here.

Also, this (that I did in … June 2013, methinks), was supposed to be drawn. But there comes a point in the Artist’s Frustration of “FOR THE LOVE OF PLATYPUS THE FIFTH, KING OF FLAMES AND WAR WALRUSES, I CANNOT MAKE THIS LOOK NICE, I HAVE LOST ALL MY SKILLS AT DIGITAL PAINTING, THIS IS ANNOYING ME DEEPLY” where after throwing some of your art supplies against a wall you decide to go with photomanipulation. :>

Story behind it: Just the fact that along with sharing some letters in their names, Elizabeth & Eleanor are both called “Lamb”, in some way. Elizabeth’s the “Lamb of Columbia”, and Eleanor’s last name is “Lamb”. Constant and variables ? Who knows :D. So I wanted to have them in the same image. Ja ja ja.

Enjoy, it should be big enough to use as wallpaper :p

Credits available on the dA page :) *trying to shorten the message here*

A 'little' "Frozen" obsession ~
  • Me: *shares yet another photo from Frozen's official FB page*
  • Friend: Got dammit Lynka.
  • Me: :3
  • Me: Obsessions, obsessions, can't hold them back anymore... Obsessions, obsessions, go on Facebook and share them more! I don't care, what you're goin' to say ! Let the love rage on... Spamming never bothered me anyway :D
  • Friend: We need to have an intervention.
  • Me: But... Love is An Open Door D: !
  • Me: It's like the First Time In Forever that I've loved an animation movie that much!
  • Me: Why must you have a Frozen Heart?
  • Me: But ok, I guess that I'm a little of a Fixer Upper.
  • Me: So I got a few flaws.
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: :D
  • Friend: ... *sighs*
  • Me: I guess the only way for you to escape this obsession and these awful puns is to... just stay away, and you'll be safe from me? :D
  • Me: Sorry, I can't control the puns. And this is just making it worse xD
  • Me: Alright, alright, good night, I think I need to sleep, even if the sky's awake :3
  • Friend: ... just ugh.
  • Me: No, no no. "Just Hug". Darn dyslexia, right :D?
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: Okay bye ~

Opening your blinds in the morning and the sun shines bright …

Or when you’re tired and your neighbour in chemistry class burns some magnesium and you didn’t turn away …