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I always ship the lasting married couples.

I remember when I was like 12 or 13 being upset that Sandy and Kirsten Cohen almost cheated on each other and being upset and all my friends in the freezing cold recess huddle were all like “ryaaaan and Marissa” and I stood there just being like… buuuuut.

This has carried on with Tom and Lynette, Cora and robert, Dr Turner and shelagh…etc

I was wondering why and I think it’s because any ship is a type of fantasy (like all television really). I’m not saying happy marriage is a fantasy but it is leaning on improbable but however no where close to impossible which is why it’s the fantasy that can come true in actual life too…so I damn well like to see it on tv. I like my cheese , Okay? And I’ll eat it too. (Mixing metaphors ?)

And for a person who comes from a long line of serial monogomists, I have a weird view on marriage. It freaks me out endlessly to think about doing but still, it is my main ship. Fantasies are mostly something that you would never do in real life but for me, marriage is something i go back and forth in thinking either : “I would never do that!” to “of course I want that!”

Shout out to those who, like me, ship the ‘boring’ married couples in all the shows they watch.Because they’re low key the best ships. Always.

Tag 9 People You Want to Get to Know Better~!

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Top Three Four (because I need four…) Shows

  1. Jane the Virgin
  2. Ugly Betty
  3. Reign
  4. Desperate Housewives

Top ThreeFive (because I need five…) Characters:

  1. Betty Suarez
  2. Jane Villanueva
  3. Mary Stuart (Reign)
  4. Catherine de Medici (Reign)
  5. Lynette Scavo

Please feel free to participate.  You do not have to if you do not want to.
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