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Aquamarine, platinum, and diamond brooch/pendant, 1/31/1967

Series: Artifacts Relating to the Life and Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 11/22/1963 - 7/9/1998Collection: Lyndon B. Johnson Museum Collection, 11/22/1963 - 7/9/1998 (holdings of the @lbjlibrary)

Scope & Content:

This brooch is made of a tear drop-shaped, very fine aquamarine held in the setting of a platinum wire with two pins and loops for hanging as a pendant. The narrow end of the setting has five brilliant cut diamonds in a group and four baguette diamonds set at angles. On either side a ribbon of white gold set with nine diamonds curves to the back of the setting. The brooch was worn by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson during the presidency of her husband and was a gift to her from His Excellency Arthur da Costa e Silva, President-elect of Brazil.


Highway Beautification Act, 10/22/1965

Fifty years ago today, President Johnson signed the Highway Beautification Act. The law was an unprecedented effort by the Johnson administration, with Lady Bird Johnson putting it at the top of her agenda, to limit the billboards, outdoor advertising, and junkyards that threatened to spoil the raw beauty of America and its interstate highways.

Just before the 1965 Congressional session ended, Johnson called his Cabinet and top staffers to a meeting. He admonished them, “The Congress is about ready to adjourn, and they haven’t passed Lady Bird’s Highway Beautification Act…Now, she wants that bill. And if she wants it, I want it, and by God, we’re going to pass it.” The bill passed soon after.

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