Hope for the Future, Lyndal Osborne, 2011

The Hope For the Future is a representation of a seed-saving project for a small community. It references larger seed banks that have been established by almost every country to store their national heritage of seeds for future generations. Through genetic engineering our vast biodiversity of seeds has been threatened and the information gained through seed storage has assisted scientists to determine characteristics of germination and knowledge that will help to ensure a measure of resistance to extinction. Seeds are considered time capsules of life and without them life on earth would be drastically changed forever.

(via Lyndal Osborne via Art Gallery of Alberta via Adrienne Pan via John Richardson)


Lyndal Osborne is a magnificent woman who is currently featured at the AGA.

“I feel like an archeologist seeking and retrieving discarded fragments of the urban environment and the dried out remains of natures’ seasons. All have gone through their prime of life and now remain as relics of past glories. The objects are then recreated by me as a direct response to my encounters in nature in the role of observer and participant.”