lynchwood sheriff

                                       『 Sucker for Pain 』

She carries the weight of her past like she carries her trusty revolvers in her hands, perfected with years and blood shed along the way. She’s ruthless, sharp like her clothes yet just as colorful at her core. Not everyone’s cup of tea, considering she would thread along the lines of well-aged bourbon; on the rocks just like everything in her life tends to be. The vault hunter of the glorious days long past, she protects and rules over Lynchwood with fists of iron and a heart of ice.

She, on the other hand… She prefers putting distance between herself and her acquaintances with a sniper rifle, barrel long and graceful just like her high heeled legs. She has given up on her derringer a long time ago; closeness is a thing she avoids now, as it ends with a bullet to the head or a knife to the back. Everyone knows who she is, however, no matter the distance. The wanted posters peppering walls every town she breezes through does injustice to her pretty, youthful face. (The reward on her head is even a bigger insult to her talent, but no one needs to point that out). She could have become a vault hunter, had the chance, had the competence and weapons; but what good is it to become so lawful when you can achieve more by bending the rules- or breaking them?

On a particular autumn evening, while the sun leans down to kiss the earth good night ever slowly, these two women meet just at the outskirts of Lynchwood, their shadows tangling on the colossal rocks like thirsty lovers who lost each other decades ago.

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