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Oooooo okie how about jimon + baking skills

It had been a very long day at the Institute and all Jace wanted to do was to fall asleep curled up against a certain vampire. He had slept in his room at the Insitute the previous and he hadn’t managed to get much sleep. It was easier to fall back asleep after a nightmare when Simon was next to him. But he had returned late from a mission and he was too exhausted to walk all the way to Simon’s apartment. 

Since he couldn’t fall asleep, Jace had woken up early to train. He preferred the early hours to train when almost everyone was still asleep and the training room was empty. After a couple of hours, he decided to walk to the kitchen for some breakfast, only he found Isabelle there first who had taken it upon herself to make breakfast for everyone, thus resulting in Jace staying without eating breakfast. 

He continued his day by filling out tedious reports about his latest mission, with Alec frequently fussing over him and try to get him to open up about that dreadful night. Ever since Alec’s rune had disappeared he had become more overprotective over Jace. Something which Jace didn’t appreciate at all. He loved his parabatai but it was tiring when he acted like an overprotective mother.

An alarm about a demon attack had gone off before he had the chance of getting lunch. He had returned exhausted, dripping with demon ichor, and hungry as hell. After he had a hot shower and changed into a new set of clothes, he walked into the kitchen to make some quick lunch for him despite being nearly afternoon. It was only hours after, that Jace was free to go for the day and all he could think of was the warmth he felt in Simon’s arms. 

When he walked into the apartment, the first thing that he noticed was the scent of something freshly baked. He removed his combat boots by the door and hung his leather jacket. Walking towards the kitchen, Jace found his boyfriend covered in flour, taking a tray of cookies out of the oven. 

“Si, what are you doing?” Jace was confused. Simon was not a normal vampire but that didn’t mean he could eat. “You’ve been working so hard these days and I just thought you’d appreciate the surprise.” Jace expression turned from that of a confusion to a shocked one. Without saying anything else, his hand cupped Simon’s cheek and he brought the vampire close for a soft kiss. 

After they pulled apart Jace took a biscuit from the tray to try. When he took the first bite, the shadowhunter made a face and got a napkin to spit out the food. Simon at that moment looked like a kicked puppy and Jace instantly felt guilty. “I’m sorry Simon. They would be really good if you hadn’t mistaken sugar with salt.” Simon’s eyes widened. “I’m such an idiot. And since I’m a vampire now, I couldn’t try them and see if they tasted good and-” 

Jace’s laugh caught Simon at mid-sentence. “It’s okay. I’ve tried worse food than this. Izzy is my sister in case you had forgotten. But thank you for the making the effort.” With a soft smile, Jace placed a soft kiss on Simon’s cheek and wrapped his arms around the vampire’s neck. “Do you have any more ingredients?” Jace asked softly. 

Simon’s eyebrows shot up. “You, an emotionless demon slayer, know how to bake?” Jace pretended to look hurt by the comment. “As I said before, with Izzy as my sister and Maryse barely being around, me and Alec learning how to cook was a necessity.” He commented untangling his arm from around Simon’s neck and turning to gather the leftover ingredients.  

As Jace started to make a new cookie dough Simon wrapped his arms around the blond’s waist and placed a soft kiss on his shoulder. “Is there anything you can’t do?” Simon asked softly. “I used baking as a way to cope. Accuracy is important in baking and it would help me focus. When I would panic or I couldn’t sleep I would focus on the recipe and forget about my worries for a few hours.” He explained as if it was the most normal thing. He could feel Simon’s grip tighten a bit around his torso, a soft reminder that he would always be there for Jace. “Then we should do it more often. If it makes you happy.” Simon commented softly. 

Silence ensued as Jace continued to work on the cookies with Simon helping here and there. “How was your day at the Institute?” He asked softly breaking the silence. “It was boring mostly. Doing some training, paperwork, avoiding Izzy’s cooking and Alec making sure I was okay every other second. Oh, grandma also called. She’s coming to New York in a few days to talk to me and Clary about what happened to Lake Lyn.” Jace frowned softly and turned his attention to the food before him. Imogen hadn’t even asked if he was okay after everything. She just wanted to know what happened to the Mortal Instruments as if he was any other shadowhunter and she asked for a report. 

Simon hated when Jace was sad, even if he did look like an adorable puppy. “Hey, Jace.” He said softly taking some of the flour and throwing it all over Jace. The laugh he got in return from the nephilim was a victory for Simon and a wide grin lit up his face. 

After a large amount of flour being dropped on each other and a good share of laughs, the cookies were in the oven and the couple took a quick shower together. Jace made Simon sit on the couch while he brought a plate filled with their cookies and two glasses filled with wine, only one actually had wine. 

“Jace are you sure with me feeding in front of you?” He couldn’t help but feel a little insecure about the subject of feeding in front of the other. Jace just placed a soft kiss on Simon’s lips. “I eat, in front of you, food that you probably miss eating and you have no problem. Why would I ever have a problem with you feeding in front of me?” Jace spoke as if this was the most casual thing in the world and Simon’s eyes softened. “I love you.” 

Snuggled up with a blanket, eating the freshly baked cookies ( well only Jace was eating ) and drinking was how they spend the rest of their night. Jace never said that he loved Simon back and he didn’t expect him to. He knew that Jace associated love with pain and that one day Jace would say it back, even if he didn’t have to. With the blond shadowhunter asleep in his arms, head buried in the crook of his neck, Simon knew that Jace loved him back. 

Pretty sure the Lightwoods have the worst luck when it comes to staying the Clave’s good graces but they always bounce back???? Like Benedict literally turns into a demon and disgraces his whole family and then Gideon and Gabriel claw their way back out of dishonour by helping save the entire Clave. Then a few decades later, Anna, while awesome, is non binary and dates multiple girls at once. And of course there’s the whole Tatiana thing. But clearly they recover from that too and are a fine upstanding Shadowhunter family by the time Robert comes around, gets suckered into a cult, participates in a violent revolution against the government and gets exiled. And just when Robert is starting to regain some trust- he’s proven himself again, he’s brought over to help with the Accords- one of his kids is gay, another one is a mass murderer’s son, and his daughter keeps dating downworlders. But they too shake it off by saving the world. 

Like, how many times has this happened? Is it a generational thing, every twenty years or so one or more Lightwood starts a scandal and then more Lightwoods do something wildly heroic that ensures they still stay respectable? Has anyone else noticed? Is it a noted trend in the Shadowhunter world?

“I heard the Lightwoods are a disgrace to the name of Jonathan Shadowhunter and all of nephilim society. If they’re smart they’ll never show their face in polite society.”

“Again? Give it five years, they’ll recover. Why, when I was your age So-and-so Lightwood got caught selling water from Lake Lyn to faeries in return for faerie fruit which she then traded with ifrits for demon drugs which she used to make what she called “modern art sculptures.” Absolute scandal until she saved the Consul from a falling chandelier and single handedly foiled a maddened vampire clan’s plan to undermine Shadowhunter access to leather jackets.”

The Signs As Things From The Mortal Instruments
  • Aries: Shadowhunters
  • Taurus: The Mortal Mirror
  • Gemini: The Mortal Cup
  • Cancer: The Parabati Rune
  • Leo: Jonathan Morgenstern
  • Virgo: The Faerie people
  • Scorpio: The Mortal Sword
  • Libra: The Warlocks/mostly Magnus Bane
  • Sagittarius: The City of Bones
  • Capricorn: Alec Lightwood toward Clary in the first book
  • Aquarius: Lake Lyn
  • Pisces: The City of Idris
'Rude,' a cover by Jace and Jocelyn
  • Jace: Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life, say yes, say yes, cause I need to know.
  • Jocelyn: You'll never get my blessing till the day I die, tough luck my friend, cause the answer is no.
  • Jace: Why ya gotta be so rude?
  • Jocelyn:
  • Jace: Don't ya know I'm human too?
  • Jocelyn:
  • Jace: I'm gonna marry her anyway.
  • Jocelyn: Excuse me?
  • Jace: Marry that girl.
  • Jocelyn: I-
  • Jace: Ya no matter what ya say.
  • Jocelyn:
  • Jace: And we'll be a family.
  • Jocelyn: *chops Jace up into tiny pieces and throws him into Lake Lyn*

Tonight Sheila, Ella and I went to Minneapolis’ Lyn-Lake neighborhood for a light meal. We walked around the area for a bit then selected the Lyndale Tap House.

When the server brought water she also brought a dish for Ella. Sheila and I split an appetizer of poutine and had some beer. Ella scored some fries from us. When we didn’t feed her more she gave a sad look to the people at the next table hoping they’d take pity on her and share their food too. Poor starving Aussie.

Afterwards we walked around the area before going home. We ended up running into some former neighbors, some parents from Jack’s old soccer team, and finally a family from my kids’ elementary school. All great people, it was fun catching up with them. Such an odd coincidence to run into so many old friends in such a short time.

Yesterday evening Sheila and I went to the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis for dinner. Ella and Oliver were with us. We strolled around looking at menus and patios, deciding which restaurant to choose (which ended up being the very good Lyndale Tap House).

As we walked several people pet the dogs. Ella and Oliver love the attention because apparently Sheila and I leave them starved for affection. Or so one would think.

As sometimes happens we bumped into a person who asked THE question. With her greasy-haired head tilted down and eyebrows raised, she looked at us over her eyeglasses, and said with the same tone of smugness of someone describing their solar powered toaster, “Are they rescues?”

I always want to say “Heck yeah, we found ‘em in a dumpster full of toxic waste” or “They were saved from a burning puppy mill.” But we had the guts to admit we got them from a breeder. That got us “the look.”

Our third dog is a rescue. Carson doesn’t come out to dinner because the sound of a passing bus or motorcycle would send him up the wall faster than a monkey snorting cocaine. He likes his daily trips to the park and playing with dogs. Loud and busy street traffic, not one bit.

We tried to get rescue Aussies but the people always told us “Oooooh, there’s a man and a teenage boy in the house? Oh no! That won’t work. This dog is afraid of men.” Every time.

Well screw ‘em. I wanted Aussies. I got Aussies. They couldn’t be living any better of a life unless I got some sheep for them to herd.

Are there rescue sheep? Probably doesn’t matter; there’s a man living in the house.