lyn lake

Okay, like, I acknowledge that Lake Lyn is an actual lake in The Shadowhunter Chronicles. But what if it was a salt flat instead? It WAS a lake but then it dried up, which explains how the mirror was lost over time. Then the rain comes and, for a very short while, it becomes a mirror again. And salt flats, when the rain comes and turns them into the worlds largest mirrors, are called the border between heaven and earth which is also perfect for the mythos of Lake Lyn. And, I mean, just imagine a giant fucking angel with golden wings covered in eyes and moving runes appearing in the middle of this:

anonymous asked:

What happens in Lake Lyn that has everyone so excited about?

Well Lake Lyn is in idris so I think people are excited about the thought of seeing idris. Also it’s the same place valentine kills jace to raise the angel Raziel

The Signs As Things From The Mortal Instruments
  • Aries: Shadowhunters
  • Taurus: The Mortal Mirror
  • Gemini: The Mortal Cup
  • Cancer: The Parabati Rune
  • Leo: Jonathan Morgenstern
  • Virgo: The Faerie people
  • Scorpio: The Mortal Sword
  • Libra: The Warlocks/mostly Magnus Bane
  • Sagittarius: The City of Bones
  • Capricorn: Alec Lightwood toward Clary in the first book
  • Aquarius: Lake Lyn
  • Pisces: The City of Idris

Yesterday evening Sheila and I went to the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis for dinner. Ella and Oliver were with us. We strolled around looking at menus and patios, deciding which restaurant to choose (which ended up being the very good Lyndale Tap House).

As we walked several people pet the dogs. Ella and Oliver love the attention because apparently Sheila and I leave them starved for affection. Or so one would think.

As sometimes happens we bumped into a person who asked THE question. With her greasy-haired head tilted down and eyebrows raised, she looked at us over her eyeglasses, and said with the same tone of smugness of someone describing their solar powered toaster, “Are they rescues?”

I always want to say “Heck yeah, we found ‘em in a dumpster full of toxic waste” or “They were saved from a burning puppy mill.” But we had the guts to admit we got them from a breeder. That got us “the look.”

Our third dog is a rescue. Carson doesn’t come out to dinner because the sound of a passing bus or motorcycle would send him up the wall faster than a monkey snorting cocaine. He likes his daily trips to the park and playing with dogs. Loud and busy street traffic, not one bit.

We tried to get rescue Aussies but the people always told us “Oooooh, there’s a man and a teenage boy in the house? Oh no! That won’t work. This dog is afraid of men.” Every time.

Well screw ‘em. I wanted Aussies. I got Aussies. They couldn’t be living any better of a life unless I got some sheep for them to herd.

Are there rescue sheep? Probably doesn’t matter; there’s a man living in the house.