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titles for all 2b episodes are out and of course, I had to go in too deep and now you’re getting my ramble. I don’t know if any of this might be true, but here you go.

Titles + spoilers we’ve got so far = this:


• 2x11 Mea Maxima Culpa- easy one. Jace’s gonna blame himself for events from 2x10
• 2x12 You’re Not Your Own - I have this feeling it might be mostly about Izzy or Alec. Remember - in 2x12 we’re getting “Alec being so sweet with Magnus”. AND I believe a brief Sizzy scene?
• 2x13 Those of Demon Blood - Downworld uprising!
• 2x14 The Fair Folk - Seelie Court, Seelie Queen etc.
• 2x15 A Problem of Memory - well, first idea I’ve got was Magnus sharing his past with Alec and I really don’t know what else could it be. I think there were spoilers about Alec and Seelie Court, so maybe something there happens that makes Alec ask about Magnus’ past? + most likely Magnus dancing.
• 2x16 Day of Atonement - I have no idea. All I know is we’re getting Idris scenes.
• 2x17 A Dark Reflection - Sebastian revealing who he really is? Like, Sebastian is Jace’s dark reflection, right?
• 2x18 Arise, Awake or Be Forever Fallen- the title comes from a poem “Paradise Lost” which is about things such as the fall of lucifer. This might be about fallen angels in overall. An introduction of Lilith perhaps? Asmodeus?
• 2x19 Hail and Farewell - “Hail and Farewell, my brother.” - this is what Sebastian said in the City of Glass right before he stabbed Jace, so…. Shadowhunters also use it [Ave Atque Vale] as a goodbye to warriors fallen on a battlefield. Or funerals overall. Wouldn’t be surprised if Max actually died + “Hail and Farewell” is a title of chapter in CoG where Clary creates Alliance Rune and I really want this to happen tbh. Like, imagine - even more badass battle!Malec.
• 2x20 Beside Still Water - Still water as in a lake = Lake Lyn = Mortal Mirror/Glass

Maybe at least one thing from there is true, lol. Feel free to add your own ideas

Livvy died in battle, on the blade of the Mortal Sword (which had just shattered, releasing goodness knows what kind of divine energy) not a few miles away from Lake Lyn. 

This has implications for my still strong theory that Livvy is going to be fulfilling the role of the Lady of the Lake once we get into the Wicked Powers. Ghost of a dead teenage girl, bound forever to the Mortal Instruments. She chills in the Lake, dreams of long forgotten times. If you pick up what remains of the Mortal Sword she’ll appear and ask you what your quest is, and also do you know what happened at the end of Gossip Girl? Julian refuses to tell her since she wasn’t supposed to be watching it in the first place and the suspense is killing her, metaphorically speaking. 


Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain SPOILERS if you haven’t read them. These ideas are based solely on book canon.


I have seen this theory out there—I was glad someone else had it too. All the girls in my family have at least one name dedicated to a favorite grandmother, aunt or other female relative. Emma Cordelia and Cordelia Carstairs. The family trees are said to be either incomplete or a bit misleading, and I was thinking James and Cordelia had a daughter that was never listed, and Emma is a descendent of Tessa on a matriarchal side. Emma’s mother’s name was Cordelia too. That would mean she would have as much demon blood as the Blackthorns and Jace.

And everyone is comparing her to Jace. (I hope that Cassandra Clare puts in a scene where the two practice together—I’d really like to see who would be better!) This will come into play in a bit.


He’s up to his feline eyeballs in all of this. He’s the Clave approved warlock to call when you want someone to forget something…

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Things I loved about Shadowhunters 2x16

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the episode yet

- Maia going to Simon to check up on him and comforting him
- Jace *subtly* trying to go on a mission with Clary (~smooth, smooth~)
- Alec almost literally telling his dad that there’s no excuse for his cheating (i am so here for cheating not being brushed off in media)
- Alec saying that his relationship with Magnus is not an affair (more like reminding his family for like the millionth time that Magnus is there to stay)
- Jace helping Clary swim to the surface of Lake Lyn (my babes)
- Maia coming with Simon to his family dinner partly because she wanted to make sure he won’t do/say anything he might regret later and partly because she wanted to spend quality time with him
- Simon saying that “family is all he’s got left” and showing that you should cherish and spend time with your loved ones, and not ignore them, despite the recent changes in his life (something which doesn’t usually happen in YA based books/shows/movies, when the teenagers almost forget they’ve got homes)
- Clary meeting Ithuriel
- All the clace scenes god bless👌
- Simon and Maia being adorable as fuck during the WHOLE damn episode who gave you the right
- Jace activating the rune and saving Clary from going insane
- Simon and Maia having the life of normal teenagers for a few hours, despite what they are
- Clary creating that rune (yas queen show us your amazing skills🙌)
- Jace being in awe seeing his girlfriend slay
- getting the backstory of Sebastian (I felt sorry for him at times ☹️)

here and now

this one wasn’t requested and honestly idek where it came from but I think it’s cute and I like it!! Hope you guys do too :)

Word Count: 2000ish

Rating: PG

“I’ll be less than an hour, I swear. C’mon Magnus, please?” Jace pleaded, toying with the ring around his neck as Alec gave him a knowing look. They were standing in Magnus’ apartment, both the older men still in their pajamas. However, Jace was already dressed for the day, eager to set his plan in motion.

“Fine, but if you’re not back in time I’m sending him after you,” Magnus gave in with a sigh, nodding back towards Alec.

“Get Izzy a new one while you’re there, since your girlfriend snapped hers. They should still have the same model,” Alec said as Magnus began to conjure the portal.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Yet.” Alec winked before giving his parabatai a light push, sending him through.

The cold Idris air took Jace by surprise when he arrived, despite the fact that he had been there only a few days before. It was slightly colder than before, so he shoved his hands into his pockets, ducked his head, and made his way through the streets as discreetly as he could. Word travelled fast in the Shadow World and no one was particularly fond of the two young Shadowhunters who had let Valentine escape on their mission. Though no one would dare speak a cruel word to Jace – not in Idris, with the Inquisitor so close by. Herondale perks, as Alec would say.

It only took him a few minutes to remember the way to the old weapons shop he had ventured to the few times that he had managed to sneak out of the house as child. He’d never gone inside, but he’d always gazed into the windows, watching the sun glint off the seraph blades. They looked much smaller now than they used to. He shook his head a bit, as if to clear the memories, and pushed his way inside, the quiver-shaped sign shaking slightly above him.

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Shadowhunters 2x16: “Day of Atonement

Here’s the list of all the things that I liked about the new episode (feel free to add some stuff):

  • The changes in Jonathan’s story are great (His childhood with Valentine, growing up in Edom etc…
  • The chemistry between Will and Alan. They offer us a great father/son dynamic.
  • Anybody alive in here ? or anybody dead in here ?
  • Maia trying to cheer Simon up. I love their duo and Maia is the actual sweetest.
  • The show keeps on giving in terms of representation. Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement.
  • The team always reminding Alec that he’s a great leader (even though Jace and Clary went behind his back 10 minutes later)
  • The death stares Alec gave Robert !! The tension between them was beautiful !!
  • Alec being very protective of Maryse.
  • Magnus isn’t an affair !
  • Love the scene with the new rune ! Really liked the way it was shot !
  • The Lake Lyn set was really pretty ! Welcome to Idris ! I want to go to Alicante now ! Show me the inside of the city.
  • So we were right ! Azazel and Jonathan were working together !
  • Izzy (and then later Alec) being protective of Max. Protecting the lil brother.
  • Maia’s look !! Both of her looks actually.
  • I’m not waiting for Simon to start eating.” I feel you Bubbe Helen !!
  • The look she gave Simon when Maia said she was Simon’s girlfriend, Simon’s smile, Maia being the cutest ♥
  • A huge thank you to the show for using the parabatai bond !! [+ are they preparing us for something by showing us that they can feel the other’s pain through their bond ? :)))]
  • YOU MADE ME THIS WAY !!!” 0.0 that line…
  • I like her.Bubbe Helen, the voice of the fandom !!
  • Honestly I looooved the dinner scene. Maia studying marine biology, baby Simon’s phobia of jellyfish, everyone laughing, the Lewis family feels ♥
  • I’m sending my best Shadowhunter to go and rescue themdamn right Izzy’s the best !
  • Ithuriel in, Ithuriel out ! He looked much better than last time we saw him.
  • A lil bit of Maia’s backstory, with her parents and her brother. Elaine is adorable “I am sure your parents still loved you and they have not forgotten about you […]
  • Maia saving the day “Worse, I got us tickets to go to a Blade Runner marathon and he ditched me for another girl”. The look Maia and Simon exchanged, SQUISHY CUTIES !!
  • That little fight between Clary and Jace/Izzy. And Jace using his own rune to heal Clary.
  • They used Anchor by Novo Amor … I love this song ♥
  • Woopsie the secret is finally out. The Clave doesn’t have the Soul Sword !
  • Maia and Simon just warm my bitter heart T.T
  • Jonathan is alive !! Dun dun DUUUUUUNNNN !!
  • Awkward dinner between two evil masterminds.

The last episodes: [X]

aspiringsalami  asked:

Also there's this thing with the sea, that has been a huge part. Emma being scared of it, because of her parents and Jules (and the other Blackthorn kids?) loving it, because it reminds them of home and sea demons and stuff being present. Lastly, there's Thule, which was mentioned a couple times in the book. The poem in the beginning of course, but also one of the Seven says something about it..? Thoughts about all this? (pt3)

I love getting questions and have lots of thoughts on this!

I’m turning this into a post because I think a lot of other people might be interested, although it contains a fair amount of trivia, history and folklore…

Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain SPOILERS (including from Lord of Shadows) if you haven’t read them. These ideas are based solely on book canon.

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So you know how Clary and Simon did the Water Trial or something with the Lake Lyn water? The water kind of represented their subconsciouses.
When Clary drinks the water in CoG she sees things like Luke as a wolf, etc, but she also sees her own gravestone, and like for the rest of the series I kept expecting that to play out but it never did??
Maybe something that linked to it metaphorically happened but I never noticed, so maybe it’s the same with her dream/visions?? I really hope so anyway

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what gets me is that alec literally expresses his concerns and says "they're likely gonna replace me" RIGHT IN FRONT of jace and clary .. and yet they still go ahead and plan on doing their own thing and ignore alec's orders? even if they have no respect for alec as their boss (even though they should) .. alec is also their friend (kind of .. in clary's case) and brother/parabatai .. AND YET .. and yet they continue to do the most to be selfish, annoying idiots :/

Exactly my point! Like… I totally get that especially Jace wants to find Valentine, I really do. But at what cost, you know?

I really hope that when Clary creates the portal that they really land straight into Lake Lyn. Something hilarious to look forward to, C/lace looking like two drowned poodles. lmao

Shadowhunters 2B theory (pt.2)

So… The rest ot the titles have been relised so here comes the second part! You can find the first part here


15. A Problem of Memory

I was talking about it with my firend and she said, that this could be about Simon’s talk with the Inquistor, ‘cuase the chapter from CoG is named that way and that was a plot of that chapter. Personally I disagree. I think that @wtfsimonee could be right. She said, that in this episode we can learn more about Magnus and his past. I know, that i said it in my other theory and i suspected that that plot could be present in ep “Those of Demon Blood”. But you know… A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will :P

16. Day of Atonement

So @a-k-22 said that this title mean “Day of Forgivness”. I’m not 100% sure what this could be about. Who will argue? And who will forgive whom? Jace to himslef? Downwolders to Shadowhunters? And MAYBE this could also be a time when Climon will break up? We know that, after all, it HAS to happen at some point…

17. A Dark Reflection

@magnusbaex said that this could be about Sebastian standing in opposition to Jace. Like Jace is the light and Sebastian is the dark. Also I think in this episode we could see Idris and meet Aline.

18. Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

Then again my friend said that this could be the moment when the Mortal War will start. The Alicante wards would be broke down like in the books, but… If so Valentine has to escape from prison, maaaayyybeee with Sebastain’s help? 

19. Hail and Farewell

That’s a title of one of the chapters from CoG. According to Wikipidia (beceause I don’t have a book in my house) this is when Clary crearted the alliance rune. Also that whole “Daylighter is something unusal we have to kill it” thing can happen. I doubt this, ‘cause book! and show! Raphael are completly diffrent, but who knows? And, sorry, but I have to say it. Max is most likley going to die. :( But maybe we will have some battle!Malec scences and maybe some of Sizzy scences?

20. Beside Still​ Water

We all know it, doesn’t we? The Lyn Lake plot. Death and resurrection of both Jace and Seabstian. Some Sizzy. Hopefully some Malec and maybe even Clace scenes. And I have to agree with the person who siad, that they will sue Shadowhunters writers if they’ll give us a cliffhanger with Jace being dead! (Sorry, sweetie, I can’t find you. Please messeage me so I can give you the credit).

So yeah. Tht’s all for now! Did you like it? You agree or disagree? I’d love to hear you thoughts! And remember! It’s just a theory! I can be wrong! 

Anyway hugs to you all!

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Why does everyone think Clace won't get together by S2 because things get worse for Jace? Why would they build up Clace only for nothing to happen by the finale? Won't they just reunite and then Jace is killed? Dying right after you got back together with your ex doesn't sound like much of an approved love life.

Hi Anon!

I think they might follow the books with their story line. 


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