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In response to the homosexual characters, is Lyn Corbray and Paxter Redwyne also considered to be gay? When they're mentioned it's hinted they prefer boys

Well, while Catelyn says Lyn is “notoriously uninterested” in the charms of women, Littlefinger notes that Corbray is specifically interested in “boys”. Combine that with not hearing about any adult male lovers of Corbray’s (not something GRRM has shied away from when he wanted to hint at it - look at the companions of Laenor and Daeron), and I think it’s safe to say Corbray is more a pedophile than gay.

As for Redwyne, what you’re referring to is a show-only line.

- NFriel

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Based on the Alayne I spoiler chapter from TWOW, who have we met that you think likely to become part of Sweetrobin's Winged Knights? And do you think the tourney will go ahead before someone has a chance to expose Alayne's true identity?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I’m not sure we’ve met everyone who will be Winged Knights yet, but be sure that whoever gets the honor, that person will either be in Littlefinger’s pocket or a carefully selected hostage of an important family. I have no doubt that the tourney will be rigged in some way to make sure that whomever Littlefinger wants to win wins. Still, there are a few names to watch for.

Harry the Heir is a shoe-in, of course. How could he not be? Littlefinger wants him under his watchful eye - away from the influence of firmly antagonistic Bronze Yohn, close to his betrothed Sansa, immediately available to wed to her and claim the Eyrie when poor little Sweetrobin dies. He’s no great knight yet, true, but again, with the rigging going on here, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Lyn Corbray is another one I think will just so happen to win. Sansa might not be sure if there’s a Lyn-ception going on, but she acknowledges that Lyn desperately and constantly needs money - and money is the one thing Littlefinger can supply an ample amount of, as Lyn himself knows. He’s also a useful man to have around: he’s a trained and eager killer, someone who can dispatch Littlefinger’s enemies (or, more accurately, the people Littlefinger wants dead).

I could see Roland Waynwood as well, although more in the hostage category than for any great skill at arms. Roland is the son of Lady Anya’s heir Morton, second in line to Ironoaks after his father. Giving him wings for his helm keeps him against the future good behavior of Ironoaks.

Now, this is all on the assumption that the tourney actually gets completed the way it was designed. I wouldn’t be surprised if something shocking happens, though - one or several of the key competitors dying, or Ser Shadrich making his move to kidnap Sansa for a bag of dragons, or the mountain clans trying to get the Vale Tyrion promised them. But, I think those three are the likeliest standouts, IMO.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Valyrian Steel Blades known to still exist:

Heartsbane, the ancestral two-handed greatsword of House Tarly, currently in the possession of Lord Randyll Tarly.

Lady Forlorn, the ancestral sword of House Corbray, currently in the possession of Ser Lyn Corbray.

Longclaw, the ancestral Valyrian steel bastard sword of House Mormont. Currently in the possession of Jon Snow.

Nightfall, the ancestral blade of House Harlaw and currently wielded by Ser Harras Harlaw.

Oathkeeper, one of two Valyrian blades reforged by Tobho Mott from Ice. The blade was made for Ser Jaime Lannister, but he has given it to Brienne of Tarth for use in her quest to locate Sansa Stark. The blade was given its name, Oathkeeper, at that time.

Red Rain, the sword of House Drumm, which was stolen by them in a raid. Given the name and coloring, possibly the ancestral sword of House Reyne.

Widow’s Wail, one of two Valyrian blades reforged by Tobho Mott from Ice. Following Joffrey Baratheon’s death, ownership of Widow’s Wail has presumably passed to his younger brother, Tommen.

The dagger with dragonbone hilt wielded by Bran Stark’s failed assassin, and currently in the possession of Petyr Baelish.