i didnt think i’d be putting this many pictures on of my, sort of ‘inane’ trip to the zoo. It like performing around other members of my family other than my dad my camera decided to pack in and give up on taking decent pictures which annoyed me a lot. here we have the classic tiger, tarantulas, meerkats, giraffes, and one (a little bit terrible) picture of an elephant where the bars were in the way which annoyed me a lot. VIEW OBSTRUCTED. i can describe it in text, it was like “  ELEPHANT ” just like that…


Sissinghurst Castle, Knowlton Court, The Thatched Barn, Winters Barn, The Grand and Lympne Castle have been some of the gorgeous venues chosen by our couples over the last fortnight.
We’ve had beautiful weather recently and we’re pleased to say the sunshine held for ALL of our stunning Brides.

July and August are always very busy, we already have over twenty five bookings in place for next year. Every single one of our weddings brings fresh excitement and tears on delivery. We really are very blessed to work in such a magical industry🌸