It’s World Lion Day today (10th August).

This is Milo, the stunning Barbary Lion from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

This subspecies of lion is EXTINCT IN THE WILD.

I spent a few hours just watching him. He’s a very engaging cat.

It was very moving to be in his presence knowing his subspecies will probably disappear soon…


‘As I am playing a magizoologist I thought, why don’t I go and shack up at London Zoo for a bit,’ he continues. ‘I spent a few days there and then I went down to Damien Aspinall’s place, Port Lympne in Kent, and met the amazing handlers there. Some of them sleep with baby tigers when they’re born. What was important for me here was to see how people with such a close relationship with animals communicate with them, because Newt has that. Then it is just a lot of fun.’

Eddie Redmayne   preparing about Newton Scamander rule.