Can’t Stop

It became kind of a game for him to step on his scale, which now creaked and blinked numbers, almost as if its brains were being scrambled from the heft.  He’d given up trying to weigh himself on an empty stomach, since his broadening stomach was rarely empty.  Even first thing in the morning, he’d wake up still somewhat groggy from the previous evening’s stuff-a-lympics with his girlfriend.  The number of new recipes that she could produce at a moment’s notice was staggering, and his belly always brimmed with something refreshingly new and tasty.  When he hit 310 pounds, he made another “going to start a diet and exercise regimen and get healthy” video, measuring his 55” inch gut and demonstrating how small his last year’s wardrobe had become.  About a week after that, he made another stuffing challenge video where he gorged on 15 cheeseburgers, two large supreme pizzas, four 20-piece Chicken McNuggets boxes, a 2L bottle of Coke and six molten chocolate cakes with a quart of chocolate milk.  Although he was out of spunk, he wasn’t out of belly, so his girlfriend force-fed him the last bits of dessert, rounding him out at a full 60” and popping his pants button.  She was able to massage his smooth stout round gut and push out belches for a lengthy five minutes.

He then disappeared from this YouTube channel for nearly a month, returning with a “Now I’m super fat” video.  Shirtless and sitting back comfortably on a couch, he breathed shallowly as his enormously swollen stomach gurgled from an extensive overfeeding.  There were more stretch marks on his abdomen and he seriously appeared like he’d blow at any moment.  He explained that his girlfriend had taken him to several all-inclusive resorts where his internet celebrity preceded him.  Staff members couldn’t wait to serve the guy who loved to eat, and he was kept one thin mint away from bursting the entire time.  He had no choice but to gain 10 pounds a week with all of the glorious gutbusting food.  He weighed 335 pounds by the time he met that one massage therapist in Mexico, and she made sure to massage his tightest areas – his chest and abdomen– to loosen him up.  With her help, he could be packed even tighter on a daily basis and picked up 15 pounds at that resort.
Fuller beard, 350 pounds and a spherical 65” belly, he looked the part of an extremely well-fed boyfriend and smiled nearly all of the time.  It was a bad decision to attempt an exercise video after proclaiming that he was staring another x-number-of-days fitness challenge, but he did anyway.  On the very first burpee, he split out the ass on his pants and then smacked his fattened heavy gut down so hard on the floor that the sound waves almost pushed out a window.  He lay there on his gut for a minute, trying to catch his breath, then rolled over onto his back so that his girlfriend could rub the reddened skin.

It was obviously safer to do another eating challenge video after that.  

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Oasis C:

What a cool name!!

O lympic Airways- Foals

A ll in White- The Vaccines

S ummer Skin- Death Cab For Cutie

I Found- Amber Run

S tray- Swim Deep

send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist!

Dancer’lympics Finals

Sunday, 23 August 2015 at 2 pm
Venue: Grand Arena Stage, GrandWest, off Vanguard Drive, Goodwood
Tickets: R50 (day pass including High School Jam, which starts at 10 am)
Booking/Contact: or 0833186327

The dance directors and teams:
Celeste Botha = #TeamDanceVersity
Jason Sisam = #TeamConquerors
Devon Marshbank = #TeamHeavenStruck
Nicholas Vries = TeamEclecticz

The judges at the finals:
Erna Ackermann
Brigitte Reeve-Taylor
Lisa Wilson
Rudi Smit

More info here:

All coverage of the Dancer’lympics on capetowndance here:

Ultimately via the Marvel Hanna-Barbera Laff-A-Lympics comic (issue #9, October 1977), comes some backstories behind four Yogi Yahooeys members: Hokey Wolf, Wally Gator and Snooper and Blabber. Hopefully, it’s clear enough for you to read.


Overview of dance in Cape Town for the weekend from Friday, 21 August 2015 to Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jam packed weekend of dance with the opening night of “MOV’IN ON” by Cape Junior Ballet Company on Friday (just came back from the FDR - beautiful show of classical, neo-classical and modern ballet and some contemporary) all the way up to a full day of workshops on Sunday as well as the finals of the Dancer’lympics.

“Dance to France” presented by Toufeeq
Friday, 21 August 2015

Development Grants - Professional Development Programme
Application deadline Friday, 21 August 2015

“MOV’IN ON” by Cape Junior Ballet Company
Friday, 21 August and Saturday, 22 August 2015

“West Side Story”
Friday, 21 August to Sunday, 23 August 2015 (final week)

Stones & Brutal Fruit “Sisters of Dance”
Saturday, 22 August 2015 (more next week)

Red Bull BC One South Africa The Send Off
Saturday, 22 August 2015

Back2Basics presented by Triple C
Saturday, 22 August and Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dancer’lympics Finals
Sunday, 23 August 2015

More looming deadlines:

Youngblood - approved collaborations
Application deadline: 31 August 2015

Call for applications MASA 2016 (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)
Application deadline: 31 August 2015

Dance Umbrella 2016 – Applications now Open
Closing date for entries: 25 September 2015

Note: I can only list events I know about.

Last weeks Booster Club event had a great turnout, let’s keep it going! Remember, ANYONE READING THIS CAN ATTEND! We’re just trying to encourage local growth! Don’t forget to bring your York Beer'Lympics Booster Club pin. If you didn’t get one yet, show up this weekend and you will!

This week we head to one of my favorite places, Brown’s Orchards! We’ll grab some delicious homemade grub and maybe hang out under the pavilion for a bit. I know I’m not leaving there without a few bags full of their great desserts! We’re expecting to be there around 11am this Sunday, August 23rd. They are located at 8892 Susquehanna Trail S, Loganville, Pa 17342.

After we’re stuffed and hating ourselves in the best way possible, we’re wiping the chocolate off our faces and heading to Allegro Vineyards & Winery! Because what makes you feel better about eating too much than drinking amazing wine!? No specific time on when we’ll be there, just keep up with our Twitter feed to see where we’re at. They are located at 3475 Sechrist Rd, Brogue, PA 17309.

Hope to see some familiar faces!

Keep an eye out for future postings of events that we’ll be putting up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please follow us @yorkbeerlympics

#iloveyorkcity #downtownyorkpa #drinkingforcharity #yorkbeerlympics
#localgrowth #paveterans #boosterclub
#ybboosterclub #brownsorchards #allegrowines


Its going down right now! This jus the warm up! FRI AUG 14th
its going up @clubskye Its @wethebestmusic Artist @stephlecor live! Performing her hit song “Saturday” Also the Strip-a-lympics #Miami vs #Tampa girls frm #KOD vs some of Tampa’s best! @misbaddazz @vegas_noriega @iheart_blackcherry @iam.buttnakedfine @leta2104 @tenderoniatl @msfiesty85 @__cuban @torisweetheart2 @torisweetheart88 @0penelope @iamtweet__ @karmabanxx #UltimateLadiesNight live broadcast w/ @wild941 music by @djchristion #djshotgunn @djmagik @djbighurtsnsdjs. Ladies free til 12 & drink free til 1!
#djshotgunn #mrnowthatshowyoudj #mrnowthatshowyouvj @crdjs @wethebestpromotions @righteouspromotions @mynamepolo @lori_bain_harm @upper_echelon813 @tinynyc21 @puffpuffparty #TBR