The trip to England was so beautiful. I went to a lot of places: Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, Hardwick Hall, Lyme park, Sudbury Hall and the Stanage Edge. I stayed in the Old Hall hotel, Buxton. It was a very cute and little town. Across the street there was a huge, romantic park where we walked a few times. Chatsworth House was a dream that came true, it was very beautiful and thinking that Pride and Prejudice was filmed there, made me crazy. I was so in love with the estate. Unfortunately they were building on the estate, so the view was not the best, but that couldn’t ruin my dream, because my dream has absolutely come true. We visited Haddon Hall and Hardwick Hall on one day. Haddon Hall was very old, but still intact and very romantic. They said it was haunted, and that gave me sometimes a weird feeling. Hardwick Hall was very beautiful too, the guides there were very kind, you could ask questions about the building and stuff. These two buildings were very beautiful and interesting with an own kind of story. The day after that day, we visited Lyme Park and Sudbury Hall, where Pride and Prejudice 1995, the BBC version, was filmed. Sudbury Hall was the inside of Pemberley and Lyme Park the outside. It was very nice. Also very romantic. The last day we went to Stanage Edge, where the part Liz on top of the world, from Pride and Prejudice 2005 was filmed. It was so stunning, but it was a high climb and very windy, I almost blew away. So respect for Keira Knightley that she stood on that stone.
Concludend: I dare say my dream has come true, I was in the clouds, my dreams, all vacation long. Unfortunately I didn’t find the real Mr Darcy, but I saw his bust and I bought a little Mr Darcy bust, so I could bring him home ;).
I really appreciated that I had my dream vacation and I will always be a Jane Austen fan!

Lyme Hall posing as Pemberly in the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice.

Photo taken today (sans Colin Firth):

We didn’t have time to cover everything there and pick up the small one from school on time so we’ll have to go back and look at the house and formal gardens another time.

The deer sanctuary (with Red and Fallow deer) and surrounding area were nice though and we did get to see some small parts of the house.

It’s pretty close to home so we’ll definitely go back for a better look another time.

Thanks to Elaine and Helen Griffiths for posing for photos (which I’ll post soon)