lyman johnson

There are so many wonderful, interesting people in the world that it seems like a bad idea to limit yourself based solely on where you were born. Who knows where your soul mate might come from or look like? Our world is full of too many arbitrary, mean-spirited societal barriers that isolate us, and exist only in our minds. Some of that probably stems from what Carl Sagan called “dangerous, evolutionary baggage – propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders, and hostility to outsiders”. The rest is fallout from slavery and other colonialist practices. Whatever the case may be, we shouldn’t let any of that stuff stand in the way of people today falling in love with whomever they want.
—  Lyman Johnson
Brian Remus: Science Genius

A workplace comedy about a science show on a third-rate public broadcasting station.

Come on guys!!!!

Nearly there! A few days left!

Seriously, for $10 you can get Curt to take a selfie just for you. With whatever props you want. Within reason. Seriously, $10. Yep. Ten. Dollars. That’s less than what I can spend on coffee a day. For you lucky Americans, that’s less than a week’s worth of coffee. You can buy pizza for more than that. And, hey, if there’s a few of you, just pitch in for a massive pizza and donate the rest here and everyone’s happy! Considering how many Warblers/Buffies there are out there, if everyone buys a selfie (man, that’s starting to sound wrong!) we might just get them over the line.

And there’s heaps of awesome stuff that you can get - from not receiving Crazy Ants through to Curt singing a song just for you (there are 14 of these left at $105… So if they get taken up, that’ll get them over the halfway point!), to DVDs and T Shirts, advertising space, having your car parallel parked so extreme it looks it’s been built in there… (check out the photos. Seriously.)

Come on, guys. We’ve managed to rally behind Curt before. We even got Dom on Buffering - and helped to make the last few episodes of that. So just a few more days left! Lend a hand - and a buck or two. I know it’d mean the world to all of them!