lyla is better than you

Zac(helping Lyla to cure an injure): How is it?

Lyla: Somewhere between “infuriating” and “embarassing”. Looks like I’ll have to schedule another appointement with Evie.

Zac: Yeah, well… we’ll see.

Lyla: Is there a problem?

Zac: Nah. I get you fixed up.

Lyla: I meant with Evie.

Zac: Eerr… no. Not at all.

Lyla: Zac!


Zac: Evie… broke off the engagement.

Lyla: WHAT?!

Sirena(overhearing, in a whisper): Why?!

Zac: It’s complicated.

Lyla: Who do she think she is that she can do better than you?!

Zac: That’s not it. I messed up.

Lyla: Then I’ll speak to her.

Zac: No!

Lyla: Nonsense! I will go on your behalf and enlight her to the MASSIVE blunder that she’s about to make.

Zac: It’s not a good idea…

Lyla: Of course it is: I’m very persuasive!

Zac: LYLA! She broke it off with me because she thinks I’m in love with you!



Lyla: Oh, my God…. Zac…

Zac: It’s fine. It’s alright.

Lyla: N-no. It isn’t. You were happy out here and then I came and mocked up your whole life….

Zac: Maybe I was just foolish myself.

Lyla: I’m SO sorry. (Puts a hand over his) Truly.

Zac: (Looks his hand and then holds her hand back)

Zac and Lyla: (Look at each other in the eyes, deeply)

Zac and Lyla: (Are about to kiss)