lykke li i know places

no but really though, i don’t know how i came up with this one | here

  • fallingforyou - the 1975
  • long days - i will i swear
  • hey now - london grammar
  • you - the pretty reckless
  • i know places - lykke li
  • sinking man - of monsters and men
  • awake my soul - mumford & son
  • closer to me - the fray
  • high and dry - radiohead
  • the devil’s tears - angus & julia stone
  • talk - kodaline
  • smother - daughter
  • firefly - ed sheeran
  • never be (piano) - 5sos
  • weary eyes - augustines
  • suicide - james arthur
  • pieces - red
  • under the water - the pretty reckless
  • bones - ben howard
  • unfold - the xx
  • be alright - lucy rose
  • small hands - keaton henson
  • featherstone - the paper kites
  • drowning - banks
  • blood bank - bon iver
brother bear | archie andrews x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: i don’t know if it’s been requested already but could I get a brother Archie one based off of the last episode when they try and rescue Cheryl? Like maybe the reader is his twin and is some kind of trouble (not necessarily at sweetwater). I just want some cute brother Archie. I’m not too worried about pairings, go for your life xxx

chapter song: i know places // lykke li

you were running, sprinting even. your feet pounding on the snow covered ground as you made your way toward sweetwater river after cheryl’s vague and scary text.

‘thanks for trying, im going to be with jason now’

you didn’t even wait for your brother or any of your other friends before you raced out of the school right in the middle of english class.

you ran as fast as you ever had before. you weren’t slowing down. once you reached the forest you ran through calling her name as you searched, and boy did you search.

“cheryl” you yell the sound echoing in the trees as you spot a break in the tree line, the frozen over river coming rapidly into view. once in the clearing you looked out over the lake to see cheryl standing in the middle.

cheryl” you screamed, your voice cracking as the red haired girl smashing her hands onto the thick ice. the girl turned to you but she was too far to make out her expression.

you turned as you heard cheryl’s name being called coming from the thick forrest and it didn’t take much for you to realize it was your brother - “archie” the name falls out of your mouth as you glance back to cheryl.

they weren’t going to make it in time, wasting no time, you lurched onto the ice covered river your feet propelling you forward as the sound of cracking ice filled your ears.

you flail toward cheryl calling out to the girl who simply just continued to pound against the ice, determined to break it, to be with jason.

you heard your name being called, whipping your head around you see your brother on the shore line, along with veronica, betty & jughead.

they were all calling out for the both of you, your brother holding the others off from running after you. you didn’t even have to make out his expression to know that he was extremely worried for the both of you.

you looked back forward just as cheryl plunged into the water, no more than 10 metres in front of you. you screamed, tears spilling from your eyes as you push your aching limbs forward.

no, cheryl- HELP HELP SOMEONE-

you cut yourself off when you approach the hole and the ice cracks under your heavy footing sending your body into the icy water, the sickly snap of your ankle followed by a splash.

you resurfaced clinging to the outskirts of the hole, refusing to let the current drag you under. you cried out as you spot your brother leading the pack running as fast as they could in the snow toward you.

you try and pull yourself up but it was no use your whole body was freezing over and you could barely feel your toes.

“archie!” you scream feeling your body start to drag with the current struggling to hold yourself up above the water.

the others slide toward you scrambling to get you out, archie grabs your waist and pulls you out with one swift movement - pulling you onto the frozen ground.

“god you’re so stupid” he joked.

“cheryl! you need to help her the current has her please

“keep her warm!” he yells to the girls who instantly drop to their knees huddling around you in attempts to keep you warm whilst jughead and archie smashed the ice to free cheryl.

she was hauled out of the icy water and your brother immediately started compressions until she spluttered back to life.

a wave of relief washes over you as you begin to cry. the cold seeming to be causing a pain in your chest.

“we need to get them warm!” archie yells panicked rushing toward you his warm hands touching your ice cold cheeks “now!

next thing you know, you were being hauled into your brothers arms as the others all ran to archie’s truck. you were thrown into the back seat as he sped over to veronica’s sticking both cheryl and you in veronica’s huge spa bath.

the warm feeling rising through your body- like it was scolding your skin. veronica rushed around with warm fluffy towels and a change of clothes that seemed to be still designer even though they were pj’s.

whisked in front of the fire place your brother, he wrapped you in a thick brown blanket. betty frantically made cheryl and you cup after cup of hot coca, refusing to stop until you were atleast room temperature.

after hours of fussing, they seemed to finally cool down. jughead and betty left to go get ready for the jubilee, where your brother was supposed to be performing.

you leaned your head on cheryl’s shoulder slipping your hand in hers as you both sat in front of the crackling fire. a cup of hot coca in the other hand as v and your brother had a hushed conversation in the background.

“arch you’re going to be late, you can’t be late to your big performance” you sighed, cheryl allowing you to move your head from her shoulder to her lap.

her dainty fingers combed through your slightly damp hair, your brother walking toward you, leaning down to make eye contact, worry clear on his face.

“i’m not going” he states smiling at the two of you.

“archie no- you have to go, you’re performing”. you try and reason with him sitting up right and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“i’m not leaving you again- besides i’d rather stay in with my two favourite girls watching a movie and eating pizza”.

you turned away from your brother and toward veronica to see she had indeed changed out of her dresss and into a silky set of pj’s.

“you guys don’t have to do this seriously-we’ll be okay”. you glance to cheryl and she slipped her hand into yours.

“i know- but i want to” you nod a tear slipping from your eye.

he smiles back, pulling you into his embrace. “thank you” you cry clinging onto him for dear life “for saving me”.

“i love you little sis, i’ll always protect you, no matter what. that’s a promise”

and that’s how the night was spent, just as he had told us. wrapped up on veronica’s couch with a box of pizza, some popcorn and the warmth of the fireplace keeping us all cozy.

you were happy, happy to be safe, happy to still have cheryl.

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“i’ll keep you safe while you sleep.”
a sleepy time playlist


The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home // Agnes Obel - Riverside // Feist - Caught a Long Wind // Aria - Holocene // Natalie Lundley - Born to Die // Daughter - Smother // A Fine Frenzy - Riversong // The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust // Lykke Li - I Know Places // Ben Howard - Black Flies // Bonobo - First Fires // Gabriel Royal - Remember Us // Jess Buckley- Hallelujah // Bon Iver - Holocene // Birdy - I’ll Never Forget You // Dry the River - Demons & Bible Belt // Daughter - Shallow // The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds & Transformation // Ellie Goulding - I Know You Care // Brooke Waggoner - Fresh Pair of Eyes // Coldplay - Midnight // Couer de Pirate - Place de la Republique 

songs that were inspired by each boy sent in by suggestion and from my own library. thank you to everyone who sent in songs and i hope you enjoy the songs (also sorry for the shitty edit)

{ m i c h a e l } 
↳ listen here 

young god - halsey // one man drinking games - mayday parade // is there somewhere - halsey // blood hands - royal blood // coming down - halsey // na na na - my chemical romance // problem - natalia kills // here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye // uh oh - junior doctor // tyrants - catfish and the bottlemen // bed peace - jhene aiko // first date - blink 182 // arabella - the arctic monkeys // (un)lost - the maine // always - blink 182 // dance for you - beyonce // want my love - cathedrals // sex on fire - kings of leon // kiss me - ed sheeran // bloodstream - stateless // give me one good reason - blink 182 // vampire money - my chemical romance // cinderblock garden - all time low // almost - bowling for soup // porn star dancing - my darkest days // dark times - the weeknd & ed sheeran // dkla - troye sivan // last night on earth - green day // wildest dreams - taylor swift // idfc - blackbear // fourth of july - fall out boy // mind over matter - pvris // flood on the floor - purity ring // tie me down - every avenue // the only exception - paramore // addicted - saving abel // jesus christ - brand new // anchor tattoo - chase atlantic // satellite - all time low // guns for hands - twenty one pilots //

{ l u k e }
↳ listen here 

what it is - kodaline // girls & boys - good charlotte // kid in love - shawn mendes // love bug - the jonas brothers // sugar rush - cash cash // i wanna be yours - the arctic monkeys // beautiful goodbye - maroon 5 // flaws - bastille // young new england - transit // here - alessia cara // runaways - all time low // undo - the 1975 // rocket - beyonce // do i wanna know - the arctic monkeys // accidentally in love - counting crows // contagious - saving abel // fall into these arms - new politics // sleeping sickness - city and colour // a rush of blood - coasts // the end - mayday parade // faster - matt nathanson // strange love - halsey // st. patrick - pvris // let’s dance to joy division - the wombats // tenerife sea - ed sheeran // the edge of tonight - all time low // it’s time - imagine dragons // good for you - selena gomez // sad song - we the kings // perfect picture - bea miller // sweater song - hedley // r.i.p 2 my youth - the neighbourhood // the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new // all i want - kodaline // tee shirt - birdy // turning page - sleeping at last // anthem pt 2 - blink 182 // running from lions - all time low // can’t be saved - senses fail // hear you me - jimmy eat world // all the same - sick puppies // miles away - the maine //

{ a s h t o n }
↳ listen here

ignition - r kelly // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // all this wandering around - ivan and aloysha // hey! we ok - never shout never // wicked games - the weeknd // promise - ben howard // can you feel my heart - bring me the horizon // the funeral - band of horses // far behind - candlebox // pink tie - this wild life // pick up your tricks - amy meredith // chocolate - the 1975 // you can be the boss - lana del rey // goodnight moon - go radio // gorilla - bruno mars // waiting game - banks // animals - nickelback // banana pancakes - jack johnson // if these sheets were states - all time low // someone new - hozier // face down - the red jumpsuit apparatus // ride - somo // color - paradise fears // dance with me tonight - olly murs // so long soldier - all time low // fire and the flood - vance joy // greek tragedy - the wombats // favorite record - fall out boy // california - never shout never // deja vu - sleeping with sirens // a little death - the neighbourhood // animal - def leppard // miss atomic bomb - the killers // have faith in me - a day to remember // midnight city - m83 // sail - awolnation // cat and mouse - the red jumpsuit apparatus // no one knows - queens of the stone age // the wolf - mumford & sons // 

{ c a l u m }

↳ listen here

hotel california - eagles // baby came home - the neighbourhood // missing you - all time low // jesus of suburbia - green day // bad intentions - niykee heaton // i can’t feel my face - the weeknd // roman holiday - halsey // talking body - tove lo // you wanna know - don broco // pieces - sum 41 // all that i’ve got - the used // sweater weather - the neighbourhood // practice - drake // do ya - mcfly // colors - halsey // san francisco - the mowgli’s // your graduation - modern baseball // come what may - the scene aesthetic // real life - the weekend // shameless - the weeknd // dancing in the moonlight - toploader // like that - jack & jack // pour some sugar on me - def leppard // slow motion - trey songz // meant to be - parachute // bloodstream - ed sheeran // mrs potato head - melanie martinez // the hills - the weeknd // save a horse (ride a cowboy) - big & rich // no. 1 party anthem - the arctic monkeys // dive in - trey songz // what i got - sublime // i know places - lykke li // heart shaped box - nirvana // love two re-imagined: saturday love - angels & airwaves // drown - front porch step // many of horror - biffy clyro // waiting - green day // in our final hour - go radio // demon limbs - pvris // breaking up my bones- vinyl theatre // i just wanna run - the downtown fiction // 


Ravenclaw, we get it: you like it when we play ‘study music’. But we don’t think you’re always studying up there. Ravenclaw common room is where to go when you need to relaxed, to be curious, to ask questions. It’s where you go when you’re tired of homework and just want to study a ceiling painted with an accurate map of the stars, or gaze over the grounds, or even just to ask a passing student for their answer to the meaning of life. Ravenclaw, you are full of quirky charms, magical-experiments-gone-wrong, and esoteric lore, and we love you for your eccentricities. Please take this mix of ‘study music’ with our understanding that it will be just background noise to the rich fabric of your everyday life.

alpha shallows - laura marling / evening - tops / what the water gave me - florence and the machine / blue monday - flunk / war - emmy the great / twins - gem club / murder of birds - jesca hoop / water me - fka twigs / i know places - lykke li / slow life - grizzly bear / landslide - fleetwood mac

hufflepuff | gryffindor | slytherin

Looking for your fix of Bethyl songs? Well, you’ve found the right post! I’ve compiled this list of songs from my own library, other playlists and by suggestion. It’s ever growing so check back to see if new songs have been added. They are listed in alphabetical order by artist. Bolded songs are songs that will crush your heart. Please reblog to spread the word, and don’t forget to send songs to me to add to the list!

Last Update: April 7th, 2014 

  1. Crystal Clear by Adrenaline Mob
  2. Riverside by Agnes Obel
  3. Shove by Angels and Airwaves
  4. Damn Your Eyes by Alex Clare
  5. In The Water by Anadel
  6. In My Veins by Andrew Bell
  7. Goodbye by Apparat feat. Soap&Skin
  8. Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
  9. Eyes On You by Automatic Loveletter
  10. I’m With You by Avril Lavigne
  11. How You Remind Me by Avril Lavigne
  12. Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne
  13. Sail by AWOLNATION
  14. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
  15. Waiting Game by Banks
  16. Please Don’t Go by Barcelona
  17. Flaws by Bastille
  18. Skulls by Bastille
  19. Things We Lost in the Fire by Bastille
  20. Promise by Ben Howard
  21. Skinny Love by Birdy
  22. River Styx by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  23. I Miss You by Blink-182
  24. Skinny Love by Bon Iver
  25. I’m Still Here by Cady Groves
  26. To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra
  27. Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars
  28. Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars
  29. Human by Christina Perri
  30. Us Against The World by Coldplay
  31. Home by Daughter
  32. Smother by Daughter
  33. Still by Daughter
  34. I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab For Cutie
  35. Running by Delta Spirit
  36. Storm by Elenowen
  37. Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding
  38. Explosions by Ellie Goulding
  39. Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding
  40. I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding
  41. Your Song by Ellie Goulding
  42. Be Good by Emily Kinney
  43. Sweet Love by Esterlyn
  44. Breathe No More by Evanescence
  45. My Immortal by Evanescence
  46. Almost Lovers by A Fine Frenzy
  47. No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine
  48. All Around Me by Flyleaf or the acoustic version
  49. Cassie (Acoustic) by Flyleaf
  50. Heartbeat by The Fray
  51. Human by Gabrielle Aplin
  52. It Ain’t The Whiskey by Gary Allan
  53. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
  54. Say Something by A Great Big World
  55. Satellite by Guster
  56. Prove You Wrong by He Is We
  57. Radio by He Is We
  58. Lips of an Angel by Hinder
  59. Where We Left Off by Hunter Hayes
  60. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons
  61. Demons by Imagine Dragons
  62. Who We Are by Imagine Dragons
  63. Impossible by James Arthur
  64. Echo by Jason Walker
  65. All Of Me by John Legend
  66. All I Ever Wanted by John Tyree
  67. Nothing Like Us by Justin Bieber
  68. Jack and Jill by Katie Herzig
  69. Black by Kari Kimmel
  70. For You by Keith Urban
  71. All I Want by Kodaline
  72. High Hopes by Kodaline
  73. Born To Die by Lana Del Rey
  74. Cola by Lana Del Rey
  75. Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey
  76. Sinners by Lauren Aquilina
  77. The Parting Glass by Lauren Cohan & Emily Kinney
  78. Romance Is… by Lights
  79. I’ll Be Gone by Linkin Park
  80. Powerless by Linkin Park
  81. Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park
  82. Twice by Little Dragon
  83. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Lorde
  84. Glory and Gore by Lorde
  85. I Know Places by Lykke Li
  86. Beside You by Marianas Trench
  87. Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5
  88. Monster by Meg & Die or any of the remixes
  89. All You Wanted by Michelle Branch
  90. We Must Be Killers by Mikky Ekko
  91. Adore You by Miley Cyrus
  92. Bones by MsMr
  93. Hurricane by MsMr
  94. Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons
  95. Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons
  96. Thistle and Weeds by Mumford and Sons
  97. The World Is Ugly by My Chemical Romance
  98. Problem by Natalia Kills
  99. Afraid by The Neighbourhood
  100. A Little Death by The Neighbourhood
  101. Top of the World by Nick Gardner (cover)
  102. Lullaby by Nickelback
  103. Savin’ Me by Nickelback
  104. Trying Not to Love You by Nickelback
  105. So Cold by Nikisha Reyes
  106. Won’t Turn Back by NEEDTOBREATHE
  107. Another You by Of Mice & Men
  108. Space Enough to Grow by Of Mice & Men
  109. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters & Men
  110. Dark in My Imagination by Of Verona
  111. Come Home by One Republic
  112. Counting Stars by One Republic
  113. Secrets by One Republic
  114. Proof by Paramore
  115. Back To You by Perrin Lamb
  116. You by The Pretty Reckless
  117. Blurry by Puddle of Mudd
  118. Hold Me Now by Red
  119. Hymn For The Missing by Red
  120. Not Alone by Red
  121. Pieces by Red
  122. Cemetery by Say Anything
  123. Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee
  124. Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns
  125. All The Same by Sick Puppies
  126. Hero by Skillet
  127. Words by Skylar Grey
  128. Homesick by Sleeping At Last
  129. Iris by Sleeping With Sirens (cover)
  130. And The World Was Gone by Snow Ghosts
  131. Run by Snow Patrol
  132. Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol
  133. We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by SOKO
  134. It’s Been Awhile by Staind
  135. Outside by Staind
  136. So Far Away by Staind
  137. My Demons by Starset
  138. Treacherous by Taylor Swift
  139. Hurry Up and Save Me by Tiffany Giardina
  140. Wait For Me by Theory of a Deadman
  141. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
  142. She Is Sunlight by Trading Yesterday
  143. Sad Song by We The Kings
Songs you should check out:

Beach Baby- Bon Iver
Babys- Bon Iver
Woods-Bon Iver
Youth- Daughter
White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes
November Was White, December was Grey- Say Hi
Play it Right- Sylvan Esso
Hey Mami- Sylvan Esso
Dress- Sylvan Esso
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
Idfc- Blackbear
I Know Places- Lykke Li
I’m Good, I’m Gone- Lykke Li
Perfection- Oh Land
Hip Hop Kids- Portugal. The Man
Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) - Daughter
Pieces of What- MGMT
Iota- Angel Olsen
Blood Bank- Bon Iver
Inside Out- Spoon
Bad Girls- MIA
Double Bubble Trouble- MIA
It’s All in my Mind- Teenage Fanclub
Big Light- Houses
Your Head is on Fire- Broken Bells
The High Road- Broken Bells
Citizen- Broken Bells
Take Me Away- Wild Belle
The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance- Vampire Weekend
911- Delta Spirit
Ghosts- The Hundred in the Hands
Creep (Acoustic)- Radiohead

i promised myself that i wouldn’t let you complete me

a playlist about us

/cardiac arrest bad suns / heavy metal heart sky ferriera / peach the front bottoms / get away CHVRCHES / disconnected 5sos / endtapes the joy formidable/ a word alone lorde / one ed sheeran / crawled out of the sea laura marling / xo john mayer / the moon song karen o / i wanna be yours arctic monkeys / werewolf sky ferriera / fallingforyou the 1975/ ribs lorde / riptide vance joy / wake me up ed sheeran / video games lana del rey cover / can’t help falling in love with you twenty one pilots / hours sky ferriera / i know places lykke li / from eden hozier / emmeylou vance joy / stay with me sam smith / medicine the 1975 / latch kodaline / goodnight moon go radio / if these sheets where states all time low / do i wanna know arctic monkeys cover / nicotine panic at the disco / i cant make you love me bon iver / peter daughter / is there somewhere halsey / oh calamity all time low / bloodstream stateless / jersey mayday parade / robbers the 1975 / you said okay flatsound / hold on lewis watson / all i want kodaline / give me love ed sheeran / ghost halsey/

a mix following scully’s feelings for mulder: from reluctance and fear to trust and safety. [listen here]

“Chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangeror. Chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys - a search for truths fugitive and imponderable.”  

01. Touch- Daughter// 02. Devil’s Backbone- The Civil Wars// 03. Quicksand- Sleeping at Last// 04. Paper Bag- Fiona Apple// 05. Please Don’t Say You Love Me- Gabrielle Aplin// 06. Dust to Dust- The Civil Wars// 07. Nightcall- London Grammar// 08. Swelling- Sarah Jaff// 09. Cosmic Love (Live)- Florence + the Machine// 10. I Know Places- Lykke Li// 11. Pull Me Down- Mikky Ekko// 12. Yours- Ella Henderson// 13. Home (Live)- Gabrielle Aplin 

The Mortal Instruments: Jace x Clary Playlist (LISTEN HERE)

1. lucky ones-lana del ray 2. my love-sia 3. i know you care-ellie goulding 4. somebody to die for-hurts 5. just a game-birdy 6. eavesdrop-the civil wars 7. all i’ve ever needed-paul mcdonald & nikki reed 8. light-sleeping at last 9. bleeding out-imagine dragons 10. heart by heart-demi lovato 11. i know places-lykke li 12. no light no light-florence + the machine 13. white blank page-mumford & sons 14. if (don’t ever blame yourself)-last days of april 15. skin-sola jesus 16. let’s get lost-beck & bat for lashes 17. no way out-rie sinclair 18. explosions-ellie goulding 19. heavy in your arms-florence + the machine 20. skyfall-adele 21. landfill-daughter 22. when darkness comes-colbie caillat 23. turning page-sleeping at last 24. sing it out-switchfoot 25. beautiful nightmare-skylar grey

sweet as cherry wine; a lesbian princesses mix

tracks; eternal love - abel korzeniowski / i know places - lykke li / dawn - dario marianelli / cherry wine (hozier cover) - paola bennet / opus 36 - dustin o’halloran / landscape - florence + the machine / guinevere comes to lancelot - carter burwell / if i were queen - my brightest diamond

raining all over the world. songs that suit the rain, for when your mood is as grey as the sky and the clouds seem to fill your mind. → listen

1. hawaii - meiko; 2. shallows - daughter; 3. help - london grammar; 4. i think it’s going to rain today - tom odell; 5. the valleys of new orleans - the veils; 6. coffee and cigarettes - michelle featherstone; 7. gentle on my mind - tony borders; 8. the rain song - led zeppelin; 9. rainy night in georgia - tony joe white; 10. storms - fleetwood mac; 11. nothing takes the place of you - touissant mccall; 12. mountains to move - gavin degraw; 13. hang me oh hang me - oscar isaac; 14. timing is everything - garrett hedlund; 15. don’t say - st. lola in the fields; 16. misty blue - dorothy moore; 17. let it be me - ray lamontagne; 18. a year ago today - delta goodrem; 19. are you lonesome tonight - elvis presley; 20. i know places - lykke li; 21. come to life - trent dabbs


a POST-FELINA mix [ listen ] [ read ]

the forked road - foals // who did that to you - john legend // travelling song - passenger feat. gabrielle huber & cameron potts // all your gold - bat for lashes // roads - portishead // marble house - the knife // female robbery - the neighbourhood // about her - malcolm mclaren // talk show host - radiohead // panoramic - atticus ross // run - daughter // i know places - lykke li // bullet boy - massive attack // toxic - melanie martinez // bad intentions - niykee heaton // bend in the road - calexico // bad blood [piano album version] - bastille // keep the streets empty for me - fever ray // hurt, slowly [conscious entity instrumental version] - nine inch nails // line of fire - junip // disarm - smashing pumpkins // mr. gaunt pt 1000 - soap&skin // btsk - ms mr // the trip - still corners // running to the sea - röyksopp feat. susanne sundfør // stay gold [acoustic version] - first aid kit // over the rainbow / what a wonderful world - israel kamakawiwo'ole


it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again

do you hear the people sing? | things we lost in the fire bastille | ain’t no rest for the wicked cage the elephant | scream michael jackson feat. janet jackson | run this town jay-z, rihanna, and kanye west | everybody wants to rule the world lorde | let it go the neighbourhood


at the shrine of friendship, never say die

drink with me | ribs lorde | young volcanoes fall out boy | hey brother avicii | kill your heroes AWOLNTION | centuries fall out boy | blood bank bon iver


here they sang about tomorrow, but tomorrow never came

turning | empty chairs at empty tables | i know places lykke li | charlie boy the lumineers | dust in the wind kansas | home phillip phillips | let it be the beatles | do you hear the people sing? (reprise)