“I’ve never met an idol before, I must be in a position hundreds of fans have dreamed of and I’m not even sure what to say,” Goro’s tone is light as he speaks, and laughs, to the girl seated not far from him. Both waiting inside a backstage room waiting for their separate interviews on the TV station. His was to be about the Phantom Thieves surely and her’s, in his eyes it’d be trivial but it’d likely bring her more attention and praise. Idols were so loved after all, even a star detective like him couldn’t compare to that fame. He was almost jealous, or he was quite jealous but preferred not to think about it.

“Hatsune-san correct?” He recalled seeing her name around quite it, due her being such a special guest star. “I’m Akechi Goro, pleasure to meet you.”


“Joker-” he calls his leader’s name after realizing they’ve walked into a dead end of the palace, perhaps there’s a treasure here? He looks back to face the others only to find the hall void of anyone save for the name he called. How odd, had they split up when he wasn’t paying attention? He did consider himself perceptive but with all that’s on his mind it couldn’t be too surprising if he got lost in his thoughts for a few moments. 

“Ah, where did the others go? We should join them again correct?” He speaks with the same confidence and ease as always, a hand placed on his hip and a gentle smile on his face. Despite this he feels odd, something feels off about Joker right now, but he can’t quite place it beyond that. 

He Who Shall Not Be Named...

Cole Sprouse will now be referred to as “He who Shall Not be named.” Sense this  lying peasant is in fact a lying peasant and we now officially don’t acknowledge his existence I figured that this was just a fitting nickname. :P

Exo reaction when you're dating one of them but in secret and one day you accidentally tell the other boys

Sehun:Nooo don’t believe this peasant she’s lying,look at her eye is twitching.

Kai: If I have to hear one more teasing word from the hyungs I’m gonna put Kyungsoo to finish them.

Kyungsoo: It’s okay sweety I’m not mad at you for telling them. *after you leave* You’re dead.

Tao: *gif talks for himself*

Chanyeol: *happy yeol* Now that the boys know you are mine I can shower you with love all the time

Chen: I think I’m gonna die from diabetes!

Chen: Come one don’t lie. I know it wasn’t an accident, you told them on purpose os you can brag with me!

Baekhyun:*gif talks for himself*

Lay:*when the other members tell him they knew about it* What? who told you?

Suho: *gives 0% fucks*I don’t see the problem here! 


Luhan:*mad puppy* But I thought you wanted this to be our little secret!

Xiumin: You only had one job! to keep your lips shut.