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I just wanna do this every time i see Hau! (that’s @dc9spot‘s grown up kahuna Hau)

I imagine Hala’s entire family gives out tight hugs <3

btw first frame by frame animation – what whaat

I’ll be lying. If I told you I am not hurting anymore whenever I see you. If I told you that I’m okay with us being okay again. If I told you I wasn’t breaking when I saw you with her. If I told you I’m happy that you’re happy. Because goddamn it, I’m not. I’m breaking with those smiles that she causes. That I’m not the reason anymore. And I am selfish. And I’m sorry for choosing you. For holding onto the idea of us. For believing that one day, some other day, you’ll come back for me. For deciding to love you every day. For loving you in the most killing way, in silence. And I guess I’ll keep on lying.
—  her (MIS), it keeps breaking me