lying to the police is never wrong

The Gifted’s Polaris

Well done Marvel, well done.

Allow me to express my thoughts on the amazing T.V. show as we know it, The Gifted :)

Last night I was working but I did have my uncle record the show for me. First let me say how exciting this show was. It was one of the best X-Men shows I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Even though the first episode was just an introduction, introducing us, the audience, to the good guys, the bad guys, and the random family element, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to see an “action” franchise go a little less action and add more drama. They actually mention the X-Men and the Brotherhood several times, unlike Legion. Clearly this was nothing compare to “Heroes” and certainly was better than Inhumans.

The show started with Blink running away from the police while Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird were trying to recruit Blink. Sadly Lorna was captured too soon but she was still having major screen time. She must, because she’s the main character here. I know some of you think the Strucker family are the main characters but I consider them more as a plot device (don’t get me wrong). Lorna is the main. No, I’m not lying or speculating. I never do.  As a matter of fact here’s a page for ya.

Don’t ask me why Lorna has 6 episodes (because it’s obvious) and why the rest have less. Better ask me how I was right about Lorna’s being put as on a high pedestal. Usually the first cast’s names are the main. This is why y’all gonna get more Dane :) Back to the subject and quick jump to the scene where Lorna and her crew were trying to run away from the cops.

Polaris showed off her powers well. Oh my, but what an amazing Lorna we have here. Love her new perspective. I love how she knocked out the lights, clashed police’s cars, stopped bullets, and even grabbed a cop and hit it against the dumpster for shooting Eclipse. She did not kill the guy but as she said “Believe me, If I wanted those cops dead, they’d be dead” lol. What a badass thing to say. As well as when Blink asked the crew who they were, Lorna told her (after she took the object away from Blink) “We’re just a couple of freaks, same as you” lol. Lorna was so captivating. It was crystal clear she was the powerhouse as usual. Lorna was extremely amazing, period. I love the part where it shows Lorna’s power coming out from her shirt or something :)

The most interesting thing about the whole show was Lorna’s pregnancy. The pregnancy was an unexpected wrinkle. Hopefully, the writers will let her keep it. Although it seems from her reaction that she either didn’t want anyone to know or doesn’t want to be pregnant. I assume she thought they might use her child against her which makes more sense as to her reaction. She might keep it since Magneto needs some grandkids, lol.

Bryan Singer has always handled the X-Franchise (not quite) better than anyone else (but not like Marvel), so I have high hopes for this show’s (and Lorna’s) future. The family of a prosecutor who handles high-profile Mutant cases suddenly dealing with TWO Mutants in their own family is a really interesting subplot, and I am eager to see where that goes. Too bad he got captured at the end of the episode. Although the previews show him in an adjoining cell, and communicating with, Lorna. I’m sure he will tell her that her friends and his family will break them free. Blink, you fucking better hurry up and get them out, lol.

Overall, FOX and Marvel Entertainment did fantastic. I’m very happy and excited to see Lorna’s live action. Emma Dumont definitely captured Lorna’s personality. I’m glad the writer didn’t go with some of Claremont’s old stuff. It was a new fresh start for Lorna and this is exactly what @cullenbunn is doing. What people might not know is that the Gifted show is filling some holes from DOFP, IMO.

So that brings us to the speculation portion.

Let’s end the speculation and yes, I’m talking to all of y'all. Remember how I stood on my both feet saying the littler Princess from DOFP was little Princess Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Mistress of Magnetism? Ok, let me ask this…  Is The Gifted connected to the X-Men films in any sort of literal sense? Probably not. But in a more general sense, does it take place in the same world as those films? Yes! Nix (writer) didn’t deny the connection, but said if a world exists in which mutant kids coming into their powers are forced to go on the run, “established mutants are going to have something to say about that.” So, what does that say?

In DOFP, Princess Lorna was from the past and Blink from the future. As you saw Blink from the future looks much older and experienced with her abilities. In The Gifted, she looks much younger and inexperienced. Obviously Blink from the past was more comparable to Lorna’s age. In The Gifted they’re both adults except Lorna is more experience than Blink is. Bryan Singer also stated that The Gifted is going to be related to the X-films. Considering she is eventually going to be introduced in The Gifted as Magneto’s daughter.

Eclipse confirmed that they don’t know if either the X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants exist. Sounds like they knew about them. If they don’t exist it is because they are either captured, dead, hidden, or retired. Professor, who sought mutants that were in trouble, doesn’t exist. In speculation, maybe he’s dead (considering in the comic he IS dead). I was right! I was right the whole time. I guess I was the first one to discover the relation between the film and show. Well, what the hell, I’m a huge fan of Lorna Dane.

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can you do a imagine where luke joins the bau but y/n works there and they dated a long time ago but both of them still have feelings for each other and when y/n gets in danger with their unsub luke accidentally tell him his feelings while negotiating with him


Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: You and Luke shared a deep history. However, it took a traumatic case for you both to realise that your feelings remained unchanged.

Having your ex-boyfriend join the BAU wasn’t something you had ever wished for. Things had been a little awkward since Luke had been inducted as a member of your team.

All your colleagues were expert profilers could immediately sense the connection between the two of you. Even Garcia had raised her eyebrows as she watched the two of you exchange slightly tense pleasantries. It was clear there was a shared history between you both. However, thankfully, everyone respected your privacy enough not to ask difficult questions about the past.

It wasn’t easy working with someone who you had shared such intimate memories with.

There would be times when his hand would brush against yours as you handed him a case file or your eyes would meet in a heated gaze across the bullpen, and it would be hard to remember exactly why you weren’t together anymore.

The intrigued glances and lingering touches weren’t helping matters. But, you couldn’t help but be drawn to Luke. You shared a special bond with him, something that could never be broken.

You had to remind yourself why things hadn’t worked out. Balancing demanding careers with the intensity of a relationship had become too difficult and you had both decided that you respected one another too much to allow things to spiral.

You hadn’t separated because you didn’t love each other anymore, life just got in the way. The feelings were still there lingering beneath the surface…threatening to spill over.

Falling back into old routines was something that came naturally.

It suddenly made sense to your team why you had never introduced them to a boyfriend or even mentioned dating anyone serious. You hadn’t moved on from your last love.

Of course, you had debated confessing your feelings to Luke. But, every single time you lacked the courage to speak up, reasoning that endangering your professional relationship and the team’s dynamic wasn’t worth it. You would only succeed in making things harder for the both of you.

However, the truth was threatening to spill from your mouth.

You glanced up at the man in question, your eyes lighting up as you observed his bright smile. Luke was currently helping you work on a case report, hovering over your computer as his arms trapped you in his hold. He was stood in such close proximity that you could feel the warmth of his chest and his soft chuckle tickled your exposed skin.

Perhaps it was worth taking a chance…

Before you could open your mouth to speak, Prentiss approached your desk – grimacing at the two of you as she gestured towards the file clutched in her hands.

“We’ve got a bad one.”

Those were the words the entire BAU dreaded.

The room was filled with an eerie silence as the unsub lurked in the shadows, shuffling around quietly as he nervously glanced out of the window at the police force which had assembled outside.

You had been an FBI agent for a long time. So, you were well-versed in the dangers of the job. But, as you lay curled up against the cold stone wall, blood dripping sickeningly down the open wound on your face, you had never felt this vulnerable before.

The fear constricting your chest made you feel as if you were paralysed, lying there helpless as the unsub crept towards you with fury in his eyes.

No one had expected the undercover operation to go this wrong. You could still see Luke’s soft smile and concerned eyes as he wished you luck, promising to keep a safe hold on your gun and badge. The thought of him made your heart flutter, despite the grim reality of your situation.

Would you ever get the chance to tell him the truth?  

The phone rang out shrilly, making you jump in surprise. Your eyes filled with hope as you heard the muffled voice down the line, immediately knowing the identity of the caller. You would recognise that calm, reassuring voice anywhere.

It was Luke.

Your heart lifted at the thought of your team being stationed just outside. You trusted them with your life. This wouldn’t be how things ended for you…

“Agent Y/L/N is staying with me.” The unsub growled down the phone, his tone menacing and dangerous.

You felt your eyes widen in fear as he edged closer towards you, a wicked grin spreading across his face as he took in your vulnerable state. Terror flooded through your body as you recalled the profile you had delivered at the police station just yesterday.

He was an anger excitation killer – the most dangerous type. There was no reasoning with him. Luke was just buying time.

You closed your eyes in disbelief as he put the phone on speaker, allowing you to listen in to his conversation with the BAU. Apparently, your reluctance to participate in his sick game angered him. – prompting him to advance. You winced in pain as he prodded your injured leg with his foot, smirking at your suffering.  

Something was definitely broken because even the slightest movement was making you feel physically ill, an agonising fire of pain shooting up your leg with each kick he aimed.

It was taking everything you had not to cry out. But, you didn’t want anyone of your team – least of all Luke – to have to listen to your suffering. It would kill him.

If anyone was aware of his protective nature, it was you. Even following your break-up, he had been there for you and promised not to let anyone ever harm you.

“We can talk about this. Just let her go.”

Despite Luke’s voice always being soothing, you could sense the desperation and anger in his tone. The fear was recognisable. Perhaps only because you knew him so well…and it terrified you.

Unfortunately, the unsub also seemed to notice something was different – his eyes narrowing as he glanced between your startled face and the phone.

“She’s special to you, isn’t she?”

Your heart sank as you realised he was onto the connection between the two of you. It would only make his sick game more fun to know that someone you cared about would be listening to your cries of pain. After all, he had forced the other victims to leave terrified voicemails on their loved ones’ phones.

Although the thought of Luke’s feelings remaining unchanged for you filled you with a sense of hope, the idea of him having to listen as the unsub tortured you made you feel ill. This wasn’t how things were meant to happen.

You were only vaguely aware of Luke’s protests as he tried to deny the unsub’s words. You all knew it was hopeless.

“Listen to her scream Agent Alvez.”

The knife glinted threateningly as he moved towards you, trailing the sharp edge down your already injured leg. A whimper of pain escaped your lips as he inflicted a shallow cut on your exposed skin, scarlet blood seeping down your leg.

This was it.

Despite your immense terror, the only thing you could focus on was Luke’s desperate shouts as his pleas echoed around the darkened room. Your last thoughts were of him.

Then everything went black.

Guilty Little Liars


I’m re watching for guilty little liars clues!

You thought you heard her scream? - Detective Wilden

“Yes I woke up before them and I realized Ali was missing so I went out to look for her” - Spencer. Did Spencer actually fall asleep after her fight with Alison in the backyard that night? We know she is lying to the cops but after Spencer went back to the barn, she would have talked to the other girls, not necessarily about Ali but its possible, they were all bullied by her. Were they all asleep when she got back? Spencer woke up to realize Ali was gone or that she had never come back after the fight? 

“Like Spencer said , we’ve told you everything we know.” - Aria

“He knows were lying !” - Aria 5 minutes later 

“Lying is not a crime” - Hanna

“The truth of the matter is that we don’t know anything that happened to Ali that night” - Hanna

“We do know about someone that might have wanted to hurt her” - Spencer

“We should have told the police the truth about Jenna’s accident the night it happened” - Emily

The liars know how to convince themselves that they did nothing wrong, that they know nothing about Ali’s disappearance. It is alluded to that Jenna is the one that would have wanted to hurt her but that makes no sense, this would be Jenna soon after being blinded, away at a hospital, because we only now see her coming back to Rosewood high. I think the liars guilt seeps through some of the things they say, our entire perspective is from that of the liars, how they are dealing with everything from Alison’s disappearance till now.

 I think the ultimate twist would be to finally show things from a perspective other than that of the 4 girls. We see the girls through the eyes of A, and we finally know what the girls did, we finally uncover the ugly truth they have been hiding from us and themselves. 

Suspect: Part 14

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.7K
Warnings: Angst

A/N: Another time jump (around 6 months). There will be another time jump between this and part 15, to catch up to CA:CW.

This part takes place around the time of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 13

It took you another 6 months to regain any kind of respect you’d once had at work. Almost 2 years after your life had been flipped upside down, it was starting to return to normal again. You had endured 18 months of shit cases at work, and you were finally getting cases with more substance again; ones where you felt like you were making a difference and helping people.

It had been a year and 11 months, but you remembered the night you met Bucky like it was yesterday. The image of Riley’s lifeless body, slumped against the computer screen, was still burned into your eyelids; and the feeling of firing the bullet that killed your Hydra affiliated police partner, Dale, still made your arm muscles ache. You still scoured the internet for any trace of Bucky, but you hadn’t found even a hint that he existed. You knew that was a good thing, but you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling disappointed that you couldn’t find a way to contact him.

“Hi, sweetheart,” you say, tears already brimming in your eyes as you stare at the gravestone, “I’m sorry I haven’t been to visit lately,”

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i love the scene when aaron is like 'you haven't killed anyone have you' and robert instead of being a normal person 'no i would never kill anyone' is like 'lol aaron have you met me i don't get my hands dirty lmao' They're both insane.




which is bullshit bc we have literally seen him attempt to take hits out on people and attempt to murder them and he can never go through with it TEN TIMES OUT OF NINE I KNOW YOU’RE LYING ROB




they’re ridiculous


Anon ask: Remember when Emma and Regina left Storybrooke to find the author, what if while out they also find Emma’s first child when he/she attempts to steal from them but gets caught.

Warning: swearing

(A/N): Okay so I tried to keep it neutral , if you see any mistake with the pronunciation, don’t hesitate to tell me. You can also kill me if you want to Anon because I SHOULD HAVE FINISH THIS A LONG TIME AGO SO SORRY LOVE

I also don’t know how old is Emma , she’s like what? 30 something now? let’s stick with 30 something okay? okay.

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Emma wasn’t having the best time of her life. First was Lily and now her car needed a new tire

“you okay?” Regina said while she close the door

“this has happened before” Emma said “the wolf on the road and the accident- the first time I tried to leave Storybrooke”

“Stop overthinking” Regina said giving a look to Emma’s car “it’s not fate, it’s just a flat, we need a new tire” Emma wasn’t actually listening too much what Regina said.

“unless fate wants us to go to the coffee mug diner for help, I’d chalk it up to ‘accidents will happen’… I’ll get a new tire, you get some coffee”

And with that the started walking away from the car, little did they know that it wasn’t just an accident. A young thief was planning to steal the car. I know what you are thinking, How can a little kid steal a car? even more specific, a car with a flat tire? Well, this kid is not just an ordinary kid, this young thief has magic on their side and a pretty rough history, but most importantly, magic. With a little flick of their wrist, the flat tire got replace with a new one. A little smirk was now plastered on their face.

“easy peacy” they exclaim. Now all they needed to do was start the engine. with another flick of their wrist, the car started growling. “hell yeah, let go for a ride sunshine” They started driving around to test the car, it was a pretty cool car, it was yellow a color that Y/N loved. Y/N stopped near the coffee with the intention of searching through the yellow beetle, to see if there was something of value.

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2.Tell Your Friends - (Yoongi Mafia AU)

One - Two - Three - Four - Five -  Six - Seven -  Eight  - Nine

Two :

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it - Alfred Hitchcock

The loud music from downstairs had been like a dull knife as you entered a stupor for a few seconds. Like a harsh sea waves that edged your body side to side, your head spun like a carousel of television re-runs of the previous fifteen minutes. Despite the sudden nausea and your hands feeling like they were on fire, everything felt too slow for you, like you were in a drunken state of mind that hindered your reactions and ability to find keys.

As the shower curtain was pulled back rougher than needed this state of mind was burned along with all your hope.

He wasn’t what you expected in the slightest.

A practically baby faced gangster had stared down at you with a strange confusion in his eyes, eyebrows low over dark eyes that made his physique hooded. Despite the fresh young face, he was no less intimidating and you wouldn’t have been any less frightened of a gruff unshaven beady eyed monster that could have been lying in wait for Seungkan.

His eyes travelled to your curled up figure before returning to your eyes.

“Well, you’re a nice surprise” he’d chuckled, darker than you liked and turned his back on you again.

He went back to washing his already clean hands as you stayed in your frozen state.

It wasn’t a waiting game anymore.

The sound of running water and dim music from downstairs were the only things that were keeping you from bursting into tears. Because it wasn’t happening. It was all a bad dream. And you’d have gladly woken
up with a pounding headache and a night of mistakes rather than be sitting there, freezing and terrified.

“Apologies for our crude meeting” he’d murmured before clearing his throat, the discarded hand towel left at the side of the sink spotless, much like his raw palms and knuckles.

“I was just expecting someone else”

So were you.

He’d looked at you with an anticipation, his eyebrows raised, one cocked to the side, a silent question that you didn’t have the answer to. His black suit pants were left wrinkled near the top, along with his sleeves from where he’d rolled them up. Shiny shoes were absent of dust or wear, he’d looked like he’d just walked off a runway, the way he stood, one hand in his pocket, one shoulder lower than another. You kept your gaze on the cross bolo tie he wore rather than let your trail up to his face.

“Are you just gonna sit there?” he’d sighed, as if you were wasting his time, his tone was bored, disinterested.

“Suppose this just makes it easier”

With a glare of movement and a scuffle of black clothes he was leaning down over the bath, one leg over the side as he sat, perched at the edge, his body blocking your way out, as his arm kept him upright.

His other arm was pointed at you.

With a shiny hand gun that had a trigger begging to be pulled, within the palm of an all too changed man.

A scowl had painted itself across his once impassive face, all hint of boredom gone, having been replaced with a death like glare and the trained eye of a bullet that only had one target.

If looks could kill.

“Do you wanna tell me the reason you were sitting in a dark bathroom or will I have to persuade you?”

Looking at the gun and back up to his face, it was persuasion enough and you spoke in a whisper.

“I just wanted a few minutes away from the party”

“With Seungkan?”

“No, no we barely know each other”

“Then why’d I find you in his room? His locked room may I add”

Your heart had travelled up to your throat and for a second you took a shaky breath, your eyes stung from holding back unneeded tears, and as you stared down at your shoes, you traced the patterns of dirt you’d made, the gravel outside, the confetti on the floor, the sticky whiskey that had laid in a pool in Seungkan’s bedroom, created swirls of shoe imprints, a telltale sign you’d been there and still were.

“I picked it”

He seemed to find this slightly amusing as he  let out a ghost of a chuckle, an amused sigh almost. You didn’t see the funny side, all you saw was the gun he held like a piece of paper, or a one night lovers hand, carelessly. Like he’d held it a thousand times, and this was just another day to him.

His face told a different story to his grip, and it was easy to decide which was more appealing to look at in the moment.

“You looking for a fix that bad?” he’d asked you.

“No, no. I swear, I just wanted to use the bathroom. I didn’t steal anything”

“Didn’t say you did princess, but I wouldn’t put it past you, what with your talent for picking locks and all”

His compliment made your stomach churn with a new found sickness that was worse than the sudden nausea you’d experienced when he spoke first. You didn’t want compliments from him, backhanded or not. You didn’t want anything from him. 

“So, what you’re telling me is that, this is all a little coincidence? A case of wrong place wrong time?”

All you manged was a nod.

All he managed was a click of his tongue.

He hummed, giving you once over again, as if inspecting you for weapons. You weren’t much of a threat, all wide eyed and frozen, whatever he was looking for confused you. Whether his logic was that Seungkan had planted you here to be a witness of his boss’s abuse, or whether he thought you were some sort of cop, it seemed after a few minutes of silence, he came to a conclusion.

“You know what happened in there?”

He spoke to you in a softer voice, rather than the rough few questions had been poised in. Like he was speaking to a child, his gesture with the gun gave you no assurance that he wouldn’t do exactly what he’d done to Seungkan right back to you.

You swallowed. Were you supposed to answer?

“I said do you know what happened in there?” this time his louder voice had made you jump and he watched you with a curious stare.

You glanced between him and the bottle of rubbing alcohol on the sink.

“ Seungkan got beat up”

He seemed to find your childish words interesting as his scoff flew over your head and you tried not to let the embarrassment he was causing get to you. 

“I suppose you could say that”

He paused to flick hair out his eyes, the grey strands swept over his forehead in a mismatched manner, partly wet due the sweat on his brow.

“And who did that, to our dear Seungkan?”

Whatever sick pleasure he got from you explaining the situation to him you decided you’d give in to if it meant that gun would be put back in his waistband and you were left walk away.


Unsure if this was the right answer, or if one actually existed, your reply was met with a nod.

His head cocked to the side as he gazed at you through his fringe.

His next question made you hold a puzzled expression.

“And what do I look like?”

The moment he’d taken out the gun, you prepared yourself for pain. The moment he’d entered the room, you’d prepared yourself for being found. You hadn’t prepared yourself for a confusing interrogation from the embodiment of calmness and the face of composure.

You looked at him for a second, mono-lid eyes, messy faded charcoal hair, softer features than you’d have imagined for someone in his line of work. Was it fishing for off-handed compliments or was he trying to scare you?

But looking at his smirking gaze and tilted head, his aura gave off superiority, it more a test than anything else. His stance almost screamed make my day so I can put a bullet in your head when you answer wrong.

As confusing as the questions was, you almost laughed when you realised the answer.

Your hands went cold as you looked down at your feet and spoke.

“I don’t know”

A smile.

“I didn’t see you”

A grin.

“I didn’t see anything”

And instead of staring down the barrel of a gun, you were staring at Cheshire cat grin, gummy and impressed, you didn’t allow relief.

“I like you kid” was all he chuckled “You’re smarter than most.”

It seemed obvious then. Why the line the line of questioning went down the road it did. He was letting you explain to yourself what you were going to do. With a few prompting questions he’d let you answer your own.

There was no need for him to explain to you that you weren’t going to go to the police. That Seungkan wouldn’t be reporting this to anyone. That this man was free to do as he liked to Seungkan, because Seungkan had no matter of stopping it.

The first question the police would ask would be why this person had assaulted you.

You haven’t much going for yourself when you blatantly admit that you wronged your drug lord of a boss and he decided to teach you a lesson.

You were a witness to a ghost crime that would never be reported and never be known because it had never happened under anyone’s eyes. No eyes willing to speak of such an act anyway

You were right to not allow the relief to sink in though.

“But I liked Seungkan too, and he’s lying in a pool of his own blood”

His throwaway remark did nothing for your state of mind and all you could was nod. Your legs slowly going numb, you wondered how long he’d be able to keep his uncomfortable stance up. How long more you’d spend with a gun trailed at your head, itching to be fired. 

Just as you’d begun to inspect the rings on his fingers to distract yourself from his watchful gaze, he lowered his hand with a shrug of his shoulder, shaking it, to let the stiffness subside. 

He didn’t raise his hand again.

Instead you were met with the same presuming gaze and another set of raised eyebrows as he sat at the edge of the now unblocked bath. His eyes screamed a challenge and dared you to act on his unsaid expectations. It was like a chess game as he gleefully said ‘your move’ without speaking.

Rather than have your head blown off, you waited for him to cave. And he did, in the most unexpected way. 

“Well go on”


“Jesus Christ do I have to point the gun at you again to tell you to fucking leave?”

It didn’t take you long to react and you, as carefully as your shaking legs and light headed upper half could manage, climb out of the white bath.

There was a certain part of you that wanted to look back at him, as you exited the brightly lit bathroom and hurried past the unconscious bloody Seungkan who lay in the stained carpet face down. There was a certain hair raising moment where you’d paused on the stairs of the apartment complex and thought he’d followed you. But you gave in as you pushed through a hyper couple by the main door and finally looked back to the building. At the little window in the bathroom.

But there was no dark figure to make out, no wave goodbye, no sign at all of what had happened.

And there never would be.

There would be no police report, or any tell tale sirens flush out the house. Nobody would turn wide eyed to the bruised Seungkan Monday morning, because it was natural and more often than not, his state was never free of signs of late night scraps. There would be no sign of the no-named man who you’d decided had no face either now, because none of it happened, nobody had seen a thing.

Nobody, especially not you.


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