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Do you guys think Joyce will tell Lonnie about Will coming back? I personally would love if she does not, and someday that piece of moldy bread hears about it and goes, fuming, to her house, demanding explanation as to why she didn’t immediately tell him his son was alive and when he gets there, he sees another car parked outside

And honestly, it just happens that Hopper is there that day, can you imagine the kind of things Lonnie will think and/or say?

Can you imagine the interaction? Between not only Lonnie and Joyce, but Lonnie and Hopper, and Lonnie and the boys?

Because I can and man, if that happens somehow in season 2 I will SCREAM

Ghost In The Shell: An Ode To Kamikaze - Quill’s Scribbles

MAJOR spoilers ahead for the Ghost In The Shell movie, so don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet… which you’re not going to obviously because it’s a whitewashed, racist piece of shit and you would never support such a thing, would you? No, of course not.

I’ve been asked a few times to write something on Ghost In The Shell and up until now I’ve been reluctant to do so for two reasons. 1) I’m not really a fan of Ghost In The Shell. I know roughly what its about from what people have told me, but I just never really got into it, and 2) I’ve pretty much said everything I’ve wanted to say about whitewashing, mostly in my numerous Doctor Strange posts. If I started doing stuff on Ghost In The Shell, I’d run the risk of repeating myself. Whitewashing is bad, Hollywood are a bunch of racist opportunists and you shouldn’t pay money or support these kinds of projects in any way, shape or form. That’s pretty much it. I had no intention of watching Ghost In The Shell and neither should you. Enough said.

But then some rather interesting news came to my attention, courtesy of @gabriel-strange. VEEEEERY interesting news indeed. So interesting in fact that I honestly thought it was an April Fool’s prank. So I double checked. I triple checked. I quadruple checked. And I discovered to both my horror and delight that it was true.

But first, we have to set the scene.

Ghost In The Shell is a Japanese series of anime and manga titles that takes place in the year 2029 in a fictional city in Japan. In this cyberpunk future, the lines between humans and technology have been blurred, with people placing more and more reliance on cybernetic implants and prosthesis, and computer and electronics permeate every aspect of their lives. The main protagonist is Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg who works for the counter-cyberterrorist organisation known as Public Security Section 9. Her main job is to hunt down and capture cyberterrorists and hackers, who are especially dangerous in this futuristic society due to everyone’s over reliance on technology. It’s even possible for a skilled terrorist to hack into a person’s brain and make them act against their will.

The series has been heavily praised for its creativity and its philosophy, posing some very interesting questions. How do you define who or what is human in a world where a person’s mind can be copied and where body parts can be replaced with machine parts? Where do you draw the line? It’s a very rich and thought provoking subject matter, so naturally Hollywood wanted in on some of that. In 2009, Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks acquired the rights to make a live action Ghost In The Shell movie. Paramount Pictures agreed to co-produce the movie in 2015 and Rupert Sanders signed on to direct.

All they needed to do was find a talented, up and coming young Asian actor to play Motoko Kusanagi. Who did they go with?

Yep. Scarlett Johansson. An actor most famous for not being Asian. She was cast in the role when talks with Margot Robbie (another actor whose defined by not being Asian) fell through.

This, naturally, sparked a huge amount of controversy from both fans and people working within the industry, and as night follows day, people started to try and justify this bullshit. Some people (let’s be kind and call them idiots) posit that there was never any indication that Motoko Kusanagi was Japanese in the original manga.

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Right. Because why would one assume that a woman with a Japanese name, living in a Japanese city in a series originating from Japan would be Japanese? 

Guys, she’s about as Japanese as you can get! Wake the fuck up!

Others say that the race of the character shouldn’t be an issue because the themes the series covers are universal and can be applicable to everyone regardless of race. Oh good! In that case, she should definitely be played by an Asian actor. Well… if the themes are as universal as you suggest, the fact that she’s Asian shouldn’t alienate me, a white person, at all, should it? Unless you’re suggesting the themes are somehow more universal if the main character is white. If that’s the case, you may want to look up your definition of universal.

A popular excuse is that the Japanese fans have no problem with the casting of ScarJo, with many assuming that a Hollywood production would have chosen a white actor. Even Mamoru Oshii, the director of the original anime films, gave his blessing, saying there was no basis for an Asian actor to play the role. So if they don’t have a problem with it, why should we? Well first of all it’s kind of tragic that Japanese people just assume their beloved characters will be whitewashed because Hollywood have done this so often now they’ve basically gotten used to it. But it doesn’t justify it. A child might get used to an abusive parent over time. It doesn’t make the abuse okay. It’s still wrong. And as for Mamoru Oshii, Well, with all due respect, his opinion is fucking irrelevant. No, really! His opinion carries no weight whatsoever! He’s a Japanese man working in a Japanese industry in a country where 98.5% of the population are Asian. Here in the western hemisphere, Asian people are very much in the minority and, especially in the US, it’s very difficult for them to break into this industry. The last thing they need are white actors stealing all the good roles they could and should be playing. (And for the record, the most vocal people criticising this movie are Asian Americans who have become sick and tired of Hollywood constantly screwing then over, so fuck you).

And finally there’s the age old excuse that ScarJo was the best person for the role and that casting an A-list actor would help to bring the franchise to a more mainstream audience. I mean there are no A-list Asian actors, right? Well apart from Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu (and they’re debatable), no. There aren’t any A-list Asian actors. And do you know why? IT’S BECAUSE YOU DON’T FUCKING CAST THEM! Of course there aren’t going to be any A-list Asian actors because you’re not giving any of them a chance! You keep handing over the roles to white people and depriving Asian actors of job opportunities that were intended for them in the first place!

The studios and filmmakers of course have been offering their own insightful comments, saying how this is a future world and that they’re depicting an international city. That seems to be their go to word. International. Code for ‘populated mostly by white people’. Even Motoko Kusanagi has been renamed as Mira Killian. Seriously, Ghost In The Shell is only a decade into the future. What happened between now and 2029 that the Asian population has somehow decreased exponentially?

And of course Scarlett Johansson doesn’t hesitate to get her thoughts heard, first by saying that this was about gender over race and how this was an opportunity to bring a strong female character to mainstream audiences. Now if you were wondering what White Feminism is, this is it. An actual feminist would encourage and celebrate the casting of an Asian actor in the role because it would be a massive step forward for women of colour. Old ScarJo clearly doesn’t meet those requirements. And then she said this:

“I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive.”

Uhuh. Okay. Dear readers, do me a favour. I want you to remember this quote for me, alright? Trust me. It’ll be very important later ;)

From Doctor Strange to Iron Fist to the upcoming Death Note adaptation, there seems to be this weird obsession in Hollywood recently of exploiting and fetishising Asian culture whilst surreptitiously telling the Asian community to go and fuck themselves. This Ghost In The Shell movie seems to be less of an adaptation and more like a white person’s self insert fanfic. And trust me, you have no idea how true that statement really is.

Which brings me to the interesting news I was telling you about. Again, massive spoilers for the movie ahead, so be warned.

Are you ready? Okay.


Turns out that Mira Killian is actually Motoko Kusanagi. She has the brain of a Japanese girl inside of her whose memory was erased in an effort to create the perfect soldier. There’s even a scene at the end of her meeting and hugging her Japanese birth mother and embracing her true identity as Motoko Kusanagi.

Oh yes! They actually went that far! Somebody actually thought this would be a good idea! And don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible. It’s racist as shit. I’m utterly disgusted by this, but at the same time I can’t help but admire the ballsiness of it. They chose to depict literal whitewashing in their movie. A Japanese girl is stripped of both her identity and any character traits that would identify her as Japanese and replaced with the body and mind of a white person in an effort to create somebody ‘perfect’. It practically borders on self parody.

But do you want to know the best part? Remember what ScarJo said?

“I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive.”

Tell me Ms Johansson. Do you know the Japanese translation for ‘lying, racist scumbag’?

Because let’s not deny it. What ScarJo said was a blatant lie. She is playing a Japanese character and now she’s quite rightfully being torn to shreds by the critics, most notably the Asian American Media Group. Yeah! Who’d have thought they’d have a problem with this?! Call it a hunch, but somehow I think there might be less demand for a Black Widow movie now after all this. So I wouldn’t hold your breath.

It also puts all those other claims to shame too. That the character’s race isn’t important and that this is an international city and that the themes are universal and so on. Let’s not forget that in the early days of production, they were considering using the same CGI from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to make their chosen white actor look Asian. The fact that they’re practically bending over backwards in a desperate and pathetic attempt to justify their whitewashing actually proves that the race of the character is actually important after all.

I can’t help but find this just a bit hilarious. I mean at least Doctor Strange didn’t pretend Tilda Swinton was Asian. At least they didn’t stoop THAT low. And the irony of it all is Rupert Sanders and co could have gotten away with it if they just kept their mouths shut. I know how gullible general movie going audiences can be. They probably would have blindly accepted a whitewashed Ghost In The Shell movie if the story and acting was good. But because the studio just couldn’t leave well enough, because they were so paranoid that they’d be accused of racism and that they’d upset the fans, they tried to tinker with it and ended up not only making the issue even more awkward than it already was, but also highlighted their racism in big bold neon lights. They haven’t just tied a noose around their necks. They’ve practically built their own gallows as well.

Already they’ve started to feel the effects. On its opening weekend, Ghost In The Shell pulled in less box office earnings than DreamWorks’ Boss Baby. And I don’t know about you, but I would love to have seen how that conversation played out to the studio execs. Your movie is losing to an animated film featuring Alec Baldwin voicing a talking baby. LOL. In fact I’m almost tempted to go and see this movie for myself just to witness it commit cinematic suicide live, right in front of me. This has got to be one of the most glorious kamikaze moves I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

And I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end this Scribble than with the ironic use of this classic from the 80s. Enjoy :)

An old A Very Potter Musical post came up on my dash and I can’t stop thinking about how many of the quotes are applicable to the Dirk Gently cast.

“When I rule the world I’ll plant flowers!” - Dirk, actual cinnamon roll

“If I had an invisibility cloak I’d use it so I’d never have to face my own reflection in the mirror.” - Todd, burned cinnamon roll

“There’s only one thing to do: I have to die. I love you all… except you Todd. I can’t fucking stand you.” - Amanda, having emotions about her lying scumbag of a brother

“How did you idiots get captured? You were invisible!” - Farah, definitely

Ms. Black, you have to have learned by now that when one of you has gots a problem, all three of you has gots a problem. - Estevez, doing the least illegal shit he’s done all day

“And you think killing people will make them like you, but it doesn’t. It just makes them dead.” - Bart, holding her machete

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A/N: okay just a liiiiiiittle more… small spoilers within though


It was hard seeing him so quiet and docile. There was something so wrong about it. Seeing Wrench like this broke your heart. He glanced up at you, acknowledging your presence before shyly looking down. The hacker probably felt exposed without his mask on. “Hey.” He wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Hey.” Your response was soft. “Um, Marcus said you wanted to talk or something?” You couldn’t exactly hide the nervousness in your tone.

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Child's Play



His dad had always been abusive. Never a good word for Dan passed his lips. Mostly slurring through an alcohol-induced haze and slackened jaw, sometimes through seething teeth with loathing eyes, clenched fists and a tone harsh enough to slice a permanent mark on Dan’s mind. Then the fists were raised and brought down, at first by accident. His dad had promised never to hit him again. But just like he did Dan, he broke it.

“What’s this?” Dan was tugged back sharply by his collar before he could disappear. The shoulder was pulled down revealing a light bruise on the boy’s neck. “The hell is this?” Dan couldn’t meet his dad’s eyes.

“A… A… A bite, sir.” He used the title he had been instructed years ago to use. This took his dad aback.

“You mean a hickey? By a person?” His son nodded, almost shaking as his voice was gradually raising. “Who?” He shook his son violently. “Who did you let do this?”

“N-no one, I didn’t want them t - ” a harsh slap resonated throughout the room, eliciting a short whimper.

“Don’t give me that, you lying scumbag, who were you with?” His eyes bored into Dan’s with a familiar terrifying intensity.

Dan hesitated. “… T-Tyler…” and his dad fell unsettlingly silent.

“My son’s a fucking fag,” he exclaimed as a shocked whisper. “I should have known, what with you being the pathetic fucking pansy you are!”

Anger boiling, he threw Dan onto the floor and the boy cowered away. “P-please don’t hit me, s-sir, it was an a-accident!” But feet met his ribs, strong iron fists were relentless against his chest then Dan was left a sobbing beaten heap of a child for the bruises to form.


He was gorgeous.

Not just his face or his eyes or his hair or that tiny quirk he had where when he laughed his tongue would poke through his teeth.

No, not just that - he cared. He wasn’t a horrible person who treated Dan like the waste of oxygen he was. Well, he would eventually, they all did, but it was nice to have someone, just for a moment, who cared.

It was January so it was freezing, and Dan had a half hour walk ahead of him since he ‘didn’t deserve a lift’ and the rain beat hard against his already soaked blazer. His school trousers and shirt were sticking to his body awkwardly and his tie was slapping his face with every gust of stronger screaming wind. England, he thought, why are you never nice to me? Well you gave me Phil. That’s a start. Dan barely knew the guy but already he felt warmer with the thoughts of him.

This was either the start of something amazing or a horribly terrible idea.


The next day rolled around quickly - his dad had been out late as he did on Thursday nights and had stumbled into the house at one in the morning, thankfully too drunk and occupied to bother with Dan that night. Getting ready for school Dan crept past a body sprawled hideously across the sofa and reeking of alcohol, with an equally disgusting half-dressed woman across the room. The horrid scent was drifting through the room and he was sure most of the furniture and walls were soaked with the stenches of smoke, sex and liquor. Oh, and blood. Sometimes Dan’s blood stained the pillows but no one ever mentioned them. No one ever cared.

Dan sat alone in form, as usual, and opened his sketchbook. He had Art period two so he could at least note some ideas for themes or something now. Besides, for the first time in years Dan was actually kind of looking forward to a lesson - Phil would be there. Whether Phil would talk to him was a question yet to be answered, but he was kind of getting sick of constantly being alone.

As he walked in and settled down in his usual secluded corner, Dan pulled out his pencils and rough sketchpad to plan today. Already his ideas were buzzing anticipating in his head but before he could put his pencil to paper a voice startled him.


Embarrassingly Dan jumped and turned sharply to face the source, eyes wide, but his body calmed when he realised it was just Phil. In response Phil’s arms raised and he took an instinctive step back. “Woah, sorry, just saying hi.”

“Jesus Christ Phil don’t scare me like that! You practically gave me a heart attack you bastard.” Dan rolled his eyes before letting out a breathy laugh, turning back to his work.

“Oh, so how do I greet you from now on then? Waving from the door or throwing a paper aeroplane?” Phil chuckled.

“Shut up.”

“Well I can’t aim so the plane would probably m-”

“You’re such a dork.” Phil didn’t argue, taking a seat next to Dan and leaning into him to peer at his work.

“What title are you doing?”

“I dunno yet. I wanted to do 'Me, Myself and I’ but there’s literally nothing interesting about me. Although the concept of the 'Human Condition’ sounds kind of intriguing.”

“Nonsense - I’m sure there are countless interesting things about you, you just need to recognise them as good and not bad.” And there he goes, being all sweet and caring and ugh. Now was not the time for a stupid crush. Dan shook his head, finally putting pen to paper and scribbling 'Human Condition’ before opening his mouth again.

“What about you? What are you doing?”

Phil’s brow scrunched up in thought. “Umm, 'Music’ I think, though I could be wrong.”

“Forgot the theme of your own work… Tut tut tut…” Dan rolled his eyes sarcastically, earning himself a playful nudge in retaliation which made him giggle. “Sorry, sorry - but how would you translate music into art with ink and paper? That’s like touching sound or something.”

Phil didn’t answer him with a waffly explanation than Dan wouldn’t care about, he simply looked at Dan and shrugged. Honestly Dan didn’t know what he was expecting but a shrug was not it. So instead of being rude and yelling 'WHAT?! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW YOU’RE GOING TO DO YOUR OWN WORK?’ Dan just nodded in acknowledgement and turned back to his work, again, because Phil kept distracting him and if he kept it up then Dan wouldn’t get any work done, but at the same time he really only wanted to chat with Phil some more.

They didn’t talk much that lesson though; but that was the beauty of their friendship. Most of the time they sat in silence and worked on their coursework, but from time to time Phil would nudge Dan’s shoulder and ask him a random question or tell him some obscure animal fact (the latter always evoking an unimpressed eye roll) until the bell rang to signify break.

“Hey, Dan?” Phil started as the class stood and packed their stuff away.

“I swear to god if this is another random idea of yours like that cat hospital I will personally -”

“It’s not!” Phil chuckled.

“Thank god.”



“I’m kidding! I was just wondering what you normally did at break? Do you get food or…?”

Dan’s face scrunched in thought. “Tell you what. If we get food now, later I’ll show you where I go.”

Phil nodded excitedly, because why would you turn down something like that? They stayed close whilst shuffling through the cramped corridors, bumping shoulders with scary older students and occasions losing their footing, but amazingly reached the dining hall unharmed. School was always chaos, but it was the lesser of two evils. Nibbling the little food they bought and leaving the rest behind they walked their disorienting paths to the outdoors. And for some reason Phil was excited - not just a little but happily anticipating the place he was being led to. He hardly knew Dan but strangely felt a twinge of trust towards him.

“Where are you taking me?” Phil groaned, feigning impatience.

“You’ll see.” Dan kept his head forward.

“That’s so cliché…”

“Shh…” Dan silenced, evoking a giggle from the boy behind him. “Here.” He stated, pushing back some branches and disappearing into the brush. Phil cocked his head in confusion, this doesn’t look like much. Looks like a bunch of trees but as he stepped through to meet his friend…

The first thing he noticed was the warmth of the sun against exposed skin. The brush was brief, ending abruptly on the edge of a small cliff, nothing much if you fell. The ledge looked out over a scenic expanse of field with multicoloured fields lining the horizon. He never knew nature could cast such a beautiful shadow.

“It’s…” was all he could manage because no arrangement of words could quite do this justice.

Dan didn’t say anything, simply gave Phil an appreciative smile before settling on the edge. Phil made a questioning noise as he dangled his legs over the side and patted the space next to him invitingly. Raising an eyebrow Phil made to join him but just as he moved a bell signified the end of break. Both boys groaned in annoyance, more so Dan than Phil, and they stepped back out of the brush.

“Lunch?” Dan asked timidly and Phil nodded without delay. He was already used to his company.

Chapter 3

Well that’s it. They finally killed Robert’s character development tonight.

I’m sorry, but I can’t keep behind Robert after tonight. I could, maybe, accept that he made Rebecca have an abortion before, because that was the old Robert. But that was the PAST! Yes, he lies and manipulates to get what he wants and he is selfish like that but he wanted to change for Aaron. I believe people can change but Emmerdale clearly doesn’t.

I’m not saying I feel bad for Rebecca. She brought this on herself too. But the way he treated her was just disgusting. Sorry. I have to say it.

And all the scenes with Aaron were ruined for me, because I saw the old Robert from when he was manipulating Chrissie. The cheating lying scumbag, like Chaz put it then.

And worse, they are making Aaron oblivious to all this and it makes me cringe. He deserves some much love and someone that really support him, not someone that juggles him between schemes. Sorry. I’m really bitter, but that was how it looked for me. Robert could have been that guy, but they just made him a jerk.

I believe Robert loves Aaron so much that he would do anything, and I can even imagine that Robert really wants Aaron to get better. But I never thought it would be like this.

I can’t even understand what they are doing with this stupid storyline. If they wanted everyone to stop caring for Robert (and Robron) they succeeded. Even if there is another redemption for Robert, this is something I will never forgive Emmerdale.

For me at this point, this is just poor taste and shitty writing. I’m not sure any amount of fluff, picnics or another wedding will make up for it.

They just ruined a great character development and an iconic couple in one take. Well done (sarcastic tone if Emmerdale is reading).

I’m still here for Aaron. I started this blog because of him and will stand by him. Not sure I will ever be able to look at robron like before, so thanks Emmerdale for that.

ladytacobell101  asked:

Can I have a headcanon for the captain cheating on their s/o (for what ever reason) and their s/o finding out please, I love your blog

Shunsui Kyoraku: His lips pressed together as he felt the stingy on his cheek, “Fuck” he said out loud, he was caught in action and even if he never felt bad about sleepinh around these past few months, he feels like his world was falling now. He tried everything to get them back, leaving messages, voice calls, even sending flowers, he just needed them, and he wasn’t going to stop trying

Sui-Feng: Sui Feng really thought she would get away with it, but she would leave the smallest evidence. “I’m sorry, I messed up, you don’t deverse this” she told them bowing respectful, she just heard their tongue click before they said “Yeah I don’t deserve this”

Rojuro Otoribashi: “Sorry” “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” kept leaving his mouth but his partner was not accepting it, it didn’t matter how many sorry he would say, he cheated and that was that. “If you were so Rose you wouldn’t had done it in the first place”

Retsu Unohana: She doesn’t seen like the type to cheat, if the feelings aren’t there anymore then she will tell them, if they can fix the problem she is willing to do that but if they can’t, then they will break up

Shinji Hirako: The sparks that they had for each other were gone, that is what Shinji thinks, all they do is work, come home and greet each other. He can remember the days were they would be up all night in each others arms. He wanted those sparks again, he wanted something but man, he never thought about all the consequence he would be facing when they found out about him cheating.

Byakuya Kuchiki: Byakuya knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew cheating was not going to solve the answer, but he did it anyway, more then once and when his lover found out they just laughed. He wasn’t exepcting this reaction at all, he thought they were going to start crying, even call him names but all they said before they walked out of his life was “Who knew the great Byakuya Kuchiki was a lying scumbag!”

Sajin Komamura: This would have never happen if he never turned human, nobody ever gave him a second look when they saw he was a wolf, but know he was human, and was quite attractive. He didn’t know what overcame him to cheat on his lover, he knew better then this, but his good looks were getting into his head.

Kensei Mugurama: Kensei didn’t have a good reason to cheat, will, nobody has a reason to cheat but his reason was, “I didn’t love her, so it doesn’t matter.” That’s why when they walked out the door, he was silent, he knew that they would react like this and he was prepared, but deep down he knew he messed up and “sorry won’t happen again” isn’t going to cut it this time.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: His s/o didn’t want to believe it, their sweet Toshiro cheating? They wanted to see it with their own eyes, and when they did, they were crushed. Toshiro didn’t have any lies and told them the truth, the love they had for each other was gone, but he didn’t want to let go just yet.

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi gave himself, leaving someone else underwear in their shared room. “Fuck you Kenpachi!” They said throwing the underwear at him and leaving the house. He was to shock to run after them.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Ok let’s face it Mayuri will cheat in his partner face and then break up with them, there is a reason why he cheated right? His not going to hold on to someone who he doesn’t care for anymore.

Jushiro Ukitake:Jushiro doesn’t regret one word he said to his lover, he cheated and he was facing his action he told them that they needed better, that they shouldn’t be together anymore. It hurr hus partner a lot, it hurt Jushiro a lot as well, but this was for the better.

His Confession

- Requested by anonymous - MASTERLIST - Request here

Moving past the crowding people I try to stay calm, taking a steady breath with each step as I saw the garden insight. Fresh air, I kept telling myself, it’ll do you some good. The pounding of the bass from the track more people kept knocking me, pulling me into dance along with them whilst they remained high on life, out of their senses. Yet for me that ended ten minutes ago when I realised where I was, what I saw and wished I never had bothered with this whole party. Trying to stay balanced I just needed to fill my lungs with the crisp Autumn air as opposed to filtered vapour that lingered in my hair and on my clothes. 

The calling of my name was continuous but I didn’t want to turn around, I didn’t want to have to look at him and find myself forgiving him. I had the words sorted, I was prepared to tell him how it is but I know if I turn at this moment and see him with those soft green eyes my mini speech will evaporate and I’ll fall straight back into his arms. I could feel the prickling of a cool breeze wrap around my arms as the goosebumps formed, it seemed as if I had never breathed due to the gasping I found myself doing once my feet connected to the grass rather than the destroyed carpet, god, I’d hate to be here tomorrow morning

My feet they continued to move without my brain complying as the thoughts I had remained fogged, blocking everything else out. I was trying to focus on my breathing that kept getting hitched in my throat as I thought back to the scene that I witnessed. Collapsing onto the grass I had my back turned to the party, away from the sound and the images that remained prominent everytime I blinked. The dampness began to seep into my skirt yet I did nothing about it, instead I brought my knees close to my chest and rested my head against them, sighing I closed my eyes for just a minutes peace as a tear rolled down my cheek. 

I didn’t even hear him join me, it wasn’t until I heard him softly mutter my name that I was aware of his presence. Frantically I wiped my face and just blankly stared at him whilst he examined me with pure confusion. The overpowering reek of alcohol lingered on his breath as his eyes softened, the worry becoming clear in those warm orbs. “I won’t ask if you’re okay,” He chuckled as he played with the half empty bottle in his fingers. “it’s a stupid question considering you’re clearly not.” Part of me backed away due to the different tone he had taken, it was so unexpected from him but they do say what alcohol does to the system, it messes you about. 

Calum Hood, I’ve known him since we were young and he’s a nice guy which no one can deny; but, he has always been pining over me. I’m not one and never have been someone who has favoured attention, yet he was persistent with asking me on dates or just happened to be out at the park when I was on dog walks. He couldn’t be shunned down, his spirit remained uplifted even though I told him many times in the kindest way possible I was not interested yet I could never give one solid reason. 

Now he sits here and the awkwardness has faded from his physic, it’s been awhile since I last saw him in person, it’s been a long year. “So, you going to tell me what that meathead did or do I have to guess and act surprised when I get it right?” Sarcasm dripped from his words, coating the air heavily around us. 

Despite how heavy it initially seemed it was good, it was different from everyone else. Others would fake sympathise, they’d fuss then not give a second thought when we went home in the following hours. Except Calum, in this moment he was honest, the sort of honesty I needed to hear for once rather than being sheltered, no more secrets and no more lies. 

Knocking my head back I started to feel the pull of gravity on my body and didn’t resist the urge to lie down, stare at the stars for a little while. “I went upstairs to use the loo and there he was, some girl all over him, calling him,” For some reason as I thought of it it seemed hilarious, yet it was traumatising to witness, Calum nudged me to finish my sentence and covering my eyes it was more of a whisper. “daddy.” 

He laughter erupted out of nowhere and soon I couldn’t help but join in, he discarded his close to empty drink and joined me, his face close to mine with a wide smile. “Was she delusional?” He questioned and I shrugged my shoulders. 

“She must’ve been as I don’t know what I saw in him in the first place.” The laughter died down and the silence loomed over us as I admired the stars, how unique each one would be if it lived today. “I can’t think of one solid reason why I was with him.” Words poured out of my mouth before my mind processed them fully, yet I had no regrets about it. Calum turned on his side so his full attention was on me, the words I was saying. “He was an ass, he never took me on dates, he insulted me, he would talk about other girls and then he did this.” I couldn’t help but bring my hands over my face to hide the tears that brewed in my eyes, “What was I thinking? What an idiot I’ve been this whole time.” embarrassed I wanted to become invisible, disappear into the stars and never cease to exist. 

A large pair of hands gently removed my hands from my face and I turned seeing him wearing a small caring smile. “He is the idiot for letting you go.” He remained serious, the scent of beer still strong on his breath yet his words seemed sincere. 

“You’re just drunk Cal.” I muttered sitting back up, wiping my face and tried to see if I had any service for my brother to come and get me, take me away from this mistake of an evening and wipe it out of my mind, write over it with some cliche romance movies. 

“I may be but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m saying.” Now both sat up I crossed my legs as I remained facing him, his eyes didn’t seem fogged or glazed like his did when he got drunk, so drunk he forgot who I was but not Calum, he seems aware. “There’s always been something so enticing about you, the laugh you have that you try and do quietly but struggle with, or the sparkle in your eyes when you see any sort of dogs in the park,” I rolled my eyes and couldn’t supress the smile on my face. “that too.” He motioned to my smile, “It’s so full of joy, even when you wake up late and come to class looking a bit disheveled you look beautiful to me.” Burying my face in my hands I could feel my cheeks heating up at kind words that I hadn’t heard before. 

Instinctively his hands were over mine, slowly removing my fingers that clung to my face and focused on each detail of my face. “I’m sorry Cal.” I muttered but he shushed me, a small giggle following. 

“Never have I seen such beauty this close, the way your freckles connect like the constellations in the sky or how your eyes can cloud and fog, similar to the clouds before a storm. You’re unique, perfect is unrealistic and has no set definition as everyone is different but to me, you suffice.” He whispered the last part as his hands were on my thighs, I found myself leaning into him just before a loud shout of my name could be heard from miles away. 

Heavy steps approached around the corner and already my heart was thumping in my chest, trying to break free and make a run for it before risking getting hurt all over again. “Of course!” His voice pounded into my ears as I kept my back turned, my eyes closed as Calum remained as still as I did. “Why am I not surprised to find you with some other guy,” This was followed with a scoff, “you’re such a slut, why I bothered with you I don’t know.” My eyes opened and self pity seeped into my system like his insults; too easily. 

Calums hands released from my legs and I heard him begin to shout, “Well more fool you asshole! She is worth more than you’ll ever know!” And he looked proud as I stood up momentarily, that was until he returned, fists clenched and ready for a fight. 

“What’d you say dork?” He took a step forward but I stood in front of Cal just as his fist came down, the force that followed was enough to make me want to collapse to the ground. Never before had I experienced such a pain, the instant rush of heat that surrounded my cheek and towards my eye, the throbbing that blocked out all other sounds, including his attempts at apologising. 

Holding onto my face I just stared at him, he looked shocked and tried to touch my shoulder, moving his hand towards mine before I whipped it back. “We are over.” I spat at him before he tried again, taking another step back Cal remained just behind me, holding my hand gently. “Didn’t you hear me you cheating, lying scumbag?” Tilting my head slightly to the other side I moved my hand away from my face, letting him see the damage that was forming because of him. “Fuck off back to your toy.” With that he turned away, defeated and walked off. 

Standing still I let it all sink in, the throbbing that worsened and the sense of relief knowing he was out of my life. I saw Cal walk around the corner with a quick stride, “Yeah that’s right, on you go Daddy!” The regret I saw on his face as he ran back over after his moment of confidence vanished, he grabbed my hand and we began to run out of the party and down the road. 

Stopping for a breath a laugh escaped me and it surprised him, shaking his head fear crossed his mind. “What did I just do?” He curled up into a ball on the ground and I joined him, still keeping my face partially covered patting his shoulder.

“Looks like you got yourself a sugar daddy.” I joked and he joined in with my laugh before looking back at me and saw the gap in my hand, seeing the bruising forming. 

Pulling out his phone he rang someone to come and get us before indicating for me to remove my hand. “It’s not that bad honestly.” I tried to convince him but he just raised his eyebrow, sighing I moved my hand away and the worry that crossed his eyes made me fear the worse. “How bad is it?” Moaning I saw the debate he was having with himself, whether to be brutally honest or try and sugar coat it. 

“It’s er, it’s well,” He fumbled over his words, the effects of the alcohol wearing off. “It’s pretty bad.” He bit on his lower lip as he tilted my head, trying to see it closer and the precise place where his fist had collided with my face. “You took it well though, I mean if it was me I’d cry.” Shrugging I just smiled, unsure what to say. 

“Listen Cal, about what you said-” I was cut off as a car approached and he motioned for us to stand up. 

Helping me to my feet I heard a car door open and close, someone came towards us and only as he was under the streetlamp I vaguely remembered who he was. “Shit, who did that?” His accent remained thick as he took a better look at my face, his eyes wide. 

“Not helping Ash, can we just get her home?” Cal moaned and Ash nodded, apologising to me and opened the back door for me to get into. The door shut and the pounding of my head intensified, closing my eyes I tried to block out the sound but a familiar hand on my thigh brought me back into my surroundings. “Hey it’s okay, we’ll get you sorted.” Shifting in my seat I snuggled closer to him, practically lying across him as he stroked my hair. 

“About what you said,” This time I wasn’t going to be interrupted, not by my ex, by this intense pain or the loud engine of Ashton’s car. “no one has ever been so sweet and I don’t know if it’s just because you’re drunk or-” A loud giggle in front of us caused me to stop, the silence echoed in the back as the laugh diminished. 

“I’m sorry, I really am,” He spoke through laughs, “just you actually told her and you had to be drunk?” A small exhale followed as he focused on the road, shaking his head. “Classic. Do continue.” He motioned and looking to Cal he gave me an awkward smile. 

“I’m sorry I never gave you a chance before, it may be because I’m going slightly delirious right now or Ashton’s bad driving but I want to get to know you more, if you’ll let me?” He stopped stroking my hair as his hand froze on my head, concerned I slowly sat up, remaining within a close proximity to him. “Calum?” Worried I lowered my head, “You’re just drunk.” 

His hand moved and was under my chin, through the flashing lights I saw a smile cross his lips. “You aren’t half wrong but that doesn’t change anything, I like you, like a lot.” The smoothness he once had was gone but it didn’t matter, his face illuminated for split seconds as we passed streetlights nearing my house, his smile not faltering as we went. 

Edging closer to him I focused on his lips, unsure what I was doing but it seemed right, something about it was different than I expected. “I like you too, like a lot.” Giggling at how cliche the whole thing seemed to be just as I was about to kiss him the brakes slammed and we both groaned. 

“Right kids, looks like this is your stop, one out or all out.” Ashton joked as he faced us with a wide smile, still laughing as we both went quiet. 

Glancing to Calum he opened his door and helped me get out. Holding onto my hand we walked towards my front door, pausing as we went up the steps and he tripped, unable to play it off with any sense of calmness. “Goodnight Cal,” I focused on my feet and battered shoes, the grass stains becoming more obvious now they are lit up. Looking up I ignored the thoughts I was having, went against the rational side and lifted his chin, kissing him without a moment of hesitation. 

It took him less than second to respond and kiss back, his lips were soft get there was something rough about them as his arms connected around my waist and mine grabbing onto his hair. Pulling away I let out a few heavy breaths before hearing a cheer coming from the car, glancing towards it there stood Ashton clapping. “I swear he is like a proud dad.” Cal groaned and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Some daddy he is.” Now he laughed in response and I removed my hands from his neck unable to wipe the smile from my face. “No idea how I’m going to explain this though.” I sighed and Calum just lowered his head and kissed beneath my cheek lightly before a quick kiss on my lips, leaving me wanting more. 

“Just tell them that you saved some guy from crying in front of the girl he likes. That ought to do it.” He nodded and smiled to me, his hands slowly began to move away from my waist leaving me feeling absent of his touch. 

He slowly backed away, trying to seem all cool until he tripped again on the step falling onto his arse. Rushing over he held his hands out, “I’m good. I’m good.” Rolling my eyes I helped him to his feet before he just gave me that look, one that meant all sorts to different people but to me it was unique, it meant happy accidents, it meant realisation but most importantly it meant finding those you’re meant to be with, like the constellations in the sky. 

anonymous asked:

(in a previous post from you) "Sad people don't need solutions. They need comfort" ... Duude... How did I never considered this?! This literally opened my eyes. And my mouth. Thanks I guess!

That’s the first thing they taught us in counselling - because everyone’s natural reaction to hearing someone vent about their problems is to try and help by providing solutions. Crying people don’t want solutions. They don’t want to hear what you think they should do about whatever their problem is. They just want three things: 

  • For you to tell them their emotions are valid
  • For you to tell them what happened isn’t fair

  • For you to tell them that you value them as a person 
  • (and sometimes, a big hug)

I’m not exaggerating. Try it at see. 
For example: your friend shows up at your door sobbing and says, “HE CHEATED ON ME,” you shouldn’t say, “OKAY YOU NEED TO DUMP HIM, YOU NEED TO UNFRIEND HIM AND BLOCK HIM EVERYWHERE, YOU NEED TO TELL HIS MOTHER HE’S A LYING CHEATING SCUMBAG”. 
What you need to say is the following, “Oh, god, you must feel so upset and so betrayed!” [observing their emotions and validating them], “How could he do that to you after you were so patient with him? [let her know what happened is unfair] and, “You’re such a wonderful girlfriend to him, as well! I can’t believe he’d treat you like this - you’re worth so much more than that.” [tell her that she’s valued as a person]. 
Trust me, this is more comforting than “YOU NEED TO IMMEDIATELY DUMP HIM” (even if you think she should!). 

Felicity and Thea giving Oliver EPIC side-eyes.

I’m hoping that it will be both Felicity and Thea who will investigate, discover and reveal that lying scumbag Susan Williams and her secret agenda.

Double the points if they tell Oliver and tag team him, just for fun!

Calum - Betrayal

Here’s the first part unrequested bad boy!Calum series. I’ve had this idea for a while and asked which boy you’d want me to write it about and the majority said Calum, so your wish is my command and here it is. Please tell me what you think and request the next part of you liked it!


‘These are perfect.’ I said, smelling the sweet fragrance of the bouquet of roses my boyfriend gave me. ‘Everything is just perfect.’ I said more to myself than to him and it was true. I was excelling in all my classes, it was our fourth anniversary of being together and everything just seemed to fit together nicely like everything was finally coming together. But, as the saying goes all good things must come to a bitter end or something like that anyway.
Ashton had asked me to meet him at his house before we made our way to our reservation, which was the place he had saved up for and taken me to on our very first date. This wasn’t unusual as he was always cutting things too close so as he lived closer to town we had established early on that it was best for me to meet him here. But today he was already dressed and was waiting for me on his doorstep with the roses. My smile widened across my face as a warm feeling flourished in my stomach at the sight of him. He held the door open for me and I faltered slightly as confusion enveloped me at the sight of my best friend.
‘Wh-what are you doing here?’ I asked her, looking from her to Ashton who was now stood to the side of us. 'Not that it’s not great to see you..I’m just slightly confused.’ I added quickly to soften the bluntness of my previous words.
'Well there’s something we have to tell you.’ Ashton mumbled and they both shared a quick glance.
'Okay.’ I dragged the two syllables out. 'Is this some kind of intervention?’ I asked. 'Because I’m not over working myself again, I swear.’
'Um, no it’s not.’ Ashton said, looking in my direction but not really looking at me as Hannah looked at the floor boards. Dread and worry replaced the warm feeling in my stomach. 'We, I, um, well we’ve kinda, um.’ He started nervously.
'Oh for crying out loud Ash. We’ve been seeing each other.’ Hannah said frustrated at Ashton. I stared at them in shock. The sting of her words felt like she had slapped me in the face. I wanted to throw up. The worst part was hearing her call him Ash. She had never called him Ash, only Ashton.
'Yes but it was only a few times and it was wrong and I’m really sorry.’ Ashton said as guilt poured out of every pore on his body. It all made sense now. The tight lipped smile that no longer reached his dark deceiving eyes, the awkwardness that surrounded them both whenever I approached, the way he suddenly got protective over his phone. My perfect life was a lie. My boyfriend of four years had been cheating on me with my best friend who had been my closest and only real friend since the age of 4. That too was a lie. I took a step back and reached for the handle, unable to process it properly and needing to get away from the two people I loved most, who had together ripped apart the foundations of my life.
'Y/N, wait.’ Ashton called, chasing after me out of the house.
'Are you fucking joking me?’ I shouted whirling round. 'You ask me to come here, you’re already ready by the time I get here for the first time in our relationship, you give me roses.’ I shouted as I throw them at his feet. Anger wasn’t even close to what I was feeling. I was vexed. 'And it’s all so you could play a charade to tell me that you’re a cheating lying scumbag, who had an affair with my fucking best friend. That’s sick.’ I spat at him, beginning to shake uncontrollably.
'Y/N.’ He begged.
'How long?’ I asked, crossing my arms as I glared daggers into his eyes.
'6 months ago was when..’
'Before summer? You’ve got to be joking.’ I laughed humourlessly. 'My family took you on holiday and you were already secretly screwing her.’
'Y/N, we didn’t mean for it to hap-’ Hannah spoke up.
'Don’t talk to me. I’ll be perfectly happy if I never have to speak to you again. You were my best friend. You knew how much I loved him and you still couldn’t keep your hands off him.’ I said, directing my anger towards her
'Y/N please, I’m sorry. It’s over I just wanted to be honest. I-’ he began, reaching his hands towards me.
'Oh, you wanted to get it off your conscience, make yourself feel better. That makes it okay doesn’t it?’ He nodded his head in agreement. 'No it fucking doesn’t. I don’t care how bad you feel because good. You should feel like fucking shit. Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t try to speak to me because we’re done Ashton and the same goes to you too.’ I glared at Hannah, who looked both upset and annoyed, as if she had the right. 'Live a happy fucking life together.’ Sarcasm flooded through my tone as I continued towards my car.
Angrily I slammed my door shut and put my car into gear. I drove off without a destination in mind. There’s no chance that I would go home because I didn’t want to relive the details of my break up that I was still trying to wrap my head around. So I just drove in a straight line unless the only option was to turn right or left and I just alternated between the two directions when I had to. All I needed was to distance myself from him.
Hannah had never really been a friend, but I had no one else so I just coped with her. She would always say snide remarks that made me feel like crap about my appearance or something I enjoyed doing. But then Ashton unexpectedly skipped into my life. I remembered how Hannah had tried to put me off him, but it was too late. I was already smitten with him and there was nothing she could do to change that. Looking back, I bet she just wanted him for herself. I’m surprised she waited this long to sink her claws into him.
'Fuck!’ I said under my breath in shock and panic as I slammed on my brakes, coming to a stop just before the crossing that was currently occupied with a guy wearing all black and shades, who was frozen in front of my car.
I stumbled out my car. 'I’m so sorry.’ I wasn’t paying attention and I should have been. Please tell me you’re okay.’ I rambled. The guy turned to me and from behind my panic blindfold I couldn’t tell that I had nearly ran over Calum Hood.
'What’s up sweetheart, worrying about what to wear for your next date, or what dress you’ll get for prom?’ He sniggered. Those shades blocking out any chance to see how he really felt.
'Oh just fuck off Hood.’ I said angrily. I wasn’t going to take his shit and his snide remark had reminded me of my arsehole of a boyfriend, which I had temporarily forgotten about.
'Awh, did someone get a bad grade on a test?’ He said in mock sadness, doing what Calum Hood does and takes the piss out of everyone as self defence. He was the guy who didn’t give a shit, rarely turned up to classes, always in trouble, developed several bad habits from a young age and didn’t care who he hurt.
'Why don’t you go speak to someone who actually gives a shit and good luck finding someone.’ I grabbed my car door handle and yanked it open, furiously slamming it shut. Once I was inside the emotion of everything finally got to me and the tears streamed down my cheeks.
He hadn’t moved yet so I beeped my horn until he did. My foot flew down on the accelerator, leaving an astonished Calum staring after me, since he had never caused me to retaliate as I always just brushed off his comments because I felt bad for him. But I was too angry to be worried if he saw me cry and how he would use it against me the next time I saw him.

'Y/N you’re in early.’ Mum called after me as I ran up the stairs, but my throat was thick with emotion and I couldn’t force any words out.
A gentle knock echoed in my room just before my mum tentatively opened the door. Instantly she was by my side, giving me a hug.
'What’s wrong honey?’ She asked in her soothing voice that caused a sob to escape.
I just shook my head. 'I-I don’t want to talk about it.’ I wailed.
'It’s okay honey.’ She said, stroking my hair and rocking me gently.
'Y/N, Ashton’s here.’ My dad called from downstairs.

Part 2

The Better Boyfriend (Tony Stark x Reader Drabble)

It’s nearly 1am and I should sleep but sleep is for the weak (I won’t be saying that when I wake up tomorrow, believe me)

Also, I know some of these are more drabbles and others are full blown imagines. It really depends on the idea/prompt. 


Prompt ;   ‘I’d rather spend the rest of my life with a murderous psychopath than go anywhere near that idiot’

Request; Can I request prompt 2 with Tony?


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

E/N - Ex’s name 

Warnings; swearing 


‘Please, Y/N? For me?’ Your boyfriend whined, tugging at your hand. You ignored him, continuing to type angrily away at your computer. He huffed and wrapped his arms around shoulders as a last attempt. 

One of the magical powers you had acquired during your year as Tony Stark’s significant other was the ability to ignore him when he became exceptionally annoying. Sadly, not everyone had gained this skill.

‘You can’t ignore me forever! It’s just one night-’

‘I am not going near E/N!’ You finally snapped. ‘I’d rather spend the rest of my life with a murderous psychopath than go anywhere near that idiot. He’s a lying, cheating scumbag and I-

Tony interrupted, knowing you would rant on for hours. ‘It’s just a party, Y/N! If I turn up on my own, then I’ll get the Y/N finds Tony too annoying to hang out with from Rhodey! Plus, you can show off your hotter, better boyfriend ito E/N!’

You stopped for a second, having an internal debate. ‘And can we talk about how successful I am?’

‘Or how rich I am? And how I own a sky-scraper?’

You grinned, cracking your knuckles. ‘It’s a date.’

Tony released you from his arms and grinned, giving you a kiss on the cheek. ‘I’ll also give him a black eye for cheating on you.’

Even better!

Hope you enjoyed!


Cristiano Ronaldo - On Again, Off Again

“So what? This is like the hundredth time you two broke up? So you’re getting back together, as always, right?” Natasha nudged me curiously, her expression unreadable. “What happened this time, anyway?”

“Well…” I started, re-envisioning the night of Cris’ birthday.

“Fuck yeahh!” Cristiano slurred, leaning against me for balance as loud music erupted through out the packed club. “It’s my birthdayy!”

“Sure is,” I chuckled at my boyfriends drunken state, seating him on one of the empty booths. “I’m going to get you some water! Don’t move, okay?” I informed over the loud music before making my way over to the bar. “What can I get you, ma'am?” The bartender asked, a polite smile on his face. “A water, please!” I ordered, leaning against the counter. He nodded, walking away before returning, a bottle of ice cold water in hand. “Have a great night.” “Thanks,” I began making my way back to the booth Cristiano was sat at, only to find some tramp straddling him, her lips connected to his as she literally ate his face off. 

“You fucking asshole,” I spat, pouring the water all over the two of them.

The girl gasped, jolting up to her feet as water trickled down her blonde hair and face. “You bitch!” She squealed, running off to the ladies room in cries of horror.

“(Y/N)-” Cristiano began explaining, but I wasn’t having it. “Don’t you dare!” I yelled loudly, attracting a crowds attention. “You lying, cheating scumbag! I don’t know why I keep giving you chances time after time. Fuck you, Ronaldo.” I hissed, giving him my back and making a beeline to the exit. “(Y/N) I swear it’s not what it looks like!” He called after me, chasing me through the silent crowd. “Save it!”

“He keeps texting and calling, explaining she came onto him but I don’t know what to believe.” I sighed, gripping my forehead in frustration.

“Give him another chance?” My best friend suggested. 

“No,” I chuckled bitterly. “No more chances.”

Tash nodded in understanding. “Well I’ve got to go,” She mumbled, pushing herself off my living room couch. She grabbed her purse and I walked her to the door, enveloping her into a warm hug before swinging the front door open. “Keep in touch, okay?” I smiled, waving a small goodbye as she walked down the front porch, “I will!”

Just as I was about to slam the door shut, a forceful hand stopped it midway. “What the hell?” I reopened the door only to find Cristiano standing on the steps, a petty look on his face. 

“You again?” I sighed, walking away from the door, which I left wide open. It was no point trying to get him to leave because he would probably decline. 

“We have to talk, (Y/N),” His tone came out a desperate plea as he closed the front door and followed me into the living room. “There’s nothing to talk about,” I replied coldly, plopping down on one of the couches. “Please hear me out,” Cris sat on the ground facing me to block my view of the television. I rolled my eyes at him dramatically before sitting back into the couch, my arms crossed over my chest.

Cristiano took this as his cue to speak, and he didn’t waste a single moment as he began explaining. “That night,” He started, running a hand through his hair nervously. “That night I was so happy I’d managed to convince you to give me one more chance… I was so happy to be celebrating my birthday with you and I might have gotten a bit too intoxicated. I became unaware of my surroundings and you saw how I could barely stand on my own. When that girl came- I didn’t even know who the hell she was and she threw herself onto me! I couldn’t muster up the energy to shove her off, but I swear to god I didn’t kiss back. I kept mumbling for her to get off but she wouldn’t budge and then you came and-” He groaned, frustrated. By now tears were brimming in his eyes and he tilted his head back in anger, covering his face as he did so.

“Please, (Y/N),” His voice cracked at my name, making me go weak in the knees.

“Don’t cry,” I whispered, immediately giving into him.

“I don’t want to be without you anymore,” He sobbed.

That’s all it took to soften me up. I cupped his face in my hands, smashing my lips against his longingly. He kissed me back with so much want, so much need not even the best liar in the world could pull off such an emotion. “I love you, I swear I only love you,” He mumbled against my lips, crawling on top of me. One thing led to another and we ended up naked, scratching and biting each others bare skin as we made love for the first time in a long time.


Pacing back and forth in front of the front door, I awaited Cristiano’s arrival intently, a flow of emotions running through my veins. It’s been two weeks since we slept together and I’d been getting pregnancy blues ever since. It was nothing at first, but then my doctor confirmed I was with child and I became so scared, not knowing what to do but I knew I had to let Cris know.

A pair of keys jiggled from behind the wooden door, making me freeze in my spot and a worried Cristiano came barging in. “Whats going on?” He breathed, scurrying over to me. “Are you alright?”

“I need to tell you something…” I gulped, eyes wide in agitation. 

“What is it?” He eyed me warily, anticipating my answer. 

“I’m pregnant,” I chocked the words out, my eyes pooling with tears.

“W-what?” He gasped, eyes widening. “You’re what? Pregnant? Did you just say you’re pregnant?” He rambled on, running a hand through his hair. “You’re pregnant?” Cris repeated, pacing back and forth utter shock. “You’re pregnant.” He came to an abrupt stop. “You’re fucking pregnant!” He chuckled, tearing up as he picked me up off the floor and spun me around gleefully. I was caught of guard to say the least. “Oh my God,” He mumbled, placing me back on the ground. “You’re having our first child!” He laughed joyously, placing a hand on my stomach. “I am,” I let a few tears of happiness and relief escape my eyes. 

Calum - Betrayal Part 4

Thank you for all the requests you guys keep sending in for this series. I’m so glad you all like it! Here’s part 4 and she gets a little bit of justice. Request for the next part to see what happens next!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

His last question stopped me in my tracks. He finally caught my attention. Anger flared up inside me because he didn’t own me.
‘I can do what I like Ashton.’ I said, whirling round on him.
‘So you’re doing Hood?’ He said smirking at his attempt to embarrass me, yet his annoyance seeped through.
'I’m not actually, yet I don’t see how that’s any of your business. We’re not together anymore. You lost that privelige when you became a lying, cheating scumbag.’ I spat out, turning around and storming away from him, leaving him in shock. His friends laughed, showing that I had won that argument and seconds later a grunt reached my ears. Clearly, Ashton had punched one of them, not happy that I had showed him up in front of his friends and the various students stood by watching our little disagreement.
Not feeling like going to class I headed towards the toilets to compose myself. It was empty as lessons had started. I was going to be late but I honestly didn’t care because I was fuming. Why does he have the right to get mad at whether I was in Calum’s car or not? He has no right to be angry because he’s the one who tossed our relationship in the bin not me.
These thoughts circled my brain, making me more and more vexed, so I stormed out the toilets and headed to class, half an hour late.
I opened the door and swiftly slid into my seat without apologising for my lateness. My teacher couldn’t hide her shock as she faltered slightly, but quickly picked up what she was saying. I had never been late to a class due to the fear of everyone staring at me, so this was a first.
Everyone else went back to looking at our teacher Jenny apart from one surprised face, who I was actually surprised to see in this class since he barely turned up. Calum’s raised eyebrow was replaced with a slight chuckle and a shake of his head when I directed my glaring gaze at him. His pen was on the table and his sheet was blank, which contrasted with the scribble of notes that surrounded me.
When Jenny dismissed the class my stuff was already securely in my bag and I was the first out the door. It felt like everyone was staring at me and all whispers were gossip about me as I passed. Getting out of Calum Hood’s car probably didn’t help. That would be the talk of the college. Instantly I was likely to be pinned 'Calum Hood’s new fling,’ which I wasn’t thrilled about.
My English lesson and history lesson came and passed as everything my teachers said floated in front of me not quite reaching my ears. My page remained blank and the pen was only picked up to be stuffed into my bag. I was in a trance that I couldn’t snap out of. Blocking everything out I headed towards the car park. It was the start of dinner but college no longer appealed to me.
'Hey Y/N, I was talking to you.’ A blonde stepped in front of me with her arms crossed and a scowl etched into her prettily made up face.
'Oh.’ I said bluntly, attempting to walk around her, but her arm flew out, stopping me in my tracks. My head snapped towards her. She wasn’t letting me go anywhere until she had said her monologue. So I sighed and crossed my arms. 'Oh, you want me to listen.’ I said with attitude thickly lacing my tone.
'It wasn’t planned. We hooked up at a party that you wasn’t at but we were both really drunk. It only happened a few times after, but it’s over now.’ She said, crossing her arms. Clearly, she was pissed off at me too.
'Okay.’ I muttered and walked away.
'Don’t walk away from me!’ She practically yelled. I turned and looked at her surprised.
'Why do you and Ashton think you have a right to be angry at me? Because you don’t.’ I said, crossing my arms.
'Just get off your high horse and go back to how things were.’ She demanded, mimicking my stance.
'I actually didn’t like being your friend. You only want someone to control and make them feel like crap so you feel better. I don’t want that in my life anymore.’ I said, letting my anger radiate towards her.
'We’ve been friends for years!’ She squealed, stamping her foot like the 4 year old she was.
'That meant nothing to you when you were sleeping with my boyfriend so why should it mean anything now?’ I asked coolly, smirking at the reaction I was provoking. She knew she was losing this battle.
'Y/N.’ A voice shouted from behind me, turning I saw Hood leaning on his car smoking a cig. 'Want a lift?’ He asked.
'Hold on.’ I shouted back and turned towards Hannah. 'Goodbye Han.’ I said laughing as I smiled and waved sarcastically. Her shock was plainly written on her face, which made me chuckle more. I grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag and slid them on as I turned towards Hood’s car that was parked across two bays. He dropped the cig and stamped it out. His action felt like what I had just done to Hannah, stamped her out of my life, putting an end to our friendship. A smile spread across my face and I laughed as I got into his car.
'You’ve suddenly changed mood.’ He said, raising an eyebrow.
'I finally just told her what I really thought and god it felt good.’ I said, stretching out my arms and giggling more.
He pulled out the car park and I turned on my seat to see Hannah frozen, watching us leave college. 'The look on her face is priceless.’ I gloated.
'Well yeah, who’d think Y/N Y/L/N would ever skip college.’ He laughed.
'You’re a bad influence Hood.’ I said.
'You were already leaving I just thought I’d help.’ He smirked, causing me to roll my eyes. 'You got rid of the bag I see.’ He said, glancing to the one bag stuffed in front of my bags, half the amount that was there this morning.
'Oh yes, it’s gone.’ I smiled, feeling relieved that he was out of my life. 'This isn’t the way.’ I said, narrowing my eyes at the surroundings. He had turned right instead of left, which was the opposite direction to my house.
'I know. I thought you might want cheering up so I thought we’d take a detour, but you seem alright so now I’m just doing it for me.’ He winked as a smug smile stretched across his face, causing the skin to crinkle around dark brown eyes.
'Okay so where are we going?’ I asked excitedly. Adrenaline was pumping round my system. The spontaneity of the whole situation was giving me a rush that felt good.
'It’s a secret.’ He whispered.
'Calum.’ I moaned, softly nudging his arm. A laugh fell from his lips as he quickly spared a glance in my direction.
'You’ll have to wait and see.’ His arrogance filled the car, which prompted my eyes to roll. 'I’d get comfy because it’s not a short ride.’
'Fine.’ I sulked, slumping into the chair and crossing my arms. He laughed at me but I knew it wouldn’t work on him so I kicked off my shoes and rested my feet on his dashboard. 'But I get this.’ I said, quickly grabbing his hat and placing it on my head. His mess of curls tumbled onto his forehead, making him look quite cute. The rim feel below my eyes. 'How big is your head?’ I asked, readjusting the size.
'Hey.’ He complained, trying to reach for his SnapBack.
'Both hands on the wheel Hood.’ I smirked as I made myself comfy for the mysterious journey towards the secret destination

Part 5