lying pig

It’s always so sad to watch naive fascists come to grips with the fact that lying pig they voted for because he was telling the right sort of lies was lying to them as well.
—  Shakezulu, Lawyers, Guns and Money

People frequently ask me if I would eat an animal if it died of natural causes or in an accident. I´ve always struggled to understand how this is even relevant. The animal flesh people buy does not come from freak accident or animals dying of old age. The majority of flesh people eat comes from systematic breeding, exploitation, and slaughter of animals.

A couple of days ago a truck transporting pigs to a slaughterhouse in Canada had an accident and 42 pigs died. The majority of the surviving pigs were limping and visibly injured as they were forced to march to their death. Some pigs were too injured to move very far. These pigs were lying in the grass for hours in pain. Activists were desperately attempting to reason with the slaughterhouse workers, police, and what looks like a bloody SWAT team. These compassionate people were begging to give water to injured pigs, to stroke and comfort them, provide medical attention, and to bring them to sanctuaries. The repeated pleas were constantly ignored. In the end this innocent pig was shot by the parking lot behind cardboard. Do you know what happened to the corpse? Her dead body was put in a bin. The flesh of the pigs that died in the accident and those whom were killed due to being too injured to walk to the gas chamber, was considered unsuitable for human consumption.


Another sketch dump of things I will never expand on. 

first two are an alternate version of the “Land Before Swine” In the main Mystery dads au verse.

  Basically the idea is that Fiddleford figures out the Stan’s lying and lost the pig very quickly. But he wants Stan to admit it himself, so instead of telling Mabel he’s just really salty up until Waddles and Stan fall into the chasm, At which point Fidds feels really bad cause he thinks his husband is dead. 

Also he does not get eaten by anything.

the third pic is just some doodling that I really liked.

and the last picture is Mystery Dads Fiddleford attacking his ex in his giant robot.

anonymous asked:

so today is vday and the guy i like and knows i like him is out on a date and when i asked if about it he said that she was his friend, so i deleted him off of snapchat and did not reply to his messages, he double texted me and i still have not replied... am i overthinking this? or should i just leave him alone? i really need your advice

Babe he’s out on a date with another girl… on valentine’s day. If that’s not clear enough, then idk what is. I’m sorry, he’s clearly disinterested and, imo, a real pig for lying about it to you. I’d snip him away from ur life, at least for now

I hope Tamlin doesn’t die in ACOMAF3. Not because I care about him but because I want him to forever live his immortal life knowing that Feyre, a weak, innocent, uncapable female (in his eyes), destroyed him.
I want him to wake up every morning and realize that Feyre and Rhysand are happy. That he lost everything he held dear (hopefully Lucien ends up with Elain very far from Tamlin the lying, manipulative tool), and it was all at the hands of a woman he severely underestimated.
And I don’t care if that makes me a terrible person, but in my eyes he deserves it for being such a lying, traitorous, manipulative, pig-headed, unworthy fuck-tard.

On some real shit tho has the fat acceptance actually done anything positive besides lying to impressionable girls about health? And glorifying obesity which is a huge problem in our country right now? Has it done anything besides breed a hateful group of overweight women who demand people to find them attractive? Who demand special privileges? Im all for feeling beautiful in your skin im pretty overweight myself and i am not comfortable in my own skin because of it because i know its unhealthy and diabetes runs in my family. And seeing people WANTING to be morbidly obese makes me very sad. Your lifespan is sliced in half at that point and people are encouraging it! You tell me how that makes any sense! A life riddled with disease and pain constantly? And for what? Shame on you. Shame on the fat acceptance movement for encouraging obesity and lying about facts and telling people their doctors are lying, “fatphobic”, misogynistic pigs. Its disgusting and it is unhealthy.