lying online

i get that it’s cool to shit on JK for anything because if there’s one thing that i get is the joy of shitting on people………but some ppl need to stop acting like “JK ruined harry potter” and start dealing with the fact that JK created harry potter, as in this thing that u blog about all day is her creation, not something that she found lying around and posted online

anonymous asked:

Do you think you show your true personality online or do you tend to put on a "front" or hide your true self?

I’m authentic online. Lying doesn’t sit well with me. That’s why I come off as an asshole sometimes; I’d rather tell the unpleasant truth and keep my integrity than be a sweet-talking phony. I want to be someone people can trust.

The only semblance of a front I put up is in regard to my mood. For example, if I’m depressed, or anxious, or feeling shitty, I’m not going to show it in my vlogs. I’m going to put on my big girl panties and deliver personality, because you guys deserve that. There was a period when filming was difficult for me because Cliff’s condition was so bad. We were both stressed, I wasn’t sleeping, my anxiety was at its worst, and Cliff needed me a lot. I had to cancel a few vlogs; people complained, and God did that piss me off. But when it came time to film, I pulled myself together. Quality content is important to me, and moping on camera isn’t my style.