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lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

Fandom as a whole is not “minor-friendly”

Nor should it be.

If you want to live in a “Children of the Corn”-style bubble of innocence and purity, well, to me, that’s a startling approach to adolescence, but every generation’s got to find its own way to reject the one before, so: do as you will.  But you can’t bring the bubble to the party, kids.  Fandom, established media-style fandom, was by and for adults before some of your parents were born now.  You don’t get to show up and demand that everyone suddenly change their ways because you’re a minor and you want to enjoy the benefits of adult creative activity without the bits that make you uncomfortable.  If you think you’re old enough to be roaming the Internet unsupervised, then you also think you’re old enough to be working out your limits by experience, like everybody else, like I did when I was underage and lying about it online.  If you’re not old enough to be roaming the Internet unsupervised and you’re doing it anyway, then that’s on your parents, not on fandom.

If you were only reading fic rated G on AO3, if you had the various safe modes on other media enabled, you would be encountering very little disturbing material, anyway (at least in the crude way people tend to define “disturbing” these days; some of the most frankly horrifying art I have ever engaged with would have been rated PG at most under present systems, but none of that kind of work ever seems to draw your protests).  In the end, what you really want is to be able to seek out the edges of your little world, but be able to blame other people when you don’t like what you find.  Sorry.  Adolescence is when you get to stop expecting others to pad your world for you and start experiencing the actual consequences of the risks you take, including feeling appalled and revolted at what other people think and feel.

Now, ironically, fandom’s actually a fairly good place for such risk-taking, as, for the most part, you control whether you engage and you can choose the level of your engagement.   You can leave a site, blacklist something, stop reading an author, walk away from your computer.  Are there actual people (as opposed to works of art, which cannot engage with you unless you engage with them) who will take advantage of you in fandom?  Of course there are.  Unfortunately, such people are everywhere.  They will be there however “innocent” and “wholesome” the environment appears to be, superficially.  That’s evil for you.  There are abusers in elementary school.  There are abusers in scout troops.  There are abusers in houses of worship.  Shutting down adult creative activity because you happen to be in the vicinity isn’t going to change any of that.  It may help you avoid some of those icky feelings that you get when you think about sex (and you live in a rape culture, those feelings are actually understandable, even if your coping techniques are terrible), but no one, except maybe your parents, has a moral imperative to help you avoid those.  

In the end, you’re not my kid and you’re not my intended audience.  I’m under no obligation to imagine only healthy, wholesome relationships between people for your benefit.  Until you’re old enough to understand that the world is not exclusively made up of people whose responsibility it is to protect you from your own decisions, yes, you’re too young for established media fandom.  Fandom shouldn’t be “friendly” to you.  

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WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK?? Over 300 notes, and almost all of them are from radfems educating your ass! I just knew that when op went on that blocking spree we were about to experience some alternative facts

#the only terf who answered was bi and didn’t want to speak over lesbians

Sorry auntiewanda, i guess you’re bi now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

how to depressive episode!1!!

you will need:

  • instant coffee from the asian section of your friendly neighborhood walmart (aka a fun 2:30am insomnia-fueled wandering location)
  • ibuprofen
  • baby wipes and deodorant (showering whom?? i don’t know her)
  • frozen meals… and tortilla chips for eating plain when too sad to use the microwave
  • at least one clean pair of sweats because if you start out with dirty sweats they’ll just get dirtier, at least if they’re clean they won’t stand up on their own by the time you’re able to change out of them
  • sparkling water (honestly drinking a can of sparkling water and then sleeping for 12 hours in the middle of the day is my aesthetic)

don’t forget to:

  • lose any and all motivation to do literally anything (including,,, even,, ,, , idfk staying alive or somethign)
  • destroy every social connection you have because of the fluctuation between soul-crushing loneliness and horrifyingly low tolerance for socialization
  • pet an animal for several hours
  • drink enough coffee to Accelerate The Sadness
  • cry
  • Lay On The Floor™
  • doubt every aspect of yourself and every decision you’ve literally ever made in your entire life
  • look at Relatable posts online while lying in one position in bed for 16+ hours straight and chugging lukewarm water you put on your nightstand three days ago
Imagine Jughead

Not really liking you cause you’re new to town and he can’t find anything about you online.

“Archie, I’m telling you I don’t like them.” Jughead stated after another failed attempt to trying to find anything about you.

“They told you about their past schools and towns, why are you so hung up on them?”

“Because, Archie there is absolutely nothing about them online. They’re lying about something and I’ll get to he bottom of it.”

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The deepest circle of hell is for whoever made those 30 minute questionnaires on job applications.
What am I applying for, president of … EVERYTHING? 
For$9, You know how I’m going to act In every situation on your survey ….
I’m not going to care.
No one who can honestly put strongly agree for: taking the lead, always completing tasks and loving a ever changing fast paced environment is not applying to work at Target.
They’re making something out of themselves at NASA..
They’re not online lying to your shitty retail job SAT questions

Imagine sitting at your computer, bored, working on an assignment/watching something/scrolling through the internet/doing whatever on it. Your favorite character walks into the room and says your name to get your attention, but you don’t hear them due to having headphones on. They say your name again, but to no avail. They then walk up behind you, reach over your shoulder, pause what you’re listening to/watching, and gently slip off your headphones. They slowly pull your chair back away from your desk and walk in front of you. They lean forward a little, tilt your chin up, and a warm smile spreads across their face. They then kiss you, pulling you into their arms, making you forget what it was that you were just working on.

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Can you please do Iwatobi and Samezuka playing video games with their s/o? Thanks!! x

You’re welcome!! Hope it’s okay that I’m doubling up the boys! (Also, note: I forgot to queue this up for the right time so I’m regrettably writing this up at 1:30 am, so apologies if it’s not as good).

Haru and Sousuke:

They’re both quiet and serious gamers, so it wouldn’t be particularly social if it was just them and their s/o’s playing together. However a lot of the time, if there are any spare headsets lying around, they’ll play online with Makoto or Rin and their partners, making it into one big competition between the two teams to see who could complete the level first.

“We’ll totally beat them, _____!”

Makoto and Aii:

These two would probably be too focused on their partners to be actually concentrating on the game; their reactions to finding a hidden room, their groans after spending twenty minutes fighting the boss battle and then losing, and their smiles and cheers of joy when they finally got to the next level. Makoto and Aii would be so distracted that they’d lose lives in the game more than they could count.

“Ahh, sorry I’m so far behind…”

Nagisa and Momo:

If their partners just so happen to better than them at the game, they would end up with the biggest pout on their lips and begin to sulk, much to their s/o’s humor. This would only end up in playful arguments and bet placements which Nagisa and Momo would inevitably lose with their luck.

“_____-chan, it’s not fair! I want to play a different game now!”


Rei somehow already knows about all of the shortcuts and how to complete the objectives, even if he had never played the game before. His s/o would be quite annoyed that he was getting so far ahead of them that they’d accuse him of cheating, saying that he couldn’t possibly know about it all. However, they would only claim that to hide the fact that they just weren’t very good at the game!

“It’s just logical thinking, _____, it’s simple. If you used your head you could get to the next level easily.”

Rin and Seijuurou:

These two boys are absolutely ruthless when it comes to games, brutally beating their s/o every single time. And the were hardly modest either; their partners had never seen such sore winners and would give up on the game after humoring the boys for a while. Rin and Sei, wanting to carry on with them, would try to persuade them to stay and play, letting them win a few times so they wouldn’t leave.

“See! You beat me again, _____!”

i get that it’s cool to shit on JK for anything because if there’s one thing that i get is the joy of shitting on people………but some ppl need to stop acting like “JK ruined harry potter” and start dealing with the fact that JK created harry potter, as in this thing that u blog about all day is her creation, not something that she found lying around and posted online