lying on the ground and bleeding

If Touka is abusive, then what is Kaneki?

Remember what happened the last time he and Tsukiyama met? He beat the shit out of him and left him there, lying and bleeding on the ground, when he could have just knocked him unconscious instead. Or what he did to Ayato–a 14 year old boy–after he beat up Touka? He tortured him. Broke 103 of his bones. He took Hinami with him, not giving a shit about her safety or Touka’s feelings, even though Touka loves her like a sister and fears nothing more than abandonment/losing the people dear to her. He attacked and injured Banjou (and Yomo in the anime I think). If Touka hadn’t stopped him after the fight with Nishiki, he would have killed and eaten Hide. And yeah, I’m aware he wasn’t really himself back then, but still? That is not the base of a healthy friend/relationship? Not to mention, it happened again at the end of the manga, and it seems like no one was there to stop him.

Kaneki is dangerous and unpredictable. His relationship with Hide is toxic and anything but healthy–like (almost) any other relationship in Tokyo Ghoul–and he knows it. In fact, I’m pretty sure they both do.

Yet for some reason, everyone has a problem with Kaneki and Touka’s relationship because of how she treated him. Touka (a 16!!! year!!! old!!! girl!!!!) who, since she didn’t know how to reach out to and make someone important to her aware of their selfish and self-destructive behavior, felt so helpless, she snapped, is considered abusive. Whereas characters like Kaneki, Nishiki, Uta and Tsukiyama–grown-ups–who have done worse things to the people close to them, are praised because of their tragic backstories. Despite the fact that Touka has a very tragic backstory herself.

Like, you can’t tell me this has nothing to do with her being a girl when everyone worships male characters for the same reason they despise her.

Take Ayato for example. His and Touka’s personalities are obviously very similar; they’re both short-tempered, stubborn, aggressive and have a cocky attitude. Except, Ayato is worse than her. In every aspect.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Ayato just as much as I love Touka, but I don’t think it’s fair that he gets praised for the same shit Touka gets hated on.

Ayato and Hinami’s current situation mirrors Kaneki and Touka’s when he was kidnapped by Aogiri. Ayato is slowly growing as a character, starting to care about others and maturing the same way Touka did, so why is he so loved while Touka constantly gets bashed by the fandom?

There are two simple answers to that question:

1. The shippers feel threatened.
Unfortunately, we live in very a hetero-normative world. Tokyo Ghoul is neither shonen ai nor yaoi. It is seinen. So while same sex relationships might be addressed and represented throughout the story (God bless Ishida Sui), if anything, we can assume that the main (male) character won’t end up in a relationship with his best guy friend, but rather with the main female character instead. Whether this is the case in TG or not, we don’t know yet, but the possibility seems likely.

2. The female audience/readers feel threatened.
I don’t know what it is that makes young girls despise strong, relatable and well-written female characters so much. Or actually, I do. Girls are taught to shame and compete with each other from a very young age, so as soon as a strong female character appears, they feel threatened because they believe said character raises the expectations and puts more pressure on them, which may or may not be true, depending on who they surround themselves with.

To be fair, sometimes you just don’t like a character regardless of how well-written or relatable they are, but the difference between disliking and hating a character, is that you usually don’t waste your time talking about or bashing someone you don’t like. Unless you are jealous or feel threatened by them.

As a surgeon who worked in Gaza last year, hearing that 511 Palestinians died after their ambulances were obstructed doesn’t surprise me

In July last year, Anas ‘Bader’ Hatem Qdeih, a seven-year-old boy already experiencing the fourth major conflict of his short life, was separated from his family as they fled with thousands of others from Israel’s bombardment of Khuza’a in northern Gaza. His mother and sisters managed to find shelter in a nearby kindergarten, but Bader was still running in the street when an artillery shell exploded nearby and his abdomen was cut open by shrapnel.

It took nearly four hours for an ambulance from the International Committee of the Red Cross to be permitted by the Israeli military into Khuza’a. They found Bader lying in the road, bleeding heavily from his injuries. On the way to hospital, the ambulance was stopped by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint. They ordered everyone out, including Bader, who was placed on a stretcher on the ground while the vehicle was searched. After waiting for 27 minutes, they were permitted to leave for the hospital. Approximately four and a half hours after being struck down, Bader died in the back of the ambulance without ever reaching a hospital.

Bader’s case is tragic but, sadly, not unique. During last summer’s assault on Gaza, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed. International law is very clear on the need to ensure access to remove and treat the wounded in times of conflict, and yet in Gaza last summer this was often prevented or delayed. New data has revealed that of these, 511 – including 67 children – never received medical assistance before their deaths due to obstructions to ambulance access.

I saw the effects of attacks on healthcare first-hand last summer while part of a Medical Aid for Palestinians surgical mission in Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital. During the attacks, the outpatient department was hit by an airstrike and so many ambulances were struck that patients started refusing to get in them, preferring to be brought to us by car. In total, 16 medical workers were killed while on duty and 83, many of them ambulance drivers, were injured.

Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah is the Chief of Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at American University of Beirut (AUB) Medical Centre.

When they were showing what happened to Lydia’s friends, in the visions we see that out of everyone, only Stiles appeared to be close to dead / dead already.

Scott and Liam were fighting. Melissa and the Sheriff were also fighting. Kira left. Malia is in trouble but she’s not yet dying. Parrish appears to be supernatural-ing. But Stiles. He was lying on the ground, bleeding and unconscious, if not alreay dead.

This is toying with my emotions.

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Ok so using only songs from one artist you gotta answer the questions with titles, not song meanings, and try not to repeat any. Then once ur done tag 10 or so pals.

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  • your gender: who the fuck?
  • describe yourself: happy and bleeding
  • how you feel: before departure
  • if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go: down by the water
  • favorite form of transportation: losing ground
  • your best friend is: sweeter than anything
  • you and your best friend are: a place called home
  • favorite time of day: lying in the sun
  • if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: this mess we’re in
  • what is life to you: passionless, pointless
  • your relationship: silence
  • your fear: all and everyone

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im tagging albo-i-nie shytsukiyama synthen theomania freudian ceratophry splicerspawn !!

|| Awkward! ||

cauxdliion continued from here

Stupid, stupid! He should have double checked, he should have taken just two extra seconds to look Robin over before running off to fight the Akuma again. His mind had been other places, and after he’d pulled her out of the way when the bullet hit the building behind her, she had seemed just fine. He’d glanced too quickly, didn’t check her over–and when he found her again, just twenty minutes or so later, she was lying on the ground only a few feet from where he’d left her, unconscious and bleeding.

As he leans over her now, guilt twists his stomach and his hands fumble more than he’d like while he tries to clean up the blood and see how badly she’s been hurt. He should have made sure she was alright earlier…

Jamie sighs with relief when she finally wakes up, but stammers out a few directions that he’s not sure she can understand. She looks dazed–and to make matters worse, his nervousness has him stuttering like he’s got ice in his teeth. He just wants to tell her not to move, to lie still for a second–

And then her lips are brushing his. Jamie’s stuttering stops–but so does every other sound from his mouth. Including his breath. That was not what he expected. He blushes right up to his ears, but by the look on her face, Robin is just as surprised.

“I-i…it’s alright. Ye got h-hit bad in the h…the head. Gonna s-stop the bleeding fir…first.” His freckles have disappeared entirely into his blushing cheeks, but embarrassment can’t stop him from helping his mission partner.


If this a goodbye then I hope the next girl you fall in love with is also your best friend. I hope you two treat each other better then we did. I hope she can show you what happiness looks like
I tried to make it work as friends but we tore each other down any chance we got with words like claws laced with venom
We never realized how toxic we really were for each other until we were both lying on the ground bleeding out staring at the destruction around us
That is not what happy is
You had this false idea that happy was talking to me and it wasn’t
I hope the next girl can show you what it really is

Let go

Lock eyes
My angel
Tears fall as she cries
His angel.

Close my lids
Open my heart
I know I love too easily
It flies quick and sticks like a dart.

A broken dream
A hollow shell
Her wings damaged
Snapped as she fell.

Heaven is no longer home
Hell is all around
The demons follow her night and day
Ready to pull her back into the ground.

The soil awaits
For her to rest
Her head upon
It’s killing chest

A poisoned mind
Cannot be happy
A sickness cannot
Repair a break.

They both sit crying
They fall apart
She knows he’s lying
But she still gives him her bleeding heart.

So close your eyes
Let the world melt away
I know I love too easy
I know I love too quick

Darling I’m a nightmare
I know that I’m a mess
But I just can’t bring myself to care
Or save myself from death

As she surrenders to the earth
I surrender to fate
As my life drifts off across the sea
And we forget about love and hate

They let themselves be free
They cut all ties
They became one
And forgot about the lies

We are all at peace in death
And we all forget
For everything’s numb
And I will just let
The world wash away
Like blood in a pool of water
The terrors, fears that were sure to stay
Now leave me,
Quietly and calm.

The first time in a long while
I am happy
I am free
I can’t quite bring myself to smile
But it’s closer than it’s ever been.

They forgot about each other
I forgot about it all
As we stop grasping to the sadness
And it releases its hold.

(Another bullshit poem courtesy of me, you’re welcome haha)


The elephants slowly crush the skyscrapers as they descend. People are shown lying in the streets, all bleeding from the ears and apparently dead. The sound is fading from the viewer’s perspective to a quiet static.

They continue to descend. The earth is an orb of grey now. An elephant hoof is seen nearing the ground. It drops slowly at a continual pace. Closer. Closer. An inch before it reaches ground, the screen cuts to black.

Saturday June 20th 2015

God I fucking hate you. It’s liken you don’t give a damn about me. Like i could be lying on the ground bleeding out and you wouldn’t give a fuck. Everytime I feel sorry for your shitty life. I get pulled back in and for what? So you can crush me. Fuck you. I hope whatever it is you dreamt really comes true.


We’ve gotten reports about a fight and a major drug’s bust in Mist, right outside of the infamous pub in Mist Street; The Pulse. This happened late on Sunday night. When the police arrived at the scene they found one man with a baseball bat, who’s been identified as Emmett Benson, another man named Sven Ruud standing over a third man who seemed to be severly injured. A fourth man was lying on the ground, visibly hurt and bleeding from his forehead. The names of the two injured men have not been revealed for security reasons, but we’ve been told they’re from Argent Hills. Ruud and Benson both live in Mist and work at the Pulse.

The police called for medical help and back up at once. While looking through the trunk of a parked car the men from Argent claimed belonged to Ruud and Benson the officer found a big quantity of heavy narcotics. Our sources tell us Ruud and Benson were brought to the police station once back up arrived, and they both might face charges of drug possession and sale, and of assault. The two men from Argent were sent to the hospital immediately. The police still need more evidence in the case to give any more details. We’ll keep you updated.

If anyone has any information or opinions about the event, we would love to hear from you.

Tears slid down her face as she cried a little bit more. ‘What happened to us?’  The rain hid her real sadness as she stared into the eyes of the woman who used to express such passion and desire.  'I’m not anything to you anymore, am I? Because everyday I fight for you and me but right now,’ she said, slamming her foot into the ground, pointing with the opposite finger, 'I don’t see tears bleeding from your eyes and pain screaming from your mouth.  I give you everything but I get nothing and I can’t live that way. I can’t continue lying and telling myself that you do care.  I’m not going to be in relationship with someone that doesn’t care about me.  I’m better off being in a relationship with myself because at least I’m okay with not caring about me.’  She stood there, quietly as the rain pierced her eyes. A few quick seconds passed and she turned on her heel, walking away through the rain and fog, turning over a new page in her life.
—  Real Life


“Okay here goes nothing.”Rocky pushed herself off the edge and let herself drop down to the ground from the half-ly collapsed roof off a coffee house that rested onto the other building beside it.The loud stump echoed through the park when she landed and it was enough for her to circle around herself to make sure if she was alone or not,like if there was a half unconscious teenager laying on the road.So she knelt down and sighed before she started snapping her fingers in his face to wake him up.

HEY!- you..uh,are you okay?”

“You’re not bleeding anywhere right?I think raptorrexzilla is gone to the other part of the Island so you don’t have to worry about getting eaten.”

‘‘Well, what a tricky situation..uhm..where’s Ishi when you need him..’’

Is actually lying on the ground bleeding with an ukaku quinque stuck in their stomach/side. Still, they’s still laughing about it, somehow, probably a natural reaction at this point.

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Clenching her fist so hard that the claws caused her to bleed. She looked at the ground. "Humans disgust me. Always playing tricks on each other. Lying to their faces. Forgetting about me when I helped make them exist..." Voice trailing off the dragon reached into her chest to rip out the heart once more. "If I were to destroy me and Robin, would anyone remember?"

“Of course people would remember. Your name is passed down in legend, and Robin is loved by many people. There’s no way you’d be forgotten- now put that thing away” Simon winces, biting his lip gently

The Darkened Knife

I saw you that one night,
Laying in the street
Bleeding all over the ground.

For one goddamn time it wasn’t my fault
But I still can’t shake
The feeling that your blood is on my hands.

[ Chorus ]
But even though you’re dead,
You’re not dead in my heart.
This knife is darkened with your blood, baby,
And I still don’t know why,
why you had to die.

I keep having these dreams
And they’re all about you.
I see you lying in bed next to me,
Only you’re the one who’s dead,
Instead of me.

I saw you lying on the floor of our favorite club,
But you weren’t dancing,
And you wouldn’t breathe,
My tears couldn’t bring you back this time.

[ Chorus ]
But even though you’re dead,
You’re not dead in my heart.
This knife is darkened with your blood, baby,
And I still don’t know why,
why you had to die.

[ Bridge ]
How am I supposed to keep on going,
I can’t hold you in my arms any longer.
Your blood is all over my hands and it won’t wash off.
I know it was my fault,
But please,
Just take all this guilt,
And go away for one last time.

[ Chorus ]
But even though you’re dead,
You’re not dead in my heart.
This knife is darkened with your blood, baby,
And I still don’t know why,
why you had to die.

{ end }

In April a gun carrying Uber driver stopped an active shooter in Chicago, by June Uber banned anyone from carrying a firearm during a ride arranged through Uber

“The driver had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others, Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday (19 April 2015).”

“A group of people had been walking in front of the driver around 11:50 p.m. Friday in the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue when Everardo Custodio, 22, began firing into the crowd, Quinn said.”

“The driver pulled out a handgun and fired six shots at Custodio, hitting him several times, according to court records.  Responding officers found Custodio lying on the ground, bleeding, Quinn said.  No other injuries were reported.”

Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman in Logan Square (The Chicago Tribune) 

“Car service app juggernaut Uber has quietly changed its policy to prohibit its drivers from carrying firearms while they’re on duty.”

“Previously, Uber had deferred to local laws when it came to whether or not its drivers could carry guns.”

“In an update to the Legal section on Uber’s website there’s a new “Uber Firearms Prohibition Policy”.“ 

“We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform—both driver-partners and riders—feels safe and comfortable using the service. During a ride arranged through the Uber platform, Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle. Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition may lose access to the Uber platform.”

“In other words, carrying a gun is grounds for losing your Uber-privileges.”

"We have adopted a no-firearms policy to ensure that both riders and drivers feel safe and comfortable on the platform. We made this policy change after assessing existing policies and carefully reviewing recent feedback from both riders and driver-partners." 

"Back in April, an Uber driver with a concealed handgun stopped a mass shooting in Chicago. Meanwhile, Lyft has barred its drivers from carrying firearms for some time.

Uber stops letting its drivers and passengers carry guns (Business Insider via Yahoo)

The only thing that was to be found was death and despair for her, yet she went in order to fulfil her duties which had been needed so much earlier… But that didn’t matter at all. Friends, family, precious dear people were lying in the ground, still bleeding as the skirmish had ended long ago. The young love dead, the wise and brave dead, the lover… dead… A scream, a cry, anything could have been expected from her, but she remained quiet, absolutely silent for she, was no longer alive, for her heart had been replaced for nothing but a destructive furious fire. Vengance would come first and after that… absolution.

This world had caused just too much pain for her.