lying jew

Sorry if I have so little patience, but it’s basically the same thing over and over again from “anti-Zionists.”

Historical revisionism, “genocide,” “apartheid,” evil Jews control everything, denial that anyone outside of Ashkenazim exist, glorification of Jewish terrorists and far right groups as “real” Jews, “look at the Jews lying about antisemitism like they always do,” victim-blaming those murdered or hurt by terrorism, every bad thing ever is “because Jews,” and whatever it takes to make the Protocol of the Elders of Zion blush.

Everyone gets it. You hate Jews. You’re not happy with Jews unless we don’t exist. You like to sit and circlejerk over the idea that everything would be perfect everywhere if Jews weren’t around. Look at those scary, Big, Bad, Evil Jews.

I mean, why are “anti-Zionists” surprised that so many of us don’t even bother engaging half the time? Most of the things that they claim or fabricate is just rehashed antisemitism from Nazis, early Christians or early Muslims, with a dash of modern white supremacy. It’s not exactly new.

The only difference now is that we have Israel, and instead of burying ourselves and telling each other “if we’re quiet, they’ll forget about us and leave us alone,” we’ve had enough and we’re finally able to defend ourselves.

Sorry, we’re not the “poor, weak, perma-victim Jew” stereotype anymore that you can pity. We’re the “sick of antisemitism and will do everything it takes to stop antisemites from destroying us” Jews. 

It honestly doesn’t matter if the “anti-Zionists” take over public opinion and we go through what we’ve gone through for thousands of years now. Like everything else, history will look back at it with horror and say “never again” until the next time, but like every other time, we’ll just keep coming back stronger.

Because really, we’ve always had Jewish collaborators with our enemies, we’ve always had antisemitic propaganda to deal with, we’ve always had horrendous things thrown our way, and each time, it ends the same.

We survive.