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Deception at its finest

For context, the party consist of 5 people, a [somewhat] chimera paladin, a Angel [combatant, also the party leader], A shape-shifting bard, and a Dahmphir spell thief. The party were raiding a bandit filled dungeon to try and find a clue as to a missing noble, and “captured” a small mistreated and malnourished bandit whom they interrogated, I expected the dungeon to take at least 2 sessions to clear, they did it in thirty minutes… The bandits outside the main structure had all died of a heart attack when they seen one party member.

Me[DM, as the bandit]:  “So wait is everyone outside the fort ok?”

Fayette the Spell-thief: “They-they’re fine, they’re taking a nap…”

Me[DM, as the bandit]: “are are you sure its unusually quite out there, they’re not supposed to take a nap on guard duty…”

Echo the Bard: lifts up a finger “I caught them drinking, so they’re probably passed out being drunk.”

Bandit: “oh god damn it they have a habit of that…”

Echo: “I noticed

Fayette: “its bad bandit policy to leave the other bandits drinking when they’re supposed to be on guard duty, and you should confiscate that stuff…”

Bandit [who obviously at this point doesn’t know how to bandit]: “You guys actually know bandit policy?! Are you guys inspectors of bandits or something? I don’t remember hearing about a Bandit policy, then again no one tells me anything”

The two doing most of the work here decided to roll with it and did a persuasion roll, and who ever got higher would be the one to talk…
Fayette rolled a 7
Echo rolled a 24 [19 plus bonus]

Echo (in a very stern and commanding tone): “yes there is a policy that is very heavily put down as of late. In fact its still recently new,  so its unfortunate you have not yet been told as it is punishable- not to you of course but to your peers…”

as you can probably guess the poor guy was terrified, dead pale terrified…

Bandit: “W-w-who are you with by the way?”

Echo: “Oh you don’t know?”

Bandit: “Obviously not, like I said before no one tells me anything?”

Echo: “Well you see there are these higher-ups…”

Echo at this point had trouble figuring out what to say

Me: You can just make something up and ill roll to see if its real or believable or obviously fake…

Echo: “Its called the Council of bandit chiefs” [yes that spells COB]

I rolled a d20 and hoped for a 1 to say it was fake…- I got a 20 meaning only one thing…

Me: the C.O.B. actually exist apparently…

The party then proceeded to die of laughter as they got the ability to pretty much skip the dungeon entirely…

I’m never including bandits in that campaign again but they scared the entire dungeon into submission, so much so that the lower ranked bandit chief present, a dwarf no less had to change pants and the party then took the malnourished bandit with them, when they left as “punishment” on the bandits for “failing to uphold policy in numerous ways”. The malnourished bandit was the only one who could write so now the dwarf has to fill out the ledger, he is illegible…

Đã có nhiều lần tôi tự hỏi, trên đời thứ gì là đáng sợ nhất?
Hôm nay, coi như tôi đã có câu trả lời cho chính bản thân rồi. 
Đúng như nhiều người nói, thứ đáng sợ nhất chính là lòng người. Thứ khiến người khác cảm thấy khó hiểu nhất cũng chính là tâm trí người đối diện. 

Hôm nay có thể thề nguyện sống chết với nhau, hôm sau lại thấy mỗi người một ngả, tâm trạng bình thản, coi cuộc chia ly vừa rồi chả thấm tháp là bao.
Hôm nay tự vấn bản thân mình, đó là người mình yêu suốt cuộc đời còn lại, hôm sau có khi lại vui vẻ với đối tượng mới tốt hơn.
Hôm nay vừa bảo “mày là bạn tốt nhất của tao, là tri kỉ của tao”, hôm sau lại thấy từ bạn thành thù, không ai nói với nhau câu nào.
Hôm nay con người như thế này, biết đâu mai lại đổi khác, thế nên chuyện người này khác xưa, người nọ cũng đừng lo lắng và hoảng sợ nhiều. Con người sinh ra đã như thế, sẽ đổi thay theo bão tố cuộc đời. 

Ai cũng vậy, mình cũng vậy.
Đều đổi khác, chẳng vẹn nguyên.


More #BeetleBaileyUpdates!

as I alluded to earlier, I really do think it’s possible that ~somebody~ purchased the original Yogi Bear artwork off that auction site in June 2016 in homage to some other colorful bears we know, then decided to use it in this video. As crazy as that sounds, there’s nowhere on the internet you can get those images aside from the auction site. How else would ~somebody~ even know about that auction unless they partook in it?

Dear Baahubali FamBam,


Jaya Varma is not Varma but Jayasena indeed… like Devasena!!!

Now this is why you need to watch the Telugu version, I don’t know how much more new things I’m gonna come across… (Once in theatre is not enough with my kind of emotional dam bursts)

@avani008 @forestpenguin @puppyloveblog24 @iwearplaids who else should I tag?? HEY EVERYONE SEE THIS 

PS: THERE ARE DELETED SCENES TOO (in action sequences and stuff I’M ENJOYING THIS) those who have watched the movie just as many times will pick out the extra scenes with ease. The two hunks weren’t lying when I asked them if there were too many deleted scenes.

  • George W. Bush: I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. We need an independent media to hold power to account. Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.
  • Barack Obama: You're not supposed to be sycophants, you're supposed to be skeptics, you're supposed to ask me tough questions. You're not supposed to be complimentary, but you're supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here.
  • Donald Trump: Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!

anonymous asked:

How did you start shipping Soukoku and why do you think it's popular?

I actually can’t remember how I started shipping Soukoku, however the first few skk fanfics I read were written by @memosfromchuuya and ho boy was that an interesting evening ((go look them up on ao3 honestly please))

Then I started looking up fanart and theories and honestly it’s just spiralled since then.

As for your second question! I think Soukoku is so popular because of the power duo dynamic between Dazai and Chuuya, and the way they follow the stereotypes of “calm tol” and “angry smol” (which usually make a really good couple imo). Personally I like their relationship because it gives Dazai a bit of an edge. When he’s with the ADA he’s portrayed as a kind of buffoon who only cares about suicide and women, but his personality completely changes when he’s around Chuuya or other people from the Dark Era (like Akutagawa, Higuchi and Gin). He becomes more cunning, more sly, and just all round a more interesting character in my opinion. I love the episodes focused on Mafia!Dazai more than any of the others.

I also ship skk because frankly I’m a sucker for love-hate and height difference heh, but also the aesthetic is pretty nice as well because my boys are both handsome af

Whoever it was wasn’t there to kill Nik. Nik wasn’t supposed to be there, he ‘swung by.’ So unless this person had a tap on the phone, Nik was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

anonymous asked:

dumb question, since you have so many plushies have you ever hid in them to avoid work and or Wallis?

Tried, yes. It doesn’t work very well though. It did make me realize that I could actually sleep on the floor of my closet if I really wanted to though so, there’s that.