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A JinJiKook vlive will be so perfect ❤❤❤

JinKook bickering till no end while Jimin laughing with his whole body..

JinMin doin a song cover with Jin playing the guitar and Kookie singing along..

Jikook flirting, shy glances, licks lips, kissy faces, touching, slapping asses while Jin thinking of ways how to stop the two before they jump on each other on live broadcast.

Please dear heavens..make this happen.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • *somewhen in the future*
  • Hibiya: From now on we'll be using codenames. You will address me as "Eagle 1".
  • Hibiya: Hiyori. Codename: "Been There, Done That".
  • Hibiya: Momo is "Currently Doing That".
  • Hibiya: Ayano is "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Hibiya: Seto. Codename: "If I Had To Pick A Dude".
  • Hibiya: Shintaro is...
  • Hibiya: "Eagle 2".
  • Shintaro: Oh, thank God.

It’s funny that your starter squad in Inquisition has no one from Ferelden. Which means Mordred Surana most definitely did make up some wild claims as a companion.

[after party barely survived a bear]

Mordred: *sobbing* “Thank Andraste. We’ve finally won the right to dinner.”

Varric: “You barbarians eat bear for dinner?”

Mordred: “Whaddaya mean? We ONLY eat bears for dinner. For the whole summer. If a family can’t kill a bear to feed themselves they fucking starve. ’s tradition. Also to keep the bear population to a manageable size.”

Varric: “Right. You’re shitting me.” *nervous laughter*

Mordred: =T

Varric: *D I S C O M F O R T*

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I suppose great minds just think alike. 😇 When has Niall had the time to fly to FREAKIN JAMAICA. I just find that so funny. What are your thoughts? I know it's possible they went two separate times, but there's no harm in imagining a sweet island getaway, just the two of them sipping coconuts and wearing crazy floral patterned shirts...😍

exactly.. when did Niall go to Jamaica? I dont remember any instance even from before the hiatus tbh.. Vegas? Bahamas? Phillipines? Yes, Yes, Yes.. but Jamaica? When did that happen..?

But then.. one must not forget how sneaky both Niall and Harry can be when they want the world to leave them alone.. all those golf dates we never knew of during 1D.. them being in the same city and disappearing from the face of worldwideweb for days together on multiple occassions during 2016.. and now in 2017.. them being in regular touch with each other away from the public eye.. All of this just reiterates that although we dont get to see them together, they ARE still indeed very much together!

BTW.. there’s little left for imagination when you think about “just the two of them” at a “sweet island getaway” -


Oh! and there’s a hiatus narry fic too if you wanna indulge in some drama: 6,359 miles by @castlestylan 😀

Today I saw a lost cat poster in our neighborhood and I went OH NO! And David’s response was, “I hoped you wouldn’t notice that poster.” I went up and memorized the cat. Just in case I see them. Because there is a LOST CAT. And now I am thinking of all the lost cats and Imma go eat this whole bag of candy corn and sob on the clean laundry.


May the stars carry your sadness away,
May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears.
And, above all, may the silence make you strong !

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HAHAHA!! Okay so, the worst that Max has attacked David was when Max full on bit him. Like, drew blood, bit. Jasper and Gwen lost their shit and Jasper was the one that stormed to Max's tent and actually yelled at him. He started sobbing and screaming in complete fear. Gwen was pissed at Jasper for it. -Twisted Anon



Rereading “The Mariner’s Wife” – I vaguely remembered the letter Gil-Galad sends to Tar-Meneldur asking for Numenorean aid, but I forgot how prescient it was about the threat of Sauron’s growing influence.

A new shadow arises in the East. It is no tyranny of evil Men, as your son believes; but a servant of Morgoth is stirring, and evil things wake again. Each year it gains in strength, for most Men are ripe to its purpose. Not far off is the day, I judge, when it will become too great for the Eldar unaided to withstand.

This is the late ninth century SA, more than three hundred years before Annatar first shows up in Eregion, but here’s Gil-Galad already aware that the “shadow in the East” is one of Morgoth’s former servants, and anticipating a potential invasion. It kind of forces me to shift my whole understanding of the Second Age timeline. I assumed Sauron had been subtly laying the foundations for his rule in the East - whispering in the ears of local leaders, encouraging consolidation, leaving behind a half-remembered personality cult wherever he went – the kind of behind-the-scenes maneuvering that wouldn’t draw much attention. But here it seems like he’d already become a full-blown tyrant by the second millennium of the Second Age, and the Elves were aware of it.

Which has plenty of implications, but I’m most confused (and amused) by the thought that Sauron was forging rings with the Elves in Eregion and trying to rule a Dark Empire at the same time. Like, what were the logistics of this? You can’t leave a bunch of mortals alone for three hundred years and expect their descendants to still be loyal to you when you get back. Even with highly competent, trusted lieutenants, he’d still need to show his face every once in a while. But it couldn’t have helped Annatar’s shady reputation with everyone except the Mírdain if he kept disappearing with no good explanation for long stretches of time.

(Galadriel: I’m glad to see you’ve finally stopped associating with that sketchy Maia.

Celebrimbor: Oh, no, he’s coming back, he just went to survey some mithril deposits.

Galadriel: For ten years?

Celebrimbor: He’s a really thorough surveyor.)

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☆ HAPPY TAG GAME: tag 5 people and what you like about them to spread positivity! ☆

oh this game is so cute *^*  ok, so here we go:

@peachesjoonie - because she’s an absolute sweetie!! Her tags always makes me laugh so much (relatable 82391%)  and I love each and every post she tags me in (thank you so much btw 💖✨ 💖✨) And I simply love her positivity, it makes me happy too! 💞🌸

@clairelions - I like her because she’s the angel I met almost two months ago and ever since she stayed with me basically every day, helping me, giving me advices and being the most kind bean I’ve ever met. About her I like uhm everything??  ✨💖

@ryukookie - ahh I missed this girl so much, and I’m so happy she’s finally back *^^*  I like fangirling and chatting with her and I love her gfxs and edits soo much  ✨💕

@yoongissz - my wifey to be lmao what I like about her? actually everything she’s sweet, talented, kind and I could go on endlessly  💖✨

@sugaidc -  I really really like talking with her, she’s so cute and sweet, ad I love her talent and style ✨💞


saturate (v): to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism; to imbue thoroughly or completely

S04E02 The Lying Detective