lying cross

“…some really beautiful moments…”

my theory is that (lets be honest) none of the moments that happened in last two episodes are can be the ones she’s describing here

so hopefully episode 3 we’ll see a lot more of Molly


I went to @cherry-jacks town in animal crossing and it made me D E P R E S S E D
So I drew some drawings based on the town. The reason why Ghetsis was drawn is because my mayor looks like Ghetsis, and I thought it’d be funny to draw him in the sweet, pastel pink PJ’s he was wearing in game.

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Well, Sean, you get twitchier than the March Hare whenever anyone mentions something about Danny, and you look sad too - no, not sad. Stricken. And you frequently seem preoccupied about things pertaining to the darker aspects of Wonderland. You seem like a man trying to uncover secrets that should never be uncovered, and you're doing it for someone you care far too much about. I don't think the Court would like to know that you're lying~

Sean scoffed, crossing his arms and looking away from you. “You must be seeing things. That happens a lot here, so don’t worry about it. I would never betray my family.”


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“Here we go again,” InuYasha groaned as he noticed dirt getting kicked up in a very particular way on a nearby hill, the dust cloud getting closer. You smiled. This will be interesting.

As the cloud got closer, you could see the source: Koga running along, picking up dirt with his feet as he did so.

“So, my wolves weren’t lying,” Koga said, crossing his arms with a smirk. He looked at you. “You are back, and you’re still traveling with the mutt for some reason.”

“Probably because she likes traveling with me more than she’d like hanging out in a cave with a bunch of smelly wolves,” InuYasha shot back.

“Well, I do like seeing new places, but sleeping curled up with a living fluffy blanket does sound nice,” you commented.

“I can take you to see new places, and I can take you faster than the mutt,” Koga stated, now glaring at InuYasha.

“He does have some good points,” you commented to the dog demon.

“What, so this is a competition now? InuYasha scoffed.

“Wasn’t it always?” Koga asked.

“Koga’s winning so far,” you chimed in, stepping closer to the wolf demon.

“What?! You can’t seriously be taking his side,” InuYasha said.

“Why not? Last time he showed up, he gave me a flower just because it was pretty. The time before that, he took me to see some wolf cubs,” you pointed out.

“I’d say you’d have to step up to beat me, but I’m not sure you’re capable,” Koga said.

“Fine. Leave with him. But you’ll come crawling back once you get bored of him,” InuYasha said. “And when you do, I’ll have something for you that you can’t say no to.”

“Wow, that was almost romantic,” you commented, sounding surprised.

Melkor and Mairon "The Producers" Parody.

Courtroom scene. Melkor is at the defendant’s table, alongside his attorney, Gothmog. He knows it’s not likely he’s going to get out of this. Manwë will not have any part in this scene and is merely watching silently and feeling very sorry for his “misunderstood” big brother.

Mandos: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

Olórin: We have, your honor. We find the defendant…incredibly guilty.

There is a wince of sympathy from Melkor’s former associates, all of whom know that if Melkor goes down he’ll bring them all down with him.

Mandos: Does the defendant have anything to say on his own behalf?

Melkor: (Rises from his seat, mightily) Yes, your honor, I do. I admit, for the last eternity, I’ve been a lying, double-crossing, two-faced, backstabbing, despicable crook. But I had no choice. I was a Dark Lord. A being without a conscience and no one who gave a damn about him. And that, your honor, is what hurts the most. I thought I had at last found a loyal partner; a Maia I cared about and who I thought cared about me. And what breaks my heart is…now, when I need him most, he’s deserted me, and I will probably never see or hear from him again.

Courtroom door slams open.

Mairon: That’s not true!

Mairon enters the scene with a very attractive elf on his arm and followed by a band of orcs playing raucous music. The court erupts into bouts of dancing, leading Mandos to furiously bang his gavel on the desk.

Mandos: Order! Order in the court! And stop that samba!

Everyone freezes and looks to Mandos.

Mandos: Who are you?

Mairon: I am Mairon Gorthaur, also known as Annatar or Sauron, your honor. I am Melkor’s partner.

Mandos: (Turns his attention to the elf) And who are you, my dear elf?

Celebrimbor: I am Celebrimbor Tyelperinquar Curufinwion…Gorthaur.

Mandos: Gorthaur? You’re his husband?

Celebrimbor: Yes, your honor. He wouldn’t do it unless we got married.

Mandos: (Stares disbelievingly at Mairon) What a shmuck.

Melkor rests a hand against his face and gives a small groan of frustration.

Mandos: Now, Mr. Gorthaur, why in Arda would you want to come back here and give yourself up?

Mairon: Why? Why to speak on Melkor’s behalf! We all know that Melkor is a lying, double-crossing, two-faced, slimy, manipulative, underhanded-(Mairon is cut-off as Melkor puts a hand on his shoulder.)

Melkor: Please. Don’t help me.

Mairon: (Continues anyway) You honor, if I may address the court? (Mandos nods) The law was created to protect people from being wronged. Well, whom has Melkor wronged?

The elvish contingent in the court all raise their hands. Manwë discretely raises his hand slightly and then quickly puts it down.

Mairon: Okay, so a lot of people. But he’s certainly never wronged these dear folks. (He gestures to the fallen Maiar, who try to disappear in their seats) And not me. Not…not me. I was this nobody. No one ever even called me “Mai” before. And, your honor, I know it isn’t a big legal point, but, even in my early days in service to Aulë, most Maiar hardly even spoke to me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, even when I was back on Arda and had everything I ever dreamed of…(Shares a meaningful glance with Celebrimbor) I suddenly realized that this Vala…this Vala…


No one ever made me feel like someone…Til him

Life was really nothing but a glum one…Til him

My existence bordered on the tragic

Always timid, never took a chance

Then I felt his magic and my heart began to dance

I was always frightened, fraught with worry…Til him

I was going nowhere in a hurry…Til him

He filled up my empty life, filled it to the brim

There could never, ever be another one…Like him

Melkor: (Teary-eyed and smiling softly) Mai…Mai, I never realized…you’re a good singer.

Mairon: Uh, really?

Melkor: No, really, like a professional.

Mairon: Well, I sang it for you, Master, because, well…because you mean so much to me.

Melkor: I’ve had a few relationships in the past, but…I can’t say they’ve been anything like this. And, well…


No one ever, ever really knew me…Til him

The orcs: Aaaaaha

Everyone was always out to screw me…Til him

The orcs: Aaaaaha

Never met a Maia I ever trusted,

Always dealt with shysters in the past

Gothmog slaps his hand to his face in frustration

Now I’m well-adjusted, ‘Cause I’ve got a friend at last

The orcs: Aaaaaahaaahaa!

Melkor: Don’t help me.

Always playing singles, never doubles…Til him

Melkor then walks out the side door, only to be herded back into the courtroom by Tulkas, preventing his escape

Never had a pal to share my troubles…Till him

Mairon: He filled up my empty life

Both: Filled it to the brim.

There could never, ever be another one…Like him.

Mandos: Gentlemen, it breaks my heart to break up such a beautiful friendship. So I won’t. (Bangs gaval) Fifty-thousand years in the Void!

Request - Derek Hale “Little thing called love” (Sequel to: “Werefox” and “Great friend you are”, “Not one of us”, “Foxed Out”, “Not a Pet”, “Hiding Place”, “Not so nice”, “Like fox, like wolf”, “Humanity” and “Amity”)

You weren’t saying much and you actually weren’t eating much either. You were just staring at him, staring at the boy that seemed so human, but so wolflike at the same time. You knew that Derek didn’t trust anyone. You wondered if he even trusted himself. You wondered if you trusted yourself.
“And, do you like it?” He smiled and you smiled back at him, nodding. He had probably noticed that you had not taken more than a couple of bites, but you didn’t want to tell him that you didn’t really like pizza. “You’re lying.” He crossed his arms over his chest and you sighed.
“I’m sorry. I can’t really get used to human food, I think.” You bent your head and placed your knife and fork on your plate. “I’m sure it will get better over time.” You forced yourself to take another bite, but Derek stood up and shake his head.
“Let’s hunt. You and I. Together.” He held out his hand and you grabbed it, standing up from your seat too.
“Are you serious right now?” You cocked your head and felt a shiver down your spine when you realised he was touching you, smiling at you, wanting to hunt together.
“Yes, I am.” He pulled you with him while he opened the door. Without saying anything the two of you walked down the stairs, out of the front door, into the woods. “Are you ready?” Derek stared at you and you nodded. Your heart was beating in your chest, but you were not sure why. Was it excitement? Or was it maybe something else? You smiled and decided that it didn’t matter.
“Ready!” You took a deep breath and allowed your body to turn, just like Derek allowed his body to turn. It was a beautiful sight. The boy turning into the black wolf. Next to him you looked only little, but you didn’t mind.
Let’s get some deer.” You looked up when you heard his voice in your mind. You didn’t know that werefoxes and werewolves could do that.
“I love deer.” Much to your surprise you could see in his eyes that he had gotten your thought, had heard your thought. Without needing more words, the two of you started running. He followed his nose and you followed him, until he stood still, staring at a deer that was peacefully drinking from the water. You only realised now how hungry you were, how long it had been since your last proper meal and you turned your head to Derek.
“Leave it to me. I’ve got this.” You bent down on the dirty floor and saw how Derek did the same.
“No, we were hunting together, remember?” He jumped and you jumped too and one moment later your sharp teeth were in the neck of the poor animal that had been standing there. “Let’s kill first and eat then, okay?” Derek bit the deer too and you made sure to kill it before he would change his mind.
“Enjoy your meal.” You started eating and saw how Derek did the same.
“I will.”

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See You Again

It’s been a long day without you, my friend

And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

You took a deep breath and slowly sat up on the couch. Another day, more fake smiles, more fake laughs. More fake living. You wondered how Wanda even managed to be around the others with their bright smiling faces. It must’ve been harder for her than it was for you, she was his twin. It had to be worse for her.

Looking around the living area, you noticed that mostly everyone had fallen asleep during the movie. Wanda was sprawled on the floor with Vision, her head resting on his chest which was rising and falling with each of his breaths. Steve was lying crossed armed on one of the couches, letting out soft steady breaths. Tony and Bruce weren’t even there, they were sitting down in the lab. Thor was off God knows where. Clint’s body was in a ball in the corner of one couch and his snores were loud rather than cute and dainty. Last but not least, There was Natasha, the only other person awake. She sat in the silence and was actually watching the movie, nothing seeming to bother her.

Lucky her.

You couldn’t stand just sitting still. Standing up, you stretched before saying goodnight to Natasha. She gave you a soft and sympathetic look before bidding you a night and looking back to the screen.

You walked from the room and trudged to your own bedroom. You took a deep breath before going through the door. The grey walls that surrounded you made you want to cry. You used to share the large room with Pietro. Now you shared your queen sized bed with no one.

After changing into some pajamas and brushing her teeth, you went and crawled into bed. You sat in darkness before taking a picture out from under your pillow. You turned on your lamp before looking at the picture in the frame. A sweet smiling platinum blonde looked back at you.

Choking on tears, you forced a smile. “Hey, Pietro.”

We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

Staring at the picture for a few more minutes, you spoke again. “I know you can’t hear me. If you were here, you’d make fun of me and laugh. You’d look at me with your big blue eyes and say something like ‘You’re a crazy girl, but my girl. My prințesă.’”

 The picture went blurry as you repeated those words. He’d said that same sentence to you so many times before. It hurt to say them yourself alone in your room. It felt empty to you.

“And Piet, I know that wherever you are, you can see me. You can see me losing my mind. But I want you to tell me somehow; was it worth it?” Now angry tears were beginning to fall and you were struggling to push all of them away.

“Was any of it with it? Clint appreciates everything, we all appreciate it. But it’s like no one cares anymore! It’s like you weren’t here, Wanda barely even talks about you anymore! They’ve all moved on, so was it worth being the hero, Pietro? Was it worth being the hero one last time?”

In a frustrated rage, you were now sitting up and you threw the picture frame across the room. The glass shattered loudly and the frame hit the ground with a thud. Then there was only silence that you filled with your own cries of pain and despair.

It only took minutes before a knock came from your door.

“Y/N, I’m coming in,” Wanda said through the door. She did as she said she would and walked to the side of your bed. She set her hand softly on your leg. “Are you okay? I heard a loud noise from the other room.”

“Why don’t you miss him anymore?” You asked her suddenly.

Wanda’s eye brows stitched together. “Miss who?” You stared at her blankly before she got it. “Miss Pietro?”

You nodded your head, tears flowing freely. Wanda sighed softly before motioning for you to scoot over. You did as she said and she slid into bed next to you. She wrapped an arm around you and you curled in on yourself, relying on her for comfort.

“I always miss him, Y/N. I miss him so much that it hurts. He was my other half since we were young. When he died, I felt like I myself had died. But I had to move on, not act like I was dead. He is gone, but you and I both still have many years ahead of us. This I promise.” She pulled her body away from you slightly to look you in the eyes. “I know you love him. He loved you too, I know. You both had a deep bond. But you did not die with him, Y/N.”

By now, your tears had subsided temporarily. You stared at Wanda before burying you face into her neck. “Would Vision mind if you stayed with me tonight? I can’t be alone right now.” Your voice was rough and raspy, beaten raw by the tears.

“You’re the closest I have to him anymore,” you added in a whisper.

Wanda stroked your hair softly, lying down with you clutching onto her. “I understand. I can stay with you tonight. Everything will be okay. I promise.”

Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again


I know this kind of sucks and I got off of the storyline really quickly. Sorry