| in #lesterholt, tv network #nbc may get the calm after the ’#brianwilliams storm : on wednesday, just before nbc announced it was suspending brian williams (now referred to around social media as ’#lyinbrian’) from its nightly news broadcast, lester holt was told he would be sitting in the anchor chair for the next six months. along with doing perhaps the biggest job in television news, under added scrutiny, mr. holt will also continue to helm the weekend edition of ‘nbc nightly news,’ at least until a replacement can be found. he will still host ’#dateline,’ reminding some that he was once nicknamed 'ironpants’ for his willingness to work seemingly nonstop. several television execs said this week that they did not expect williams to return to the anchor chair, even when his suspension is up so mr. holt’s fill-in role could even double as a very public tryout. if mr. holt — who will not hold the title managing editor, as williams did — can keep nbc ahead of its rivals, both in viewer numbers & advertising dollars, he could hold on to a fiercely coveted position & become the first black anchor with his name on ’#nightlynews’. there hasn’t been a journalist with that title since the great #maxrobinson. the #blackexcellence.