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nickname: lau, lewie, lauwills
zodiac: sagittarius 
height: 5′2″
last thing i googled: “riarkle icons”
favourite music artist: andrew mcmahon (does that cover something corporate, jack’s mannequin, and andrew mcmahon in the wilderness?)
song stuck in my head: bad liar by selena gomez
last movie i saw: moana
what am i wearing right now: one of kevin’s video game t-shirts
why did i choose my url: i think that’s self-explanatory
do i have any other blogs: hon i barely have the energy to keep this one going lately
what did your last relationship teach you: i’m still in my first actual relationship?
religious or spiritual: spiritual
favourite colour: pink
average hours of sleep: depends on my work schedule.. ranges from like, 4 to 12
lucky number: 6 and 16
favourite characters: blair waldorf, stiles stilinski, jughead jones, logan echolls, lola pacini
how many blankets do i sleep with: 1
dream job: i fulfilled the pediatric nurse dream, so i’ll say mom <3

I’ll tag: @rememberiloveyou, @im2old4thisotp, @lumosed, @rongasm, @theystayalive, @musingmola, @youaretoosmart, anyone who wants to do it idk