The whole uxorious!aiden thing really bothers me; it’s okay for him to want to get the girl, but for him to act like someone other than himself to do so is wrong.

Do I think that Lydia seriously overlooked Aiden’s past and potential reasons as to why he was violate, short-tempered and arrogant, yes. I do. And quite frankly, I’ve been roleplaying for months with Lydia’s, having most (not all) of them treat him like he’s scum of the earth: & I’m sick of it.

The reality of the situation is this: Aiden did care about Lydia – more than people give him credit for. It started out in 3A with Kali, progressed into 3B, and no, I don’t think he started to care because Lydia called him out on being a “bad guy”. He would’ve done it either way. But Aiden was never really comfortable being himself with her, he probably felt like something was seriously wrong with him – I can’t imagine the psyche of that poor boy being any more healthy now than it was before meeting her. He shouldn’t have had to hide himself and be there at her every beck and call.

So, no; I don’t think any Aiden rper should take being humiliated or put down by any Lydia (Or any other character, for the matter – this can apply to every/any one) because we all know of one thing: he’s an abuse victim. He has a reason for his actions, and a reason for the way he is.

Lydia doesn’t have to like it, but she’s smart enough to understand and I think more people should respect that. It should be okay for Aiden to get upset and offended if Lydia makes a comment about his anger, or calls him out on being the bad guy – because I’m so tired of playing an Aiden that’s seen as someone who’s stupid and someone who’s unable to understand the concept of human emotion.

So, I want non-uxorious relationships with Lydia – and any other characters. I want Aiden to be able to work towards becoming a better person and working on the things he need’s too (because you all seriously don’t think he isn’t aware of what he’s done?) and he needs someone who understands. And if you’re going to fail to bring that to the table, then Aiden will point to the door, and simply say, “ Don’t let it hit you on the way out.”

He needs a support system.

Not someone who’s going to belittle him.