merry christmas to all my followers! it’s that time of the year again. so i thought i would thank all of you guys for following me. there’s quite a few of you now and i still can’t quite fathom what made you follow me. but i appreciate it a lot. this is also a shoutout to the people i follow, whether i talk to you a lot or not at all (cause i’m a wimp). i love you all and you make my dashboard look awesome. and obviously you’re the reason why am i so obsessed with this site. i wish you all the best for the new year, keep reblogging and showing off your amazing talent! and never be scared to send me a message. (to those with a christmas url, i linked to your regular url so people can also find you in the next months)

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maliastate asked:

Why don't I know who Shelley is playing on teen wolf yet

cause jeff davis is mean!

this goes out to all my followers: if you guys watch it live would you please be willing to save an url the second you find the shelley character’s name. preferably one without hyphens. if you could do that for me? you are making this crazy lady very happy!

maliastate asked:

If you were going to be transported to a deserted island and could only bring three people with you who would you bring

hmm.. you.. daniel sharman.. and i guess i can invite paul wesley for your sake! 

or if you want the answer to get us out of there. i would bring you, a chef and someone who can build rafts!