This is finally live! Plushes that I’ve designed and have had samples made of! :D I’m sooo thrilled with the quality and how well they match my original turn arounds~

I’m hoping to get this project off the ground so that I can mass produce these lil cuties! If you’re interested in helping out with the project and getting a cute plush while doing so, you can pre-order on Kickstarter here:

Thanks for looking!!!


When he looked up to see a sign reading, “London Underground.”

For senior project I proposed to complete eight pages of my kids book, start to finish. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot by working with both my professors on this.

I’ll be continuing this project on my own time, for sure. So expect more of this.


Hello Tumblr, it’s been a while! 

Have a ton of reference sheets I’ve done over the last couple of months. I got to draw a ton of really cute characters!

If you’d like for me to create a reference of your character, e-mail me at!


Found the second image while flipping through my old sketchbook and realized I never posted any of this here.

This was a project for my environments, props, and structures class earlier this year. We had to create a short synopsis to a story and from there make props/weapons for two characters, environments for them, and finally a comic.

I found a neat Mesoamerican folktale that I played with:

In modern rural Mexico, nagual is sometimes synonymous with brujo (“witch”): one who is able to shapeshift into an animal at night, (normally into an owl, bat, or turkey) drink blood from human victims, steal property, cause disease, and the like.

I still really like the designs and want to finish the second illustration when I have the time.


Just ordered new charms for Anthrocon! This month is going to be a little weird schedule-wise because I’m trying to juggle commissions, convention prep, and my comic. I want to thank everyone who’s waiting on stuff for their patience, and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. c:

The top five designs are the newcomers, but I will have all 20 designs at AC with me! I’ve made five new charm designs each con I’ve attended since AC last year. I might wait a little while to make some more, though, because these are getting crazy expensive to re-order!

And since people always ask, I will be selling leftovers from the convention on Etsy! c: I made sure to order extra foxes and wolves since they’re the obvious favorites that tend to sell out.


I bound the first copy of my book and took some product photos. There are a couple pages where the text ran a little too close to the edge of the page, so I’ll be doing some editing and then re-printing. I thought the colors came out well for the first time around, though.

To see all the pages, go here: