yAY sketch dump

1. a nonny wanted Freddy and Larry getting way too into a board game, and I can only assume they were maybe referring to a headcanon post I made a while back about the whole crew having to play monopoly, feat. Freddy and Larry trying to team up to beat everyone else, Pink as the designated banker who’s so by-the-rulesy that there is literally no fun to be had until people start screwing with him, and Eddie trying to convince a very bored Vic that he’s not really playing the game if Eddie’s playing all of his turns for him.

2. ladygwynplaine wanted a continuation of the carnival idea with Freddy getting increasingly riled up trying to play one of those baseball tossing games.

and then some cartoony doodles of meself because i like how i looked 2day and quite frankly who else is gonna draw me?? you maybe. draw me. also the bruises are not there 2 b edgy that’s just how i look from dragging 5 gallon buckets of paint around all day don’t look at me i’m a monster.


I haven’t been around on Tumblr much, but I thought I’d make a post about this. My husband and I are currently living in an incredibly toxic environment with my family. He’s recently immigrated to the United States, and right now we’re waiting on his work permit to come in. We don’t have a lot of stability right now, so if push comes to shove I want to have a decent savings to fall back on so we don’t end up homeless.

You can read about the entire situation here:

Because of this, I’m open for ALL commissions. I’ve posted some examples of just a few things I can do: Badges, icons, colored sketches, reference sheets, and patterns. You can see all my prices and examples here:

If you want ANYTHING at all, please e-mail me at If there’s something that you want that I don’t have an example of, please contact me regardless. We can work something out.

Any and all signal boosts are endlessly appreciated. Thank you everyone who has offered kind words and support, and thank you to those who have already commissioned me. I love you guys.


Just ordered new charms for Anthrocon! This month is going to be a little weird schedule-wise because I’m trying to juggle commissions, convention prep, and my comic. I want to thank everyone who’s waiting on stuff for their patience, and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me. c:

The top five designs are the newcomers, but I will have all 20 designs at AC with me! I’ve made five new charm designs each con I’ve attended since AC last year. I might wait a little while to make some more, though, because these are getting crazy expensive to re-order!

And since people always ask, I will be selling leftovers from the convention on Etsy! c: I made sure to order extra foxes and wolves since they’re the obvious favorites that tend to sell out.