I reached 1,000 followers! And the bulk of you followed me during the past two/three weeks (which i still find hard to believe). I remember like it was just yesterday when I had just converted my blog into a kpop blog (filled with mostly Taemin and SHINee). I only had around 100 followers at that time so when people started following me at the rate of two per month I was like wow i’m getting so poopular. But then I got into U-Kiss and other kpoop groups so decided to learn to make my own gifs. I used GIMP and got the hang of it but my gifs were only getting around 20 notes. I have no idea what I’m typing I’m not even going to continue on with my story what am I doing i’m wasting your time i’m sorry. Moral of the story: Do not be in the same car as me while i’m driving bc i’ll most likely be singing along with my kpop cd the whole time and stopping on the brakes half a second too late.