[Close RP] The missing crate

It was a quiet night when Lydia entered the freeside, looking for someone she knew that would be able to help her… someone who has skill in investication and solving problem, someone that would be able to keep seret for her… Vladimir… 

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Pst, haters gonna hate. u-u -pets Sturm and hands him a slightly irradiated cookie-

Sturm whines and nibbles at the cookie, wondering why it’s glowing and how dangerous that could be for him.

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Is it true your men like men :U I've heard so many rumors.

You stupid woman, of course they like each other. If they didn’t then they’d be too busy fighting each other to be able to fight against all the profligates. 

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Sturm, startled by the appearance of the strange… Something, in front of him takes a few steps back, his wings curling up warily at his side.

“Uh… Alright?” he half-stutters, confused by how utterly chipper the creature seemed to be but disinclined to turn down a chance to give someone an adorable pony hug.

Breathing heavily through his mask’s filters he wraps his hooves around the fur-less biped, nuzzling them instinctively.

“That doin’ anything for you?” he asks, a bit of his less-scared-shitless attitude returning.