With Thanksgiving just a day away (the unofficial start of the holiday season and a slippery slope into the end of the year) we thought we would turn our attention to some of the other women in our lives that we’re thankful for – the actresses, writers, politicians, musicians, artists, activists and game-changers who are making our lives better every day by entertaining us, inspiring us and proving to us that women run the world.

The 30 Women We’re Most Thankful For In 2013 (Part 1)

Style savvy fan girls everywhere, we have found your new favorite cosmetics company: the ingenious FANDOM COSMETICS.

Created by Leigh Buckridge and Annie Holden, Fandom Cosmetics nail laquers are inspired by some of our favorite movies and television shows including Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more

One of Parks and Rec’s greatest strengths is its ability to make us fall in love with the characters of Pawnee. Each episode is a delightful little trip to a magical land populated by harmless weirdos, lovable losers, and well-meaning workers, and each time we leave with a new set of imaginary friends. And with tonight’s 100th episode, we figured it was as good a time as any to celebrate these bit players. Of all the wonderful people we’ve met in the Parks universe, these are my favorites – but it was really hard to choose.

PARKS & RECREATION: The Best Bit Players

Today, we’re continuing our celebration of the 30 Women who have most inspired us, entertained us and moved us this year. Check out who made the top half of our list, below!