Wrap up for Wizard World Comicon in Chicago 2014: Swag and more

After an amazing (yet exhausting) 4 days at Wizard World, I think the experience was well worth it. So many cool people and tons of amazing art everywhere!

The booth display ended up a bit more flowery than the more practical setups there but I think my terrarium kind of brought a little green to the otherwise stark warehouse-like atmosphere :-D

I met my neighbors to the left (in the photo), the cool dudes at Omniclipse comics. They’re launching the first issue of their first comic “The New Breed” and they gave me the lowdown on the story and it sounds awesome. Ya’ll should check them out at their facebook page.

Plus I ran into a lovely and wise woman who gifted me her San Diego Comicon Int'l 2013 swag bag (I hope I can run into you again some day…I didn’t get your card, please email me!) She gave me some invaluable and healthy advice on how to survive the full event.

Pretty cool it has a cape with lego movie logo and everything O_O

Which reminds me that my sister was able to add to her lego collection and shortly after we even saw lego batman in full cosplay!

Sister was pretty happy about that one :)

Some shots of the booth as the con got busier. (I like the one on the right! her shirt matches the colors at my booth! ehehe ^_^)

Some of the things I found and collected on the last days from my fellow artists in the alley:

The OTHER Lydia! Lydia Burris was another artist down the alley from me. Check out her work, she does some amazing paintings plus her name is also LYDIA. 

Chad Tuura, artist and printmaker. He made an entire deck of cards with prints from popular and cult classics. I got a deck plus two of his prints! (Goonies and Beetlegeuse) The prints are in striking black and red, you can check out his stuff on deviantart or facebook

Super cute trekkie card by the talented and clever Renee Kimpel - you can find more at her Etsy shop “Renee Rules”.

An awesome little print by Stephanie Mided. I met this up and coming animator/illustrator cause she was my neighbor! She’s also here on tumblr, check her out!

Also got to meet fellow locals, the Sun Bros. who recently self-published their graphic novel “Chinatown” via kickstarter. We did a trade for GBSS and I got Apocalypse Man!! plus of course I had to get the super cute carry out box full of little zines and goodies. You can find more info on their projects and future launches on their site or their fb page. They were also hosting a panel on diy funding for publishing and also some important issues on asian identity, geekdom and pop culture. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from these dudes soon.

Plus first time at Wizard World of course I couldn’t stay away from the amazing David Mack‘s table! He was just a few aisles away so I snuck off from the booth on the last day to go meet him and grab his collected alchemy and art collection books. He’s been a huge inspiration since I was an angsty art-stricken teen - tried not to spill my guts too much… He graciously signed everything plus a print! 

Yes my little fangirl heart is still bursting. 

Some other fun things to do at Comicon:

Make some commissions for customers. I was requested to do a creepy wolf and Iceman from X-Men.

Meet all the cosplayers..there were just too many so I’m posting some of my faves and the few photos my sister and I could collect during slow times at the booth.

yup that Slave Leia is wearing comfy loafers.

Bane vs. Ghostbuster. Venkman’s pack was actually blinking and making the high frequency charging sounds.

If you got this far through the post, you’re amazing! Thanks for stopping by and see you for the next update! ^_^


postcard 1, 2, 3, 4

Ink, gouache, and graphite on watercolor paper. 4" x 6" each, 2015.

My submission for thepostcardshow : Vol. 5 which will be held in Mexico this spring, end of March - early April. 

The show will also have work by other international artists, curated by Paulina De La Paz and will be touring a few galleries including the Museo de la Filatelia (Museum of Letters) in Oaxaca, GURU Galeria in Mexico City, and others TBA.

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My #DemoReel is up! Check it out :D